List of Essential Espresso Machine Accessories

Every day, more and more people go out and buy espresso machines. All over the world, they have become a common fixture in restaurants and coffee shops where you will not hesitate to have a cappuccino, a double mocha latte, or any other espresso drink. Buying the espresso machine for use at home is convenient because you can have your drinks any time and at the comfort of your home without going out to buy them.

However, you should understand that accessories are necessary to enjoy making espresso drinks at home. In fact, they contribute to the overall quality of the drinks. After purchasing your Delonghi espresso machine, you need to get some essential accessories that are mandatory to complete your espresso making experience. To get some ideas, here are some examples of add-on accessories for espresso machines.

List of Essential Espresso Machine Accessories


While sculptors have chisels to craft their art, those who love making espressos have a tamper.

  • A tamper ensures that the coffee is distributed uniformly and packed well into the espresso maker’s filter basket.

  • Your espresso machine comes with a tamper during purchase but you still need to find a quality tamper.

  • Cheap tampers are made of plastic or metal and have two tamper surfaces. Your espresso machine probably came fitted with such a tamper.

  • To find the best fit for your machine, consider the right size to fit the filter basket, the weight, shape of the bottom, the feel, and the look.

Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is necessary if you plan on grinding your own coffee. Espresso brewing is rather tough to get right because the coffee grind has to be fine to create a tasty drink. It utilizes high pressure levels to extract the drink. The quality of coffee grinds depends on your coffee grinder.

There are two types of coffee grinders, namely the blade grinder and the burr grinder:

  • Blade grinder: This type is inexpensive and allows sufficient grinding depending on the length of time you take grinding. The longer it is the finer the granule size.

  • Burr grinder: This type gives a more uniform grind using cones that are fitted together accurately. You can control the grind size by changing the settings. Check how the coffee grinder works before purchase to determine coffee grind size capacity.

Milk Steaming Pitcher

For making lattes and cappuccinos, you will need the right steaming pitcher.

great delonghi espresso machine

  • Usually, your espresso machine will have a steam wand but you have to get a frothing pitcher.

  • Consider the design of the pitcher. A pitcher with a pointed spout is the best option and you should avoid getting those with wide spouts.

  • Pitchers made of stainless steel enable efficient frothing because it heats up easily compared to other materials, such as porcelain.

  • Large sized pitchers are ideal if you are keen on making more than one cappuccino; while small sizes are likely to accommodate just one.

Cups and Saucers

Espresso cups and saucers are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and costs. Having great cups allows you to enjoy your espresso or latte better.

  • Demitasse cups for espresso shots should be small because a shot is usually compact and the small size will ensure the quality is maintained.

  • You should also consider the thickness of the cups and go for thicker cups, as they retain the heat of the drink.

  • For aesthetic purposes, consider the shape and other design elements of the cups.

Other espresso machine accessories include knock boxes, milk containers, serving tools, and a frothing thermometer, among others. However, these essential espresso machine accessories will get you started and enable you to make tasty espresso drinks easily.