Outdoor Fireplace Installation and Placement

Have you always dreamed of having a fireplace or direct vent gas fireplace in your home but you don’t have a chimney? Consider installing an outdoor fireplace instead. This can be easier than it sounds since outdoor fireplace kits are a cinch to set up and install. Choose from a variety of outdoor fireplace designs to match the look of your home, porch or patio. If you want to learn how to build an outdoor fireplace instead of installing a kit, consult a professional.

Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

There are many benefits to having an outdoor fireplace installed:


  • Many people have parties and gatherings outside on their patio to avoid a mess indoors. With an outdoor fireplace, chilly nights will quickly get warmed up. You can even have outdoor get-togethers in the Autumn when the temperature starts to drop.

  • An outdoor fireplace is simply charming and you can find one that perfectly coordinates with your style and taste.

  • Fireplaces will add light and ambience once the sun goes down.

Considerations Before Installing a Fireplace

  • Any time you change anything at the exterior of your home, you have to make sure you’re in line with local building codes.

  • Consult your local building department for information and guidelines regarding installing an outdoor fireplace. The last thing you want is to finish the fireplace installation and then find out you have to remove it.

  • Chances are that you’re going to have to file for an application for building permit.

  • When you’re finished installing the fireplace, it’s possible that a building inspector will have to stop by to make sure you’re within code.

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and steps for installing a fireplace. Never assume that you know better. Fireplaces are uniquely designed by the manufacturer.

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Outdoor Fireplace Placement

There are several factors to take into consideration when installing an outside fireplace. You can’t simply put it wherever you feel like and assume it’s going to be safe.

  • Don’t place the fireplace anywhere where there are branches overhead. If the fire roars out of the fireplace a bit, overhanging branches could quickly catch on fire.

  • Don’t put your fireplace too close to the property line, even if it’s in your backyard. You don’t want excess smoke to drift into your neighbor’s yard, which could promote an uncomfortable situation.

  • Avoid placing the fireplace near natural objects that are flammable. Even sparks from the fireplace can start a fire and do a ton of damage.