Enjoy Yourself in Italy

Have you ever dreamed of spending your holidays in a romantic and lively place? Have you got a gourmand’s taste both for meals and wines? Is there a soft spot in your heart for art and culture? If you have answered positively to at least one of these questions then you should definitely consider opting for Italy for your next holidays.

Italy is an attractive and fascinating boot-shaped European country that is worldwide famous for its museums, its churches and cathedrals. It is also highly reputable for its delicious pasta and wine. In addition, there are amazing and breathtaking scenes to enjoy.

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Unlike other guide books on Italy, these are written not only by travel experts but by people who are passionate about the country they are writing about. And they have such amazing writing skills that you end up feeling passionate about Italy as well.

One important aspect about Lonely Planet Travel books is that they have detailed information about every single aspect you may need to learn about before traveling. National Holidays, currency rates, climate, phrases in Italian and in English, Italian history and culture… everything is packed in Lonely Planet Italy travel guides.

Many people also buy other travel books on Italy but end up enjoying more the ones by Lonely Planet.