Useful Tips On How To Keep Your Shears In Top Shape

The article below will tackle important reminders on how to keep your shears in top shape. Shears are used for metal fabrication. They are power tools that have numerous applications in various fields. Depending on the purpose, there are various different types of metal shear to choose from. From hand held tools to foot operated shears to even metal fabrication on a large scale, the shear is used for various things today. Gone are the days when the saw was the most used and preferred. Because of the safety, the ease of usage, the rapidity and other factors, the shear has taken over the saw.

However, if you want your shear to be faithful to you for a long time, you should know how to keep your shears in top shape. Using them ruthlessly can damage them and cause you a lot of difficulty. Moreover, damaged shears will not work well and prolong the time that is taken to fabricate metals. Your job will thus be slower and frustrating. Being aware of how to keep your shears in top shape will thus come handy at all times and will help you finish your work quickly.

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Useful Tips

Here are some important points on how to keep your shears in top shape:

  • Usage

You should know how to use your machine. Only when you thoroughly understand the working mechanism of a shear will you be able to use it efficiently. Different shears have different limitations regarding the width and thickness that they can cut through. You should be aware of the limitations of your shear before putting it to use. If not, you will end up damaging your shear.

  • Lubrication

You should learn about the lubrication too. Over lubricating or using the wrong fluids can cause additional damage. The OEM will specify the requirements and you must carry on accordingly.

  • Inspection

A regular inspection of your shear is very important. The shear’s working, its bearings, and other parts must be examined and check for wear and tear.

  • Setting The Blade

You should know how to set the blade properly. This is very important if you want your shear and the blade to have a long life. The cut quality is also majorly affected by the way you set the blade. Hence, you must be careful. The clearance must never be too tight because it will lead to improper cutting. The metal will be stuck in the machine. If there is no clearance, the blades will simply break. If the clearance is on the loose side, the cutting will be a failure. Hence, you should be very careful.

  • Repairs

Repairs must be done immediately. You should never work with a damaged machine. Even if the damage seems small, you should have it repaired immediately to avoid any and all risks of further damage.

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These are the main points to keep in mind. Learning how to keep your shears in top shape is of primary importance because inadequate maintenance and improper usage can do only harm. Awareness is the key.

Essential Safety Tips In Using Shears

Here safety tips in using shears will be tackled. Shears are used to cut metal sheets and that is one reason why they are more commonly called metal shears. These tools thus have applications in arts and crafts where bronze, steel, brass, and copper and aluminum sheets are used. There are some other kinds of shears that are used to shape plastic sheets too. Since it is very easy to use in comparison to the other tools used for the same purpose, a shear has become very common and ideal for worker in this field. Sabers and reciprocal saws are still in use but shears are much quicker in snipping and cutting. Another advantage is that metal shears are cheaper and don’t give rise to sparks while they are used.

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They may be easier to use comparatively but it is important to be very careful while using them. There are many safety tips in using shears that you have to follow in order to avoid brutal injuries. You have to wear the appropriate clothing and use the tool appropriately to stay safe. Not many people are aware that they are putting themselves at risk just by neglecting their clothing while using metal shears.

  • Safety Tips

Here are some very important safety tips in using shears that you must be aware of before touching the shear:

  • Clothing

The first few safety tips in using shears revolve around wearing the right clothing and related paraphernalia. Your eyes, your legs, your hand and your entire body must be protected. You should wear safety glasses in order to keep your eyes safe because the shards emitted while cutting can severely damage your eyes. There are chances of metal falling and hurting your feet. Hence, you should wear protective leather shoes. After it is cut, the edges of the metal are usually very sharp. That is why you should wear efficient gloves that can protect you as well as let you handle the tools easily. Also, you should never wear any type of accessories while working with a shear. Lastly, you should wear clothes that are tight fitting in order to avoid the risk of them getting caught in the machine.

  • Machine Condition

Always ensure that the machine is in proper working condition beforehand. Also, there must be no debris in the vicinity.

