Stippling brush

If you are into makeup, then you must be aware of how much importance make-up brushes have in dolling up. The perfect brush can accentuate the makeup application and make the make-up blend faster with the skin. That’s not all as make up brush also ensure that the make-up lasts for longer than usual. Stippling brush is one such kind of brush that is an absolute essential for your make up kit to be complete.

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We all know the importance of applying foundation on our skin. In order to ensure that you do not look all dolled up, it is important that the foundation blends perfectly with your skin tone. Anything else will have a disastrous effect on your skin and that will make it look flaky and chalky. Generally, a stippling brush is used to apply foundation on your skin. The fine bristles of the brush ensure that the foundation blends perfectly into your skin giving you a natural look.

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A stipple brush is used once the foundation has been applied on the face. The brush is used to blend them into your skin. Apart from the application and blending of foundation, a stippling make up brush is also used for factors like bronzing and application of blush. Always ensure that you buy your brush from good brands as that ensures that the bristles are not too harsh on the skin thereby damaging the cells.

The fact that a stippling brush always makes its way into your make up brush set is due to the fact that the brush is both firm and sturdy. The stippling brush is a great brush that should be used for blending cosmetics on your skin. Remember the art of make-up lies in just how well you blend them all together.

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Always ensure that you wash your brush before using them. This way you ensure that your brush is free from all kinds of radicals and harmful elements what so ever. Also every night, especially after wearing makeup, wash your brush and let it dry out naturally before using it again. This ensures that all residual make up is removed from the brush. Also, it makes the brush bristles softer for you to use. Ensure that the brush is completely dry before you use it again. Otherwise, the wet bristles may end up diluting your make up and giving you a bleedy look.

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Remember that there is a proper technique associated with using this brush. For example, this brush is used not to apply foundation, but to blend foundation on to the skin to give an even tone to it. You need to apply the foundation using other brushes then move to a stippling brush to blend the make up perfectly and evenly into your skin.

Professional Makeup Brushes

Most of you must be familiar with professional makeup brushes, which are frequently used by celebrities and artists for their makeup sessions. Although many of you are familiar with the term professional makeup brushes, you are still unaware of what exactly makes them so special and different from the ordinary brushes. It is surmised that the expensive price of these brushes that must have caught your attention in the first place. Apparently, there is more to the story as to why they are costly and why exactly should you try and get one for your makeup kit.

The Best Professional Makeup Brushes
Most of you must be having your own makeup brush set although they might not be professional ones. If you are satisfied with them, you might want to take a closer look and compare them with professional makeup kits. For example, there is a huge difference in the make or construction of professional makeup brushes from the ordinary ones. You might find these details unimportant although once you understand their influence on your skin, you might as well start switching over to the professional ones. Talking about their construction, the first thing that needs to be analyzed is the bristles. This is the part of the brush that comes in touch with your skin and hence you need to be careful with them.

The professional makeup brushes have bristles that are made out of natural fibers which are of course of the highest quality. The quality assures their softness against your skin giving you the perfect feel and comfort while using them. Moreover, a lower quality brush will have a low quality bristle, which will be made of synthetic materials, which can be unsuitable for some skin types that can also get allergic reactions occasionally.

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Another advantage of the fine high quality bristles is that they have a longer life if you use them wisely and take proper care in keeping them clean. It is worth mentioning as well about the ferrules that connect the body of the brush with the bristles. In the professional ones, these are made of nickel or aluminum in most cases, hence, eliminating the chances of rusting or tarnishing over time. The ferrule is an important part as it needs to tightly hold the bristles in position and make sure that they are not shed by any chance. Hence, these professional brushes reassure you that they will stay for a long time in your makeup kit.

Essential Makeup Brush Set

If you are looking for the complete makeup brush set, you should know which brushes are absolute necessities. There are so many different types of brushes to choose from and you should essentially pick those that are important for your makeup brush set so that buying one would be easy.

Types of Ideal Professional Makeup Brush Sets

  • Powder Brush: This brush is flat and is rounded off at the edges. It is designed like that so that you can apply powders all over your face equally. Make sure the brush is not too big because you’ll end up applying more powder than required in some places and the corners will be left out.

  • Highlight Brush: You should go for a brush with rounded tips and something that is dense if you are looking to apply the highlighter powder under your eyes.

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  • Blush Brush: You should be very careful about the size of a blush brush when you buy a makeup brush set. It should not be too large or too small because both extremes can give you horrendous results. Make sure thus that you check the set for this brush with particular attention.

  • Lip Brush: The ends of these brushes should be straight and the brush must be flat so that you achieve a smooth line.

  • Contour Brush: These brushes are usually flat but there is a downside to contour brushes with flat edges. It is quite difficult to get proper contour with such brushes. For your cheeks and nose you should choose a smaller sized blush brush. It is versatile and easier to use.

  • Eyeliner Brush: This is another important brush in the ideal makeup brush set. This brush should be pointed so that you can apply the eyeliner with precision as a thin line.

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  • Foundation Brush: These brushes are of various types depending on what type of foundation you wear. There is a separate brush for liquid foundation and a completely different one for the powder form. Choose based on your preferences.

  • Eye shadow Brush: These brushes may be of two types. The flat brush is required for the application of base color and the second is for the detailing. The latter should have a rounded tip and needs to be soft so as to blend the eye shadow appropriately.

  • Eyebrow Brush: The bristles of this should be firm so that you can shape the eyebrows appropriately.

  • Fantail Brush: This is the last kind of brush and a fairly important one in your makeup brush set because of the fact that it is used to remove makeup.

The best makeup brush set will essentially contain brushes made of natural bristles that are safe to use. It is always ideal to go through makeup brush set reviews before zeroing in on a particular brand or set. It is also important to keep the brushes clean and to wash them after every use for hygeine and safety.