How To Brush Hair Properly

Most people do not know how to brush hair. Brushing hair is one of those things that appear as routine, but it is quite crucial. Not only does brushing your hair help it to grow long, but it also allows the hair to untangle, and this may leave it having a smooth, shiny sheen. One of the most valuable tips of making hair grow long fast is frequently combing it. Brushing hair properly has a lot of benefits and one should take it particularly seriously. Using the paddle brush will help you not to break your hair a lot as it has a specific setting in the bristles that allow hair to pass through. Here, are some tips on how to brush hair properly:

Always start at the tips
Do not force hair to straighten if it’s tangled at the tip. This is because it may result in the tips breaking and leaving your hair looking grim. When using a paddle brush, brush hair from the tips and work towards the roots, always disentangling extremely slowly. Do not pull at the tips or treat the hair roughly as this will cause breakage. That is not how to brush hair that is weak.

tips on how to brush hair

Always brush hair before going to bed
This is the golden rule of healthy hair brushing. Brush your hair gently for about half an hour before settling to bed as this is particularly crucial for its growth. Brushing hair a hundred strokes each day before sleeping may give it a healthy sheen and help it grow longer. It also helps distribute the hair oils well in the follicles.

Brush hair when it is dry
Brushing your hair when it’s wet is a lousy idea. Not only is wet hair unusually weak and susceptible to breakage, it is also highly likely to get entangled and cause you to break it at the tips. When your hair is wet, gentle brushing with a paddle brush may help to dry it out after which you can do the aggressive brushing. This is the most significant how to brush hair tip.

Do not rough up your hair when it’s wet
After washing your hair, do not wipe it off aggressively with a towel and just pat it dry instead. This will help the hair to retain some moisture and also avoid hair breakage. After this, you can brush your hair properly using the paddle brush and this will help it dry thoroughly.

tips on how to brush hair properly

How to brush hair that has been over processed
Perming hair and putting dyes might be particularly harmful to your hair by making it immensely weak. In order to take care of this type of hair, one has to brush it very gently starting at the tips and working through to the roots. Using a paddle brush will help avoid breaking it and also disentangle the tips especially if it’s wet. It will make styling easy and make hair manageable.

How to brush hair properly
Hair should always be brushed backwards. This means that if you are working on your hair you should start at the nape of your neck and comb it towards your back. This makes styling easy and makes your hair strong because it tangles less. Those are crucial tips on how to brush hair.

Types Of Brushes And Their Uses

You feel great about your hair every time you get off from a salon, but you just can never seem to get that salon-perfect look when you’re at home. Part of the problem may be that you’re using the wrong hairbrush. Salons and professional stylists have an assortment of styling tools that the average person doesn’t have in his beauty arsenal at home. By investing just a bit of money in your brushes, though, you may be able to get that style you desire. Learn the types of brushes and their uses so that you know what to shop for.

Quality of Brush To Use

Don’t opt for low quality brushes for the sake of saving a few bucks. In the end, you’ll get what you paid for. High quality brushes will last longer. Plus, many low quality brushes have bristles made from cheap materials that may scratch your scalp. Inexpensive brushes also often have seams that can tug, rip, and break your hair.

different types of hair brushes and their uses

Types of Brushes and Their Uses

Get a feel for the different types of brushes and their uses so that you know what you’re looking for when you head into a beauty supply shop. Plus, being prepared means that you won’t get pressured by the salesperson.

  • Round Brush:

Round hair brushes can be used to either add curl or to smoothen hair. The larger the barrel, the more the brush will smooth and straighten. If you want to curl the ends of your hair or your bangs, opt for a smaller round brush. If you want to straighten your hair, only use a large round brush if you have long hair. It will be too difficult to straighten short hair with a big round brush.

  • Paddle Brush:

Paddle brushes are perfect for straightening any length hair. The paddle will also take out curl and lengthen your hair as it straightens and smoothens. Paddle brushes will also help to decrease volume and get hair to lay a bit flatter than normal.

best sturdy paddle brush

  • Cushion Brush:

Cushion brushes work on any length hair as a basic, daily hairbrush. This type of hair brush shouldn’t be used to style hair but only to brush out knots and to regularly brush hair. It’s also helpful in massaging the scalp.

  • Military Brush:

Military brushes are typically used by men. There’s no handle and the brush just sits in the palm of the hand. This brush is best for creating a slicked back hairstyle.

Benefits of a Boar Bristle Brush

Most people do not realize what an important role their hairbrush plays in the overall look of their hair.  It’s commonly believed that the shampoo or conditioner you use determines the look and feel of you hair, but in reality, the type of brush you use also plays an equally important role. Given the importance of a brush, it’s a wonder that most people just buy their hairbrush without putting much thought into it at a drug store or discount store.

One of the best brushes you can buy is a boar bristle brush.  Of all the different natural material brushes on the market, the Mason Pearson boar bristle brush is by far the most well-known and highest quality. These brushes are in the higher end of the price range for brushes, but the many boar bristle brush benefits easily justifies the cost. Below are the top 5 benefits of this brush provides.

best durable boar bristle brush

5 Benefits of a Boar Bristle Brush

  • They make your hair shinier.  Sure, every brush probably claims to make your hair extra shiny.  Maybe your shampoo even claims to do the same thing.  The truth is that a boar bristle brush is made from natural materials that gather and redistribute the oils in your hair.  Distributing those oils evenly over your hair will make it seem shinier without adding any extra weight or using special products.

