Shopping 101: Tips when Buying Socks

There are a number of brands in the socks industry and many of them are doing their jobs finely. The socks’ quality is high with very good type of material used in making them. Some brands also add features on their products to give shoppers more options. The idea of buying socks may sound simple, but it surely needs a lot of effort to pick up something that is actually best for your feet.

helpful socks buying tips

4 Brands of Popular Socks

  • The Wigwam Socks: The main aim of Wigwam socks is to provide high quality socks as its motto says just for you. This was a family business, which started in the 1905, and since then they are in this market. The company has built certain quality standards and has maintained them throughout as settled in Washington Dc. They make all types of socks both for males and females in various sizes and for various age groups. This company is truly an environmental friendly company. The wool for the socks is absolutely pure and is from the finest farms of America.
  • Jockey: Jockey is mostly popular among men products like vests, under wears and other garments. One of their specialties is socks and that is why they stand in the list of popular brands for socks. The socks quality is very high made from mostly cotton or synthetic material and is usually designed for the sports purposes. They make customized socks on rare basis but still have managed to prove their name in this segment also.
  • Wright Socks: One of the other famous companies is the Wright Sock. They are in the business for a long time and also make a variety of socks. They offer their specialty in the single-layered and double-layered socks. They have different varieties for different purposes. They have different variety for running socks, different for casual wear and all.
  • Gold Toe: Then, last is the company Gold Toe, which also make socks with the perfect fitting and pure cotton like No Show socks. They have actually specialized in the production and are a purely sock company like the Wigwam socks and Wright Sock. They are also offering discounts currently online on their products.

pure cotton durable and affordable gold toe socks

Helpful Tips when Buying Socks

When you are buying from one of these brands of popular socks, keep in mind the reason for buying and when you plan to wear them. Choose the sock quality and material carefully and should also look upon the designs which can go with your clothes.

Different Kinds of Socks

Selecting different kinds of socks can always be interesting yet a work always left on the list. There are a number of socks that you can choose from and your choice depends upon the occasions and season you are planning to wear socks on.

ski and snowboard bamboo socks

Various Kinds of Socks

  • Ski and Snowboard Socks: Ski and snowboard socks are designed in a manner that their length is greater than the normal socks. These socks’ length could almost reach your knees. These socks basically wane away the moisture and humidity to avoid getting them wet in snow and are made of synthetic material.
  • No Show Socks: No show socks are the socks, which can be worn in summer time and are a real help for foot wear like pumps and Cinderella style shoes. These socks are worn just until the toes and balls of the soles. These socks are great when wearing formal shoes, as it does not show as the name implies.
  • Woolen Socks: Then there are the woolen socks, which surely are a product of winter season. These are usually in demand in colder regions. These socks are obviously made of wool for high resistant to cold temperatures. They have a length till your shin and the socks are very warm, thick and comfortable.
  • Casual Socks: Other kinds of socks include the standard casual socks. These are designed for any season, and for regular use. They have varying lengths and have various materials, but the most popular ones are cotton and synthetic material. These pairs of socks are also available in various designs and colors. These socks are worn usually with sneakers or a pair of rubber shoes.
  • Towel Socks: One of the unique kinds of socks is the towel socks. These socks are made especially to suck the moisture and are even known in some areas as carpet shoes because of their style and comfort level. They are good for the casual use in winter seasons because of the material these socks are made of.
  • Work Socks: Work socks include the famous stockings. These socks are worn under the dress pants or when wearing formal skirts.  These are comfortable and designed that you can wear them all day long. These pair of socks offers extra comfort level and also comes in various designs.

mens ultimate work sock

Now that you have ample idea about the kinds of socks available in the market, choose the ones that you prefer most.

Using Tube Socks

Have you ever been invited to a house, dressed smartly with expensive shoes and get there only to realize that you have to take off your shoes before you enter? Think of how embarrassing it would be if you had no socks or had poor quality socks on. Well, this is why it is important to pay attention to the socks that you are wearing. There are so many types of socks that to choose from and they all come with different features and designs.

  • Tube socks – these are socks knitted in a single long tube and they have no form of delineated heel or ankle region.
  • Toe socks- these socks have been designed with pockets for each toe. They are known to be very comfortable thus the popularity of these kinds of socks
  • There are also no show socks– these have an almost similar appearance to normal socks just that they leave a small area of your ankle exposed. They are preferred over other types for that fact they reduce sweat on your feet and hence you can stay with them the whole day. They can be made from different types of material giving you different levels of comfort.

thigh high tube socks

More on tube socks

There are so many advantages that come with choosing tube socks. There are mens tube socks which can go well with different kinds of men’s wear and as so you have no reason whatsoever for not going for these socks. The different styles of tube socks include:

  • Those that are knitted with a version of a heavily padded sole which is meant for comfort
  • There are those that are made from lycra/spandex/cotton or a combination of these and are mostly preferred by athletes since it offers them comfort as they run in a way that it prevents sores by reducing sweat.
  • There are also different colors to choose from. Pink tube socks are extremely popular among ladies and fashion forward men.
  • There are also different lengths of tube socks and these can include thigh high tube socks as well as short type socks.

marathon pink tube socks

These are some of the important things that you should consider when it comes to shopping for socks:

  • Go for socks that will make a statement. You can do this by going for latest trends of these tube socks.
  • Go for socks made of quality material that is durable and a good absorbent.
  •  You can do an extensive research before you get to buy a particular type of socks and ensure that they are just what you need.