  • Hand Safety

Keep your hands away from the table and the material. You should never place them in between the two.

  • Lubricant Spills

Check the surrounding area for any kind of oil spills because you could slip and that could cause major accidents.

  • Lighting

Make sure you work in a well lighted place so that you can be aware of everything present around you.

  • Storage

After your work is done, place the shear in a safe place where no one, especially children can reach.

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No tool is entirely safe to use including a shear. Hence, it is very important to follow safety tips in using shears and prevent any kind of accident than to face brutal consequences later on.

Impacts Of Plasma Cutters

A plasma cutter refers to any machine that is used to cut steel and other metals of various thicknesses to size, using a plasma torch. A plasma cutter’s functioning is not as complicated as its abilities. An inert gas is blown out of a plasma cutter’s nozzle at a high speed forming an electrical arch on the surface to be cut. This turns some of that gas into plasma, which is hot enough to melt metal and it moves so fast such that it blows molten metal away from a cutter, hence a clean cut.

 high performance plasma cutter

A hypertherm plasma cutter is a high performance industrial plasma system that uses very high temperatures to cut and gouge metals. This plasma cutter is very fast, quite economical and very easy to use. It makes cutting through metal a very simple task, contrary to what it would be when using other equipment like sheers.

Before Plasma Cutters

A metal shear is what was used in olden days before the coming of plasma technology. Cutting metal then was no piece of cake as amount of energy needed to operate these machines was outrageously high. These sheers are of various types, some of which include those listed below;

  • Bench shears
  • Guillotine
  • Power shears
  • Throatles shears

Getting Them For Less

Plasma cutters tend to be quite expensive, especially for ordinary and not so rich individuals. For these people, a used plasma cutter being sold at a subsidised price is more than a prayer being answered. Affluent individuals could buy new plasma cutters and sell off their old ones cheaply as a way of disposing them off and thus availing used plasma cutters to those individuals who cannot afford new ones.

A plasma cutter sale could also come in very handy in availing plasma cutters cheaply to people who need them, and do not have enough money to buy them at their usual prices. Sales enable sellers of these plasma cutters to get rid of their dead stock before it gets obsolete and bring about losses to their business.

long lasting hypertherm powermax plasma cutter

Significant Comparison and Common Uses

Some advantages of the metal plasma cutters over other types of metal cutters include;

  • A plasma cutter gives metal a clean and smooth cut
  • Plasma cutters are easy to use as compared to other cutters, like say metal shears
  • Plasma cutter are fast and effective

Common uses of a plasma cutter include;

  • Cutting metal into specific sizes
  • Shaping metal
  • Cutting patterns into metal

Plasma cutters are a breakthrough in metal working industry. Metal plays a vital role in man’s quest for development that without these materials mankind’s progress is significantly affected.

Metal Working Tools In Perspective

Metal working is a process of working with metal and metal working tools to form individual tools or large scale structures. Large scale structures in this case include ships and bridges whereas small items include jewelry.  Metal working uses a wide range of skills, tools and processes.  Metal work has been used by man for centuries to make work easier.

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Categories of Tools

Metal working tools are categorized into;

  • Grinders
  • machine tools
  • metal cutting tools
  • metal hand tools
  • metal measuring instruments

Common Used Tools

Metal working tools are;

  • arbor press, drill
  • drill bushing
  • fixture
  • grinding dresser
  • grinding wheel
  • machinist calculator
  • press brake
  • hydraulic press
  • propane torch
  • quench press
  • rivet gun
  • riveting machines roll bender

Uses Of Metal Working Tools in History

These metal working tools are useful and their importance is as stated.

