How Office Space Influenced the World

Directed and written by Mike Judge and released by 20th Century Fox on February 19, 1999, the movie although simple and ordinary in its plot, has become a rave because of its successful portrayal of the mundaneness of being at a workplace. Because of its wry humor, iconic characters, and their trademark Office Space quotes, the movie Office Space has become a cult classic almost immediately after it was released.

To know more about how this movie made an impact on its viewers, here are some of the events and facts connected with Office Space, its distribution, development, and influence.

Cheerful Office Space Quotes

Office Space-Inspired Mobile Apps

  • Foursquare: In this app, when you are able to check-in any office establishment 15 times in a month, you will then have the so-called “9 to 5” badge. Once you’ve gotten the badge, a quote taken from the movie Office Space will be referenced.
  • Rock You: This famous video making and graphics maker gives you many options to choose from to add in your customized vids. These usually come in buttons with photos and captions taken from the characters in the movie, Office Space.

Motivational and the Best Office Space Quotes

Distribution of Office Space

4 years after it was distributed on 1999, the movie was able to sell around 2.6 million DVD and VHS copies. With the coming of recent developments on audio visual effects, the movie has recently been released in Blu-Ray Disc. Its distribution and popularity has also increased because of the many accolades it received. One such was on 2008, when Office Space was ranked as the 73rd on Entertainment Weekly’s “The 100 Best Films From 1983-2008” and it also came as in the 5th rank in its list of “25 Great Comedies From the Past 25 Years”.  Aside from that, the movie is also part of the top 20 best-selling DVDS from Fox. Although, the movie has not really been a huge blockbuster in theaters, it sold well in its VHS and DVD copies.

More Facts on Office Space’s Popularity

  • Comedy Central: This channel has been broadcasting the said movie in their channel last August 5, 2001, wherein 1.4 million viewers have viewed it. They again broadcasted it on 2003, and followed by more reruns years after.
  • Red Swingline Stapler: If you have seen the movie, you would notice Stephen Root’s character, Milton’s, inclination toward his red paint-sprayed stapler. Because of this, he became an iconic character, to the point that people were now asking him to sign their staplers. Also, the stapler used in the film was released only by Swingline 3 years after the movie’s initial distribution. The company would not have released it, if not due to insistent public demand from Office Space viewers.
  • 10th year reunion: A decade after the movie’s initial release, the cast that comprised the movie (except Aniston and Livingston who were not available then), gathered outside the Paramount Theatre that was situated in Austin, where they destroyed a printer in the sidewalk. This act portrayed the famous scene wherein Michael, Peter, and Samir took out all their frustrations on a printer. This scene was also re-enacted in the famous animated series, “Family Guy”.

Truly, Office Space have not only touched the hearts of the audience but has also made an indispensable legacy that has made its remarkable mark in the movie industry.

Office Space Movie Reviews

Even though the movie, Office Space, carries a simple plot, millions of viewers have found it to be really a really great watch! Over the years, it has even built a cult following and the legacy it left behind can still be seen in different forms and ways in the present time, just like in their ever famous and well-known Office Space quotes. That alone is enough to give you an idea, that truly this movie is not only quirky and funny, but all the more remarkable and unforgettable.

Different reviews were given to the movie, Office Space. Various insights and comments that has both criticized or lauded the said film can be read in various websites online. These reviews will somehow be helpful in giving you an overview on what to expect from the film.

To help you come up with the best positive and negative reviews, here are some samples of movie reviews taken from famous sites such as Megacritic, IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes.

Hilarious Office Space Quotes

Office Space | Positive Movie Reviews

  • Christopher Maine of Bangor Daily News has this to say: “The film plays a lot like the comic strip “Dilbert”. But a whole lot funnier, live-action version of it!”
  • Susan Wloszczyna of USA Today further said: “Ever had a job? IF you did, then you’d surely be amazed with this visual concoction.”
  • Richard Corliss of Time Magazine even suggested: “Having a terrible bout of Monday blues?  Why not cut work to see it?”
  • On a more serious note, Brent Simon of Shared Darkness, took a closer look at the film and has this to say: “Rich Dialogue. Spot on details. And the kind that will elicit that laugh-out-load factor… the movie is a truly one of the best comedies in the 90’s era.”
  • Sandra Contreras of TV Guide’s Movie Guide also added: “Although the movie did not really live up to its awesome start, the director was able to ace it up by putting together all necessary elements of a workplace. And to think this is his first ever live-action movie to be shown in the big screen! Awesome!”
  • Mick Lasalle of San Francisco Chronicle even lauded the movie director by saying: “Mike Judge’s view on what is ridiculous had definitely and without a doubt, served him well in this film.”
  • And in 2 words, Joe Leydon of Variety was able to put together what the movie is: “Frequently Uproarious!”
  • Ian Nathan of Empire magazine brashly commented: “Office Space? Well, it is just a shapeless, aimless comedy film that deserves little merit.”
  • As what Rick Groen of Globe and Mail has observed: “A discomfiting satire that soon deteriorates down to nothing but a silly farce. And it all began when the head bosses rewarded Peter’s efforts amidst his active rebellion on them. That was when the entire film lost its bite and meaning.”
  • James Berardinelli of Reel Views and Robin Clifford of Reeling Reviews, though different in words, has the same thing to say about the film, which goes as this: “The movie would have been good has it not fail to keep up its high energy level and comic momentum. The last half was characterized by routine and less humorous scenes.”
  • And lastly, Michael Wilmington of Chicago Tribune further commented: “Office Space… hmm.. it is a movie that is not distinguishing and will soon be forgotten.”