Using Toe Socks

Socks are so important in men’s wear especially official wear. It will take you by surprise if you get to spot a handsome man well-dressed in a suit but not having socks on. They are as comfortable as they are useful in preventing the feet from over sweating (and worse, smelling bad. Eww!)

There are various types of socks and in many styles that you can imagine. The most popular type that has been in existence is toe socks. These also come in different styles including color and shape such as the golden toe socks. There are toe socks for men, ladies as well as kids.

popular toe socks for men

Toe socks have been manufactured in a way that they are shorter as compared to normal types of socks. They appear like gloves for your feet and each toe is covered by its own knitted pocket. They have so many advantages as compared to ordinary socks and this include:

  • They reduce heat in your shoes by allowing cooling of your feet some each toe is free in its own pocket.
  • By reducing heat, they help in preventing blisters and fungi growths
  • They help with a person’s stability by helping to improve on balance and grip due to the fact that your toes are working independently when you are having these socks on.

Mens toe socks also have added features and these include:

  • Lack of air circulation in your feet can be unhealthy to your feet and toe socks which allow cooling can come in handy to prevent effects of excess heat on your feet.
  • You can get a special pair for protection if you need one. They are carefully constructed to meet various needs other than just the need for making your feet comfortable.
  • You can get a pair of these socks that are made with shoe soles. They are mostly used to stay indoors in cold weathers and can help you avoid catching colds.
  • Special heated toe socks can help prevent frostbite when you have to be outside for a long time.

golden toe men black socks

There is also another popular type of socks for men other than toe socks and this are known as no show socks. They are also short as compared to normal socks but do not have individual pockets for each toe as toe socks do. They are regular and comfortable socks and are liked for the way they leave the ankle exposed.

Getting this type of socks or any other type of socks is easy. You can go to your local clothes shop or shop via the internet as well. When you are shopping, you can get advice on what style and color suits you well and as to get best value for the socks after you buy them.

The Reliable No Show Socks

No show socks provide the comfort and absorption capacity of regular socks but they leave the ankles exposed nicely to the cool air. If you are looking for No Show socks for men, the process can be as easy as getting in front of your computer and browsing on an online apparel site. There are many styles to choose from with prices that can match any budget. You may also simply visit a sock store in your locality and try one of the many varieties before deciding what is best for you. Even if you are an athlete, mens No Show socks would prove to be very useful since they are not obtrusive and could be customized to fit your particular requirements.

comfortable vans no show socks

No Show socks are usually made of materials like lycra, nylon or spandex. Compared to cotton, these fabrics are more effective in absorbing moisture, thus keeping the feet clean and free from injuries. Since No Show socks are even lower than ankle socks, they are ideal for wearing under low cut shoes and loafers. Wearing long socks with loafers or flats will make you look odd but you may not like wearing them without socks either. Your feet will soon get sticky from sweating inside the shoes. Be careful when buying such socks though as they may have specific use.

mens black no show 6-pack socks

Some were made for loafing while others were designed for active sports ranging from running to football. Loafing socks and No Show socks for flats are generally thinner while sports socks were constructed to provide comfort in any kind of footwear. Since they are designed to absorb sweat, No Show socks designed for sports are reinforced to prevent blisters from excessive friction. There are even customized socks that reinforce the muscles and protect the feet from certain injuries.

under armour sports no show socks

Advantages to Using No Show Socks

  • All day comfort

A No Show sock provides cushion to every step that you make allowing you to walk or run without the discomfort that other types of socks can cause. In fact, the socks are so comfortable it is easy to forget that you are wearing a pair.

If you are a fashionable man, the No Show socks would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Since the socks will not show, it is a great option when you do not want anything showing on top of your shoes.

  • Great absorbency

When it comes to absorbing sweat, it is hard to beat a No Show sock. This feature is important if cleanliness and comfort is important for you. You can be around people with confidence, knowing that your feet are sweat and odor free.

wigwam ingenius rebel no-show sock

A big limitation of No Show socks is its inability to keep your ankle warm, which could be a disadvantage if you are going to use them during the cold months. In addition, they may feel uncomfortable if you are not used to them. Most people are used to ankle socks and may feel odd when wearing a pair that barely touches the back of the heel.