  • They are gentler than regular hairbrushes.  A boar bristle hair brush is less likely to damage hair than a nylon bristle brush.  Why?  Because the individual bristles aren’t as strong.  That makes this type of hairbrush not as effective at attacking tangles or thick hair.  If you have tangled or thick hair, you’re better off using a paddle brush with nylon bristles.

  • They stimulate your hair follicles.  The bristles in a boar bristle brush are usually very densely packed.  The densely packed bristles are still flexible though, so with each pass of the brush, they gently stroke and massage the scalp.  The massaging action that occurs with each swipe of the brush stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood flow to the scalp, which encourages hair growth.

sturdy boar bristle hair brush

  • They clean your hair between washings.  This hairbrush is excellent for removing dirt and debris from hair.  Using it between washings is a great way to keep the hair clean between washings, and is especially effective in keeping African American hair, which can be challenging for regular brushes, smooth and clean.

  • They keep the ends of your hair healthy.  The smooth, gentle motion of a boar bristle brush combined with the oil redistributing property leaves you with exceptionally healthy hair from root to tip.  People who use boar hairbrushes notice that they have less split ends, and overall healthier hair.

Now that you’ve read about some of the benefits of owning a boar bristle brush, you’re ready to head to the store and find one for yourself.  Your hair will definitely thank you for the care you’ve provided them by using this type of hairbrush!

Different Denman Brush Types

If you are looking for a new brush for your personal use or for use in a salon, a Denman brush is never a bad choice. There are many different types of Denman brush styles to work in any type of hair and any type of usage.

Knowing the difference between the different types of brushes is important in choosing the right one for what you’re looking for.  Most people don’t realize that the shape and bristle type of their hairbrush plays an important role in the final look and feel of the hair.  

best denman brush

Denman Brush Product Line

  • Natural Hair – The Denman brush natural hair style of brushes are great for medium to long hair.  The brushes are perfect for smoothing and grooming on a daily basis.  The natural bristles will not damage long hair the same way that rigid manufactured bristles sometimes do.  Natural hairbrushes provide high quality hair care at an affordable price.

  • Paddle Brush – The Denman paddle brush styles of hairbrushes come in a variety of different bristle styles.  The large brushes are easy to hold and easy to work through hair of different lengths, but are especially useful on long hair. This brush can be used to smooth hair. Repeated brush strokes with a paddle brush usually enhance the softness and shine of any hair type. Paddle brushes are less effective when there is high humidity, or when a storm is coming in and hair holds static more.

  • Round Brush – Round brushes are great for styling.  They can be used to curl bangs and ends of hair underneath, or to add extra volume to the crown of the head.  The size of the brush should correlate to the length of the hair that is being brushed.

best denman brush natural hair

No matter what type of Denman brush you choose, rest assured that it is one of the highest quality brushes available.  Most types of brushes can be used for just about any hair type effectively, and it’s really just a matter of preference.  While they are all designed to work best with a certain type of hair, any Denman brush for natural hair will get your hair looking its best faster than you ever thought possible.  Having the right tools for the job is the first step in getting the look of your dreams.

Different Types of Denman Brushes Final Words

You can buy different types of Denman brushes at any beauty supply store.  If you’re not sure which one to buy and you don’t have a personal preference, ask a sales person for assistance.  They will easily be able to identify your hair type and what type of brush you should buy.  If you’re a professional hairdresser, purchase several different brushes to get the best selection for your clients.

Uses For a Paddle Brush

The paddle brush is just one type of hair brush available. There are many benefits to using the paddle hair brush, but there are also a number of downsides. Before going out to buy one, it is important to consider all the pros and cons to make sure it is the right option for your needs.

The Pros of Using the Paddle Brush

  • The Pros of the Brush

The main benefit is the fact that this type of brush is great for most types of hairs, whether it is fine, thick or wavy. The brush is sturdy and easy to use. It also has a large paddle where the bristles are, which makes it easier to get knots out from the hair, no matter how thick those knots are.

best paddle brush

The brush is gentle on the knots so there is very little pain while trying to get knots out. This is something that many parents will opt to use on their children’s hair, since it is very hard to be gentle on the tangles on a morning.

Because of the size of the paddle part of the brush, the paddle brush is able to flatten out waves, and produce a straighter and flatter hair. This is perfect for those who want straight hair.

best denman brush natural hair

This type of hair brush works extremely well with a straightening-iron and with a blow dryer.

  • The Cons of the Brush

One of the main issues with the paddle brush is when it comes to thick hair. Some of these brushes are made with soft bristles. While this offers the ability to be gentle while getting the tangles out, it does mean that it can be difficult to brush thick hair. Some styles will only go through the first layer of the hair and it is difficult to get to the middle.

best high quality denman paddle brush

Another issue is with brushing out the waves or curly hair. This is a great thing for those who want straight hair but what about those who like their waves or want some curls? There are other types of hair brushes to help with this issue.

The size of the brush may be too big for those with shorter hair styles, especially the cropped hair. It is difficult to get underneath the shorter crops with the large size.

Makers of the Brushes

durable denman brush for natural hair

There are many manufacturers of the paddle brush, so there are many different styles to choose from. The range of the Denman paddle brush is just one option available and is something that works for thin and thick hair. There are also different sizes, which are often suitable for long or short hair. Denman are one of the leading companies when it comes to this style of brush because they offer such a wide range at a reasonable price.

There is also the range of the Mason Pearson paddle brush. This manufacturer also creates a wide variety of options for all different styles of hair. The brushes have a cushioned padding where the bristles are, which also helps to massage the scalp as well as to untangle the knots easily.