Tips In Wearing High Heels

Women wearing high heels are much sexier, which is the reason why most women show special preferences to high heels. High heels not only increase females’ height, but also help them show graceful postures. Therefore, though they may feel a little uncomfortable, lots of ladies can’t resist the temptation of high heels.

Charm of High Heel Shoes

  • First, high heels can shape and highlight women’s hips, legs and waists, which make their curves more beautiful.

  • High heels can increase mature female charms for ladies. In the eyes of men, women wearing high heels possess more feminine charms. High heel shoes are not only suitable to petite women, but also for tall women, if only they don’t choose exaggerated ones.

tips on wearing high heels

Though high heels are synonym for sexy for women, they are not suitable for every women. Pregnant women should refrain from wearing high heels. Because with their weights increase, centers of gravity of their bodies move forward, which increase the burdens on their feet and back muscles. Wearing high heels can induce instability to their bodies. Furthermore, since most high heel shoes have hard soles and uppers, which are not conducive to blood circulation of lower limbs. Secondly, adolescent girls had better not wear high heels, especially super high heel shoes.

To keep healthy, you should follow some guidelines about wearing high heels. The followings are do’s and don’ts in wearing high heels.

  • First, to prevent the same parts of your feet from suffering extrusion, don’t keep wearing shoes with same heights.

  • Cultivate the habit of hot foot bath and massage your feet frequently.

  • Keep in mind, high heel shoes are not suitable for every occasion. With them, you can’t walk fast, to say nothing of climb a hill.

  • Give your feet a break when you wear high heel shoes. At the break, you can cock your toes and exercise your lower legs.

  • Don’t wear high heels barefoot, which can hurt skin of your feet.

How to Choose High Heels

  • Before you make your purchase decision, try to do more researches. You know, each spring and autumn, there will be launches of new styles shoes. With adequate researches, you can make sure to get the best style with the least money.

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  • Keep in mind that even shoes with same sizes can have slight differences in their lengths and widths, which depends on their styles and producers. The best time to choose shoes should be about 2-4 o’clock in the afternoons.

  • For the uppers, you’d better select leather or fabric ones. Synthetic leather uppers will hold moisture, thereby induce sweaty feet and skin rash. Designer brands feature high quality genuine leather shoes with different styles from sexy thin heel shoes to low chunk heel shoes.

  • About the shoelaces. Shoelaces are especially helpful to ladies wearing high heels. They can help them keep balance and walk fast. They can also prevent them from twisting their ankles. One thing you should pay attention to is that don’t keep your shoelaces too tight. On the other hand, Mary Jane heels specializes in shoes with ankle straps which might not be ideal for novice high heel users.

Do research and find the perfect high heels you can flaunt and wear with comfort. Remember that footwear is just a part of the attire. Conceptualize your attire first and select the right footwear with that in mind.

Types of Women’s Shoes: The Mary Jane Shoes

There are many types of women’s shoes, and they vary in size, shape, color, material and style. A superb shoe is always easy on the feet and does not cause strain. However, women wear strenuous shoes all the time in the name of fashion, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. This is why rather than discourage ladies to wear heels, one should focus on making the heels more comfortable. Mary Jane heels are one of these sheer comfortable shoes.

Features of Mary Jane Heels

  • Of all types of women’s shoes, Mary Jane heels are the finest. This is because of their straps that increase the stability of shoes and hold them in place to ensure one does not get sprains.

  • They are also exceptionally well designed. The essence of a shoe is its ability to portray the wearer as fashionable while still looking sensible. Wearing strappy heels is a remarkably smart strategy especially if the heels are extremely high. Straps work to bring sanity to heels and may be extremely convenient especially if they are work shoes.

different types of women's shoes

  • Mary Jane heels are the truly best types of women’s shoes, and they come in a great variety. The heel may vary, and because they do not have an extremely low heel, some people may just term them as Mary Jane pumps. Strappy heels are excellent for showing off lovely legs. Almost every woman who loves dressy shoes has a pair or two of Mary Janes in her shoe rack.

  • This is a standard shoe, and the best thing about it is that it is suitable to wear with anything from casual jeans to an official suit.