  • Metal working was used in the ancient times to make weapons such as daggers, maces, swords shields, arrow heads, and axes.
  • Metal work was used in daily activities to make components used to make work easier like pulling carts and ceremonial bridles. It was also used to make dishes, plates, bowls, and cups for special ceremonies.
  • Metal working was adopted in the Americas where it was used to make jewelry such as hair clips, necklaces, safety pins, mirrors, buttons, rings and works of art such as statues of animals from metals.
  • During the ancient periods, metals were valuable and were used to make religious adornments and ornaments for worshipping their gods and for trade.
  • Metal working is used in industrial applications to build ships, containers and air transport.
  • The art of metal working saw the invention of the coin, which was later used as a means of trade.

Understanding Sheet Metal

Sheet metal working tools involves using a metal shear to cut metal into sheets or cutting sheets of metals to desired forms. They fabricate products that are made from very thin sheets of metals such as ducts that are used in air conditioning.  Sheet metal workers also install gutters, roofs, siding and outdoor signs. They maintain thin metal sheets products. Some of the duties performed in sheet metal working include:

  • Selecting types of sheets to be used
  • Making holes in these metals for rivets, screws and bolts
  • Fastening joints by welding and soldiering.

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Some of the metal working tools used in sheet metal working include the stretcher, panel holding system, economy throat less sheer, electric metal sheers, English wheel and many others.

Metal working hand tools are hand tools that are used in the field of metal work. They are operated by the metal worker where no machinery is involved. Some types of metal hand working tools include a slapper, dollies, forming bags, hammers, marking and lay pout tolls, snips and shears, files and rasps, spoons and mallet.

If you are a metal worker and are looking for these metal tools, there are various shops both local and online that offer metal working tools for sale. You can get them at discounted prices.

Metal work is demanding but with great metal working tools, you are sure to save time and use less energy in making metal items.

Easy Cutting with a Metal Shear

From the professional machine shop or parts fabricator to the do it yourself tool collection, a metal shear has a variety of benefits and uses. Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, these tools make it easy to cut various metals, including aluminum, tin, copper and steel. Whether you are making home repairs, cutting template patterns or performing auto body work, a metal shear will help you get the job done easily.

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Metal Shear Types

  • Portable: These shears are often air or electric powered and capable of cutting metals up to the #6 gauge. Cutting capacity varies by model and design. Commonly referred to a sheet metal shear, this tool consists of one or two blades and will leave a burr-less, smooth cut in a variety of metals when used properly.
  • Mounted: For larger jobs, a mounted metal shear is essential. These units are often bolted to the floor for additional support and strength and are used for cutting large pieces of metal. Most are air or hydraulic operated using a foot press to actuate. This increases the safety of the machine and provides precise control over the action of the blade.
  • Computer numerical controlled: These units are often the largest of the units. When connected to a computer, this metal shear can cut intricate designs and parts using computer software. These machines are used when precision is essential or quantities are large.

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The metal shear has a rather simple design. However, everything on the machine must be properly configured to work properly. Blade clearance and blade sharpness are essential to a clean cut and safe operation of the tool. If you are unfamiliar with the device, buying a new tool is recommended. However, if you know what to look for, finding a used sheet metal shear is a great way to save money as well. Top-rated manufacturers of metal shears include Cincinnati, Lodge & Shipley, Amada and Wysong.

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There are a number of places to find a metal shear for sale. Popular options include:

  • Online classifieds
  • Local classifieds
  • Tool and Equipment retailers
  • Flea Markets or Swap Meets
  • Tool and Equipment Auctions
  • Business Closure Auctions

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Some Precautionary Measures

A metal shear is a powerful piece of equipment. When used improperly, serious injury is possible. The metal shear is a leading cause of amputations in the workplace. To maximize safety when using metal shears, consider these tips:

  • Always wear eye protection. The fast moving blades and metals can produce shards. Protective eyewear not only protects the eyes from harm but also improves visibility.
  • Wear thick leather gloves at all times. While these gloves will not prevent the metal shear from cutting your hands, they will protect you from the sharp edges created by cutting metal. Welding gloves are ideal for using a metal shear.
  • Leather or steel-toe boots are essential. Falling metal can cause cuts or crush your feet. By wearing protective footwear, you can reduce the chances of injury in your shop or workplace significantly.