About Old Friend Slippers

The brand name ‘Old Friend Slippersconjures up a cozy image, of warmth, familiarity and comfort. Made from quality, soft sheepskin, Old Friend Slippers keep your feet wrapped in luxurious, silky coziness.

Built for durability, you can wear your Old Friend Slippers indoors or out. The soles are made from durable rubber, so you can take the trash out or go out and get the morning paper without any hassle or slips. Old Friend Slippers come in a number of foot-friendly styles, with the majority of styles having healthy arch support.

The Advantages of Old Friend Sheepskin Slippers

Chestnut Old Friend Sheepskin Slippers

Old Friend Sheepskin Slippers have many great properties, including:

  • The suede exterior of the shoe has a natural moisture resistance
  • Sheepskin effectively insulates the feet, so they stay at a temperature than suits the season
  • Lots of room for your toes to move
  • The hollow wool fibers used on the interior of the slipper keep the skin of your feet moisture-free, for optimum comfort

Old Friend Women’s Slippers

Comfy Old Friend Slippers Women

When looking at Old Friend Slippers women will find a nice range of comfy styles. A few popular styles from the Old Friend Slippers range include:

  • The Ladies’ Bootee – This is a chestnut colored, versatile style, with a fold-down or flip-up option for the wooly sides.
  • The Loafer – Dark Brown with Dark Brown Fleece – This stylish take on the classic moccasin looks great. You’ll be proud to wear these in front of company.
  • The Alpine – This is a warm, dark brown style, appearing almost like a sort of sheepskin clog.  These are easy to slip into, to warm those toes while walking outdoors.

Old Friend Men’s Slippers

Outdoor Old Friend Mens Slippers

Men need comfort and coziness as much as anyone, and Old Friend Mens Slippers are clearly up to the task. With wide-foot options and arch support styles available, men can rest their feet comfortably after a long day at work.  Some Old Friend styles for men include:

  • The Men’s Adjustable Closure Bootee – This style lets you adjust your slipper to be as tight or loose around the foot as you like. A secure foot will help prevent tripping, especially in seniors.
  • The Men’s Clog – This comes in a chestnut color and is easy to get on or off. This clog style looks and feels amazing.
  • The Men’s Camouflage Moc – This is a breathable, stylish moccasin slipper with a camouflage print.

Old Friend Kid’s Slippers

Kiddie Old Friend Slippers

There are two styles of cozy Old Friend Kids Slippers, for the little feet:

  • The Baby Soft Sole – This is a gorgeous sheepskin bootie available in pink, chestnut and blue colors.
  • The Girls’ Pink Scuff – This is a fashionable pink or chestnut slip-on slipper, especially for girls.

Old Friend Slippers Reviews

Old Friend Slippers get wonderful rave reviews online, often garnering 5 out of 5 stars from their happy and loyal customers. Once a person has tried Old Friend Slippers, there is often no going back. In terms of comfort, durability and style, Old Friend Slippers are hard to beat.

The price range of the slippers are also a bonus, whilst not the cheapest slippers on the market, they are certainly very reasonable considering the expert construction and design, as well as the high quality of the sheepskin, wool and suede used.