Frugal Travel Meals

Wherever your next vacation will take you, chances are you’re wondering how to cut expenses. Planning frugal travel meals can be one of your biggest cost cutters. Don’t forget that cuisine and dining is a big part of travel, though. Luckily, “frugal” doesn’t have to mean ordering from the fast food menu or only noshing on protein bars for the entire trip. There are plenty of delicious, inexpensive, and even healthy dining choices, whether you’re traveling with kids or preparing meals for one.

Load Up On Breakfast

Make your biggest meal one of your most frugal travel meals. This usually means breakfast, since you can order a huge breakfast for less than you’d spend on a big lunch or dinner. If you’re staying in a hotel, motel or hostel, ask the desk clerk if they offer a complimentary breakfast.

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If you eat enough for breakfast, you may be able to make it all the way to dinner with just a quick snack for lunch. This not only saves you money on one meal, but also cuts out the need to buy a second meal.

Plan A Budget And A Splurge

If you order inexpensive meals for most of your trip, you should be able to afford one splurge of a meal. Order a slice of pizza from a street vendor in Italy for a few nights in a row and treat yourself to a big, fancy dinner at the end of the week. One of the easiest ways to purchase frugal travel meals is to buy local. Bananas in Central America are less expensive than other fruits. If you’re in Paris, order a croissant and coffee for breakfast instead of bacon, eggs and home fries. Local cuisine will be less expensive than what you’re used to because it’s readily available. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about a different culture just by eating the way they do.

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Dine Out Like A Local

If you opt to eat at neighborhood restaurants instead of busy tourist stops, you’ll be surprised how big your frugal travel meals will be. You can spend less and get more just by eating at local restaurants, pubs and cafes. Tourist destinations are often overpriced and the food won’t be as carefully prepared or tasty as at a local restaurant. Ask locals for suggestions or ask the hotel clerk where they like to eat.

Home Cooked Meals

The most frugal travel meals are the ones you cook yourself. Even one home cooked meal every day will save you tons of money. Most hotels have a small refrigerator and microwave in every room. Think of “home cooked” as simply not coming from a restaurant. If you’re roaming around a city like San Francisco or New York, duck into a grocery store and buy some deli meat, a roll, a small bag of pretzels and a can of soda. Heat up a couple of store-bought burritos for dinner for an easy $2 meal.

Meals To Lose Weight

Certain professions consume a whole lot of time and the people in those professions are often too busy to check their eating habits. This leads people to pile up on calories and eventually the person gains weight. Contrary to the belief that only eating a lot causes an increase in weight, think again because you can gain weight if you skip meals, too. If you don’t have the time for exercise, you can at least check your eating habits. Dieting is not a fad anymore, but a dire need for many people. There are certain meals to lose weight that are specifically designed for a person by a nutritionist or you can follow your own food chart.

Meals That Help Lose Weight

Meals for one who wants to lose the extra flab are divided into 3 categories: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food that you consume in the morning, afternoon and night will decide your weight loss.

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(1) Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Be sure to never skip it. The various meals to lose weight you can have for breakfast are as follows:

  1. Eggs: Eggs cooked in any form, be it boiled, scrambled or omelets help you cut down calories. It is high in protein.

  1. Oatmeal: It is a healthy food high on fiber and protein, and will reduce cholesterol content in blood.

  1. Milk: It contains proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals especially calcium, which is an important nourishment for the bones in the body. Have a warm cup of milk or mix oatmeal and milk for breakfast.

  1. Fruits: Have one fruit or a glass of fruit juice before leaving for work. They prevent fat from piling up in the body. Pomegranates, apple, or an orange helps.

  1. Bread: Eat either whole-grain or whole-wheat breads, which are high in nutritional value. Toast them and either have a fresh fruit sandwich or apply little amount of peanut or apple butter. You can even opt to have a muffin.

f) Green Tea: It not only helps you to lose weight, but also makes your skin glow, giving you a younger and healthier looking skin.