Characteristics of Mary Jane Heels

  • Mary Jane heels are quite lovely looking, and they come in particularly beautiful shades of hot red or black and sometimes white.

  • The strap is a trademark of Mary Janes and it makes them unique.

  • The heel may be pointed or pencil type or just flat.

best durable mary jane heels

Types of women’s shoes vary and each season requires a different style. There are all types of shoes to choose from and these can fit all occasions. There are boots, sandals, and pumps and so on. The heels are the most popular because they are an excellent way to complement an outfit.

Whether they are platforms or pumps, these shoes will make an impression in your outfit. They are also so easy to buy because you have such an immense variety to choose from. If you want to perk up your shoe collection, the way to tilt it towards flashy and stylish is by getting some Mary Jane heels. They are always strappy, but there are also ones without straps though they are not so common. Mary Jane heels are the best types of women’s shoes for those who care about style and image. Get stylish with a pair of these and you will love them.

Red High Heels

For many, red high heels are some of the most common outfit to find in their closets. One of the reasons is because of the color. Red color is a color that shows power and authority in a feminine way. The high heels bring out the elegance in the middle of power. There are different designs of the red high heels.

Popular Red High Heel Designs

Peep Toe

When looking for a red high heels, one may consider to have the peep toe design. This are mostly made from different materials such as suede. The front tip of the shoe is normally opened on the top to allow the toes to peep out of the shoes. They may either have a strap or on running in the top of the shoe.

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Event Boots
Another example of the red high heels is the events boots. This may be either completely covered with the red color or of a different color like black and decorated with a lot of red flowers. They have a side zipper and its upper part made of patent faux leather. The heel may be four and a half inch long and has other decoration like a ribbon tied on the sides.

Heels With Red Soles
There are shoes which are high heels with red soles. Such shoes may include those with straps to hold the toes and the ankle made of different colors. They can also be those made of tiny straps woven together. They have many patterns woven on the legs made of a different color and the straps are tied at the ankle with a ribbon.

high heels with red soles reviews

Red Bottom High Heels
There are others with red bottom high heels. A good example is what Nicholas Kirkwood designed as a belted patent wedge pump. It has a belt running around it. The heels are about five and a half inches long and it is a peep toe. It toes rest on a platform of about one and a half inch. One can have any color on the top but the bottom is normally red in color. Some people buy any heeled shoe and then fix the bottom to be red. As much as the bottom is not being seen, the edge of the heel reveals the color making it look good. High heels with red bottoms are good for the evening party. This is because the light illuminates on the bottom and makes it sparkle in the dark. There are those that are best worn with red sun dresses or those with red flowers. The top may be made of any material like suede.

There are many producers of red high heels. Mary Jane heels for instance has a lot of different designs for women. Other than adventure, there is also romance linked with red high heels. Many women wear them for dates and mostly during the valentine’s day.

How To Get Comfortable Heels

It is more likely to look elegant and sexy with comfort when you have worn flat shoes compared to heels. That is the reason why many people would choose to wear them even if they are not comfortable with them. There are others who would have two pairs of shoes with them. One is for normal errands and the other for official or any other intended purpose. But did you know that you can get comfortable heels that you can wear all day and still not be in a hurry to remove them when you get into your home?

There are many things that hinder people from being comfortable with heels. Some of them include the weight of the person. If one becomes suddenly heavier than she was, she is likely to strain her body trying to balance in the heels. These include those who are expectant. Some other people may be in their normal weight but get to do a lot of tasks that involve movements or lifting of heavy materials every time. They need to find the right heels for their work.

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Things To Consider

Some of the factors they should consider for choosing the most comfortable heels are the size. One should ensure that it is neither small nor large size since large sizes will make the shoe to get out as she walks while small size shoes may tighten the person’s legs and cause blisters.

You also need to check the width of the shoe and that of the feet and leg. Wide feet need wider heels. If you have a wide foot and wear the very thin heels then there are chances of you to walk as you wobble. Rubber soles that have texture are good and comfortable and are known to release any existing tension

Foot Type

Foot type is also one of the things to consider. Determine how you walk or stride and the part of your feet that touches the ground first. One can either be a pronation or supination type of walking. It will ultimately determine what heels are comfortable for your to wear.