Cool Office Space Quotes

Office Space | Negative Movie Reviews

Hopefully, this brief list on some of the reviews for the film Office Space will help you decide on whether it is worth your time watching or not.

Office Space Clips – A Comical Entertainment

Office Space clips showing the scenes from the well-known movie depicting office life are available plenty online in YouTube and other video sharing sites. Several clips copying the same scenario are also present in such websites.

Office Space Movie Clips on Youtube

More Facts on Office Space

Office Space is a movie criticizing the modern day corporate culture. The movie shows ordinary workers who are forced to do unproductive work for most part of their life. They are screwed up unnecessarily by their management continuously and are forced to live a stressful life forever.

  • One of the most famous scene in Office Space clips was where workers take out their anger on a laser printing machine, which later became iconic.
  • Office Space scripts were written by Mike Judge, the director of the movie himself. But, he had to alter them several times to satisfy the studio executives.
  • However, the director was not very satisfied with the way the climax was shot. He wanted to rewrite the abrupt ending, but, the studio did not give him permission to do so.
  • The Office Space clips were reproduced in various commercials and skits.

Another Humorous Office Space Quotes

  • The Bill Lumbergh character appeared in many animations, commercials and skits. It became an icon of an arrogant boss.
  • Similarly, the Milton character obsessed with his red stapler, threatening to burn down the office also became extremely famous.
  • Office Space movie clips were copied in many stage plays and comedy shows. The red colored Swingline stapler which the Milton character searches throughout the movie came to market only in 2002 after repeated requests from the Office Space fans.
  • There is a special Facebook app depicting the movie, ranked as fifth in the “25 Great Comedies from the Past 25 Years” list produced by Entertainment weekly.
  • Office Space sound clips were produced with care to use mostly natural office sounds in the background. The album contained over 12 tracks, many of which were received with good response.

Office Space Sound Clips for Android

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How The Office Space Cast Influenced the World

Office Space clips portraying the cast of the film breaking the printer was remixed in several ways possible.

  • The Peter Gibbons and the Milton characters in the movie became a cult classic.
  • The 10th anniversary of the movie was celebrated by breaking a printer in the sidewalk of the Paramount Theatre in Austin.
  • Jennifer Aniston, the heroine of the film had little to do contribute in the main picture. But, the way she fingers her boss trying to irritate him became another start of a saga. Several movies have shown heroines doing similar acts since then.

Reminisce with Office Space Scripts

Office Space clips showing how Bob has interviewed various employees in the corporate office, the printer breaking scene and the scene where Peter Gibbons starts breaking furniture in the office, were all viewed several times online. These comedy Office Space clips are one amongst the most viewed videos in the video sharing sites. Aside from that, famous Office Space quotes also perpetuate the world. The animation series of the film also became quite famous.

Office Space Cast – A Perfect Depiction of Corporate World

Office Space is a Hollywood movie released in February 1999. This famous cult movie did not do great in the box office when it was first released. But, it is still very famous for its ideas even after a decade of its release. The movies DVD sales earned great profit for the producers. The Office Space cast includes: Ron Livingston, the hero of the movie, Jennifer Aniston, heroine and many important supporting characters enacted by Gary Cole, Joe Bays, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Stephen Root and Alexandra Wentworth.

Meet Office Space Characters

How Were the Office Space Cast Chosen?

  • The Office Space cast was chosen with utmost care to depict the real world characters working in huge corporate offices.
  • The director of the movie Mike Judge said he chose a boring office background for his script instead of Wall Street because he wanted to capture the monotonous and stressful lifestyle of the Silicon Valley.
  • The director himself had worked in a job similar to Peter Gibbons, the protagonist of the movie.
  • Mike Juddge himself appears in the movie as Stan, the manager of Chotchkie’s, a restaurant where the heroine Jennifer Anniston waits tables.

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  • The Office Space characters are no super humans with extra powers to set things right. They are common people, who fail miserably in several things they try to do.
  • They are afraid of raising their concerns to the management because of being laid off.
  • Peter Gibbons, the protagonist of the movie is shown to live happily only after he is hypnotized and starts living in half trance.
  • Ron Livingston won lots of accolades for acting in this role.
  • Other impressive characters in the movie are Stephen Root who acts as Milton Waddams and Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh the Vice President of the company. The other important supporting cast and their characters in the movie are

More Facts on the Office Space Cast

Must Watch Office Space Scenario

Other Supporting Roles:

  • David Herman: He is playing the character of Michael Bolton, the protagonists co-worker who hates his name
  • Ajay Naidu: He plays as Samir Nagheenanajar, an Asian immigrant
  • Alexandra Wentworth: She plays as Anne, Peter’s girlfriend who forces him to take a hypnotizing session
  • Joe Bays: He plays as the protagonist’s boss.

Funny Office Space Quotes

Watch Office Space if you are a corporate employee fed up with your work. You will find lots of similarities between any named company and the corporate office depicted in the film. The Office Space cast is very much responsible for the movie’s success. The movie got very good ratings from the critics. To this day, it is acclaimed as one of the best movies portraying the emptiness in modern day offices. The movie also holds memorable Office Space quotes that are worth remembering! Never miss a chance to watch it and the classic performances of the Office Space cast.