(2) Lunch

Having a healthy lunch helps you to stay bright and vigorous for the rest of the day. Foods to include in your lunch meal are:

a) Olive Oil: Eat lunch that contains olive oil as it helps protect your heart.

b) Beans: Include high-fiber beans in your lunch as they can lower the cholesterol.

c) Fish: Sardines are best option to consume during lunch as they are high on protein and calcium. They help maintain the fat content in the muscle. Salmon is a good option.

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d) Chicken: Having chicken three times a week, helps you to stay healthy as it, too, is high in protein.

  1. Vegetables: Mix vegetables and meat for a balanced diet.

  1. Rice: It is low in fat and calories but high in starch, which is important to human body.

  1. Pasta: Try buckwheat pasta, which contains high protein.

  1. Yogurt: It contains carbohydrates and protein.

(3) Dinner

After a hard day of work, you must eat meals to lose weight, which also help you to relax. These are: (a) soups, where you can eat lentil soup or a combination of chicken and veggies; and (b) salad, where you can mix fruits and vegetable and top it with olive oil. The foods mentioned in the lunch meal can also be had during dinner, but at a lesser quantity. For example, if you had fish for lunch, try having vegetable stir fry for dinner.

So, there you go with some meals to lose weight that will help you to stay fit and healthy, and last through the entire busy day.

Tips When Preparing Recipes for One

When you get to be alone, you must learn to make some recipes for one. This is like when you cook for one set of menu for yourself for the whole week and then by next week, you again cook another set of recipe for yourself. In this way, you will be able to solve your problem of not being able to eat your breakfast and need only to grab some burger for lunch, which could not be too healthy for you. In making some healthy recipes for one, you will be able to save a lot of energy in cooking since you will just cook once a week and do some reheating over the oven on some days.

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The Preparations Checklist

Having to cook some recipes for one person is very economical, first on the ingredients, second on the electricity used in cooking, and third is that one set of recipe will last longer like one week for a single person to consume than cooking it for a bunch of people. Meals for one person are really easy to prepare since you will only be making it for yourself, so, you can cook whatever as you please and like it without worrying about anybody doing some critic on what you have cooked. You will also be consuming just a little of your cooking gas or electricity since you will just be reheating it for a couple of minutes only.

  • In preparing for the recipes for one person, the first thing for you to do is to look for some simple recipes that can give you some healthy food for a week.
  • Once you have decided on what you will prepare for the week, you are then ready to buy all the necessary ingredients. You must need to buy extra vegetables for salad so that you will have many alternatives on what you are going to prepare every meal.

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  • You need to cook thoroughly your recipe for the week then let it cool down before placing it inside the fridge. You must be careful to store food properly in tightly sealed containers. So, every time before meal, you only need to get a portion of it from the freezer and reheat it or cook it with some fresh vegetables.
  • Since you will need the recipes for one set of food for the whole week, it is best that you choose the fresh kinds of ingredients for a best result of your one menu. If you are on diet, you make sure that you choose the low calorie recipes for one so that you will be able to maintain your calorie intake and be able to be healthier than ever. With the fresh ingredients, like the fresh meat and vegetables, the recipe that you will be making for the week can even last for more than a week if you will not be able to consume it all.

Take note that in making the recipes for one, you will be able to save more if what you will be buying are cheap yet fresh ingredients to make some cheap recipes for one.

Benefits Of One Dish Meals

Having to cook for several mouths to feed every meal could be very tiresome especially if there are some who never appreciated your cooking, thus, there is nothing better than having to cook one dish meals just for yourself the whole week round.

There are lots of people nowadays who preferred living all by themselves, usually when the jobs they are into require them to be alone especially those whose jobs are located far from home. So, when you get to be alone, too, for sure you may always eat outside in a restaurant, which could be very an expensive way of living. However, you can now plan for yourself on what menu you could do for yourself to save more and at the same time so you could eat some healthy foods, too.

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Advantages Of Easy One Dish Meals

When you get to live alone, you may also learn to cook one dish meals, which could be very economical and an easy way to prepare your every meal. You need of course to take time on planning for your menu for the whole week, which could sound so boring. But, when you get to plan your one dish meals recipes, you get to be more excited on how you will be cooking it for some variation. Make sure that your menu would never take more of your time than what you are intending to, just those that you can prepare easily and have your own healthy feasting.