Some of the effects of not wearing comfortable high heels include fractures, bunions, back problems, tightening of heels cords and hammertoes. It may also cause permanent injuries on someone’s body and that is why one needs to weigh the amount of time she is in heels and the type of heels she wears.

most popular and comfortable heels

Comfortable heels for women must have good padding to hold your body weight. Rounded toes are better than pointed ones. The rounded ones give enough space to the toes while the pointed ones squeeze them. If you have a big weight, wedges would be better than the stilettos.

Mary Jane heels are one of the comfortable heels around the shoe markets. They provide ranges of products to suite the individual customer requirement. Some like Linties which are made of leather and has a peep toe design. It has an adjustable buckle to fit the person wearing it. She also has the transparent one with rounded toes and an ankle strap. Its heel is about two inches long and it is thick. She has other variety of middle size heels that are thick and have a strap to hold the feet.

There is no limitation to what you can wear and still feel good. However, there is need to avoid exaggerated high heels and go with something you can be relaxed all day.

The Classic and Proven Allure Of Mary Jane Heels

Are you looking for a pair of gorgeous Mary Jane heels? As you might have already guessed, Mary Jane shoes typically refer to a specific kind of shoe patterned after a style that children wore in the past. Nowadays Mary Jane high heels come in all different types of styles, colors and heel heights.

Shopping and Wearing Tips

Just like in other footwear one uses, the type of Mary Jane shoes that you wear is just as important as how you go about shopping for them. To choose the best pair, one of the first things you want to do is to get your feet sized. This way you know the size you wear exactly. Most shoe departments have ways to easily determine your foot size and help you to find the shoe size you need.

best Mary Jane Heels

Let’s assume you are looking for a pair of black Mary Jane heels. It’s important to recognize the fact that your shoe size may be different in other brands of shoes. It’s really based on the way the shoe is made. The cut which could be a size 7.5 in Mary Jane heels and an 8 in another brand. Shoe sizes also differ per country thus giving more importance to actual shopping.

If possible, try shoes on during the last hours of the day because your feet do change sizes some through out the day. You may find that towards the evening hours your feet seem to swell. After you walk around for a few minutes, you’ll get a true idea of your actual size.

best mary jane high heels review

Because you may have your heart set on a sexy pair of red Mary Jane heels, it is equally important that you know that not all high heel shoes are created equal. There are enormous differences in build quality from brand to brand. Before investing in your next pair of heels, learn to spot quality Mary Jane heels.

Why Mary Jane Heels Stand Out from the Crowd

Classic Mary Jane’s that were made for children are commonly made up of leather or black patent leather. They are fitted with:

  • A strap fastened with a button or buckle

  • A broad, rounded toe-box

  • Low heels

  • Thin out-soles

In other words, what truly makes a shoe a Mary Jane shoe is the strap the crosses the middle on top of the foot.

black mary jane heels review

Sometimes there will be more than one strap that fits perfectly across the top of the foot. The Mary Jane high heel shoe you find in the market place today will typically have a short, rounded toe-box and heels that can be as high as 4 1/4 inches or higher.

Pretty pumps can be vintage or contemporary, beautifully adorned with sleek patent overlays that will pair nicely with whatever outfit you choose. Below are some of the popular types of heels you’ll find in true Mary Jane fashion.

stunning red mary jane heels

  • Mary Jane chunky high heels (fun, flirty, funky)

  • Mary Jane wedge heel (casual, cosmopolitan style)

  • Mary Jane open toe heel (modern look for parties and formal occasions)

  • Mary Jane pumps (versatile, stylish and trendy)

  • Mary Jane pointed toe heels (glamorous and fashionable)

Mary Jane heels are a timeless, classic shoe that may never go out of style. Women love and adore them and thanks to creative, innovative new styles, you can find the perfect pair of heels to wear with any outfit. Pair a cute wedge heel with your favorite pair of jeans or step out in style in a classic Mary Jane open toe heel during your next office party. Can you imagine anything better? Grab a pair today and see for yourself.