How to Choose the Right Men Cologne

There is more to men cologne than just the scent. Not everything that sits on the shelves may fit your needs. This is because there are dozens of scents from different manufacturers, and you might get confused and pick something that does not work for you. Some guys feel that expensive colognes are the best because they promise class, but the ultimate need is getting a scent that is distinct without being overwhelming.

It might be a consolation to have several fragrances that you can exchange depending with the mood you want to create in a day. Some scents of men cologne stay on the body the whole day while others are strong for a few hours which can be quite irritating especially if you want to remain natural without smelling sweaty. How do you arrive at the best cologne for men?

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Things to get you started

Factors to Consider in Choosing Men Cologne

1) Where you want to wear it: The occasion controls the mood you create with particular fragrances as well as the type you need.

  • For example, events that take place outdoors call for fresh scents that can contain natural fragrances like citrus.

2) Your personality: The scent of the men cologne you choose should accentuate your character. Are you outgoing, introverted, jovial? Choose one that fits you best.

  • Check also on whether you wear other fragrances such as deodorant and after shave. Remember, having too many scents can spoil the effect created by men cologne.

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How to Test Out Men Cologne

Using such factors, try a few scents in the store instead of purchasing something blindly. At times, when you dab several scents on your wrist, your nostrils may ruin your decision. That is why it is advisable to narrow your search to a few scents of men cologne after checking the range of ingredients. This is because the differences between various men cologne brands lies in the notes. There are three notes:

  • Top notes: The fragrance produced at this level stays for a few minutes before it fades. The scents include citrus, orange, peach and red berries.
  • Middle notes: The scents stay on for hours and their recipes are a combination of natural and aesthetic components like jasmine, rose, lavender and geranium.
  • Base notes: They last for the longest time meaning you have a fresh smelling scent the whole day. The components of such cologne for men include amber, vanilla and musk.
  • Chrome cologne is one popular fragrance that was manufactured by the renowned designer Loris Azzaro, who drew inspiration from experiences he had when growing up.
  • This blue fragrance suits the evening because it has a fresh scent that suits any man.
  • Its notes include the fresh breeze of the sea that fades out to leave a fragrant woody scent that is finally overwhelmed by mandarin and grapefruit base notes.
  • This contains a different mix of ingredients that include light scents of black pepper, neroli and bergamont before the smell of cardamom and saffron take over. The base notes of this men cologne are tobacco leaves and amber.
  • This mix makes this fragrance suitable for evening occasions.

Top Brands of Men Cologne

Chrome Cologne for Men

Versace Cologne for Men