So, here are the top three advantages you can get out of preparing solo dishes in advance:

  • Economical

Having these one dish meals could be such a very good economical way of preparing delicious and healthy meals for you. This is the number one benefit that you can right away feel when you get to be making meals for one person alone – yourself.

  • Easy To Do

This type of meal preparation is especially desirable for busy people. It is really very easy for you to prepare your food every meal, and it does not take so much of your time. You can always get a slice of it reheat it, and then in an instant, you will be able to have a hearty meal. So, on the weeks to come, you just prepare another set of menu for a week so that you will be able to have some food variation.

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  • Healthy Food

Another one of the many benefits that the one dish meals could give you is that you will be able to eat a really healthy food every meal. With your easy one dish meal, it could give you the best quality food for your good health. If you get to eat instant food anywhere, you may not know how it has been processed and that if the nutrients are still intact in it.

  • Fun To Do

Having to prepare your own food could really be more exciting as well as gratifying on your part, too. It makes you feel more responsible, independent, and mature. Plus, buying the ingredients and cooking food yourself and can actually take your mind away from your worries and stresses.

You must always buy the ingredients first in preparing for your one dish meals so that you can really go through with the process of preparing your healthy one dish meals for the week. When you get to have a vacant day wherein you can do your food for one week dish, you just cook it then, then right after you are done and have cool it down, place it inside your freezer to preserve it for the week. Then you can always get some bit of it every meal wherein you can just reheat it or re-cook it with some other recipes.

A Guide To Planning Meals For One

Living alone is fun but can sometimes be tough and hard especially when it comes to cooking and finding simple meals for one to make. Eating out is not pocket friendly. Also, after a long day of work, spending hours in the kitchen trying to fix yourself a meal is just not a good idea. There are various ways to plan out daily meals for those living alone and are a bit lazy to get into the kitchen and fix themselves something to eat.

7 Days Plan: Meals For One

Making a 7-day mal plan is a great idea for many people living alone. This reduces the task of having to cook everyday or to think of what to cook daily. Planning in advance for week’s meal plan helps you to be have more quiet time for yourself to relax. It also helps you to avoid rushing into the grocery store every evening after work.

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  • You could start with the most important task of all which is shopping. Visiting the supermarket and grocery store on a weekend and getting at least a week’s supply of important groceries and ingredients would help a lot.

  • You could likewise spare a few hours on a weekend afternoon and cook a few stews. You can store the stews in containers and keep them frozen. When you need them, you can just pull them out the fridge, re-heat them, or re-cook them adding certain ingredients you want. This minimizes your cooking time during the weekdays, and helps reduce work after a stressful day.

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  • For those who are ever busy and have less time to prepare meals, you may want to plan on quick meals for one, so you do not have to skip meals anymore. You can eat your breakfast before work, plus, you can even prepare more to take with you to work. Such quick cheap meals for one may include: rice, pasta, macaroni, vegetable salad, your favorite sandwiches, or more. You may eat these alongside the stew you have earlier cooked and kept in the fridge.

Benefits Of Carefully Planning Meals For One

Other than those mentioned above, you get to benefit a lot when you carefully plan meals for one. Here are some advantages you can get out of doing so:

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  • Health Benefits – You can be certain that you have all the ingredients you need. More importantly, you get to carefully pick out the ingredients in your meals, thereby making sure that you only consume fresh and healthy meat, fruits, and vegetables. Of course, since you have a week’s meal carefully planned, you are more likely to eat at home and less at fast food chains.

  • Personalized Diet – You can personalize your meals, say for example, you can prepare your own diabetic meals for one, in case you have the condition. You can also prepare meals to help you to lose or gain weight, or simply to keep you healthy and fit.

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  • Saves Time – When making a meal plan, you may find it quite tasking but at the end of the day, it helps save time during the week after a long day of work. You can just cook or re-heat whatever you have prepared for the day.

Meals for one are easy to make since there are tons of recipes of quick meals to make in various cookbooks and also from the internet. Now, preparing and eating meals for one can no longer be boring, but rather fun for those living alone, especially after a hard and long day of work.