A buyer’s guide on Cashmere scarf

The cashmere scarf is known for its comfort, softness and costliness. The fabric is an excellent choice for chilling winters. Men and women both wear these scarves with different dresses. Also known as Pashmina scarves, these delicately spun wears are praised worldwide today. For those who still think that these are old-fashioned wears, read on and explore to find how the stylists and fashion experts have molded and modified these wears into trendy updated wears.

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Materials & origins of cashmere scarf

Cashmere scarves are woven manually by cashmere wool (also pronounced as Kashmiri wool). Since centuries past, these are woven in handlooms. People in the Himalayas are considered as the inventors of these luxurious wears. They used to obtain the wools from Himalayan goats. The system is still preserved to a great extent.

But today, the wool is obtained from the Kashmiri goats. It takes them around 4 years to supply enough wool to weave 2/3 of scarves. These goats provide a mixed wool material consist of coarse fibers and fine fibers. With hand-combs, the fine fibers are separated and used in looms to fabricate the scarves.

Uses of Cashmere scarf

Women have used these scarves for ages. In the last few decades, these have been as popular as men’s wears too! These are lightweight fabrics but capable of producing the warmth amazingly in the icy winters. They are simply wrapped around the upper part of the body and that’s it; you’ll feel like at home sitting beside the furnace.

Besides its application as winter wears, some fashion stylists have come up with a new concept of using it as fashion wear with jeans and shirts for men. Even women in jeans and pullover can also go with these scarves and attend parties and events.


  • These scarves are luxurious, trendy and complimentary with every dress style
  • You can wear them in winter; you can use them for style purpose in summer too
  • They are very soft; the fabric shows intricacy of the weaving technique
  • Compared to other scarves, these are lightweight and contrasting
  • The material is very suitable for sensitive skin


  • They are expensive and often associated with frauds. You have to be very careful at the time of purchase
  • These need to be maintained properly. Intricately woven fabrics are very delicate and require you to take extra care and attention to caring

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Cashmere scarf wearing tips: statements from fashion experts

  • Choose the scarves according to your personal preferences. Think about the dress combinations that you love to put on and consider the contrast of the scarves with them.
  • Consider your body shape and skin tone to select a good match. You should also go for trials and find out what looks good on you.
  • These are mainly winter wears, but work great as indoor dress options in summer and winter seamlessly.
  • The shirt or the top works as a canvas for these colorful scarves. Think about a complete picture portrait, it’ll help you pick the right one.
  • Currently printed scarves like leopard print scarf or nature print scarf are the trendiest picks. Choose one of the hot sellers.

Fashion always repeats in a cycle of time and generation. Even a few decades back, these cashmere scarves were considered as old-fashioned items in markets. These were supposed to be the best pick for older women exclusively. But today, things have changed upside down and anyone can actually use these as latest fashion trends and go with cashmere scarf anywhere s/he wants.

The Many Ways Of Wearing An Infinity Scarf

Many women have a passion for scarves. There are several styles of scarves and the infinity scarf is one of them. It is a new, unique and fashionable style. In general, scarves are made and designed in a great variety of materials including metallic and crocheted. They can be light or heavy in weight and can be worn during all seasons of the year. Patterns are also varied with the leopard print scarf being one of the most popular patterns.

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Endlessness and without limit are the meanings of infinity; hence, the infinity scarf is also endless. It is woven in a large loop with no ends, similar to a necklace. The endless large loops are the advantage of this scarf because there is no need to knot or tie it. Here are some ways on how to use the infinity scarf.

Around the Neck

Just put the center seam behind your neck and twist the scarf into the figure eight and place the front loop over your head. The scarf should lie flat on your chest. You can even do this three times rather than two if you want a fuller look around your neck. The triple loop is best done with light, gauzy fabrics. For larger women, the triple loop draws attention away from their mid-section.

As a Shawl

In cooler weather, a shawl is a good option instead of carrying around a jacket or a coat. When you are wearing the infinity scarf in the traditional way and you suddenly feel cold, just remove it. Then hold it up and put your arms up and through it while the scarf is behind your head. Then, drape it over your shoulders as a shawl.

Wrap in the Back

This look evokes the era of glamour in Hollywood, especially if it is a leopard print scarf. Place the infinity scarf over your head and loop it so that the majority of the scarf hangs down your back.

Tips for Wearing the Infinity Scarf

Here are several tips on how to wear infinity scarf fashionably.

  • In today’s world, women who still want to look unique and fashionable can go just about anywhere in jeans, a white, well-cut tee shirt and an infinity scarf in vibrant colors or in patterns of stripes, polka dots, geometric designs or animal prints.
  • Because infinity scarves are so versatile, they can even be worn under a suit jacket for the office and those metallic infinity scarves can accent an evening outfit beautifully.
  • Even a retro look turban can be made using this scarf.

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Savvy women know that the type of accessories they put together with their outfits can make a fashion statement on their own. An infinity scarf, which is so adaptable and easy to wear, can give women a number of ways to achieve many different looks from the bizarre to the chic.

Various Features And Uses Of Pashmina Scarf

A Pashmina scarf is often misunderstood as the common scarf. There are certain differences between the two, however. Pashmina originated in Kashmir, in India and is still very popular among the natives of Kashmir. It is thus also famous as the Pashmina cashmere scarf. Slowly, these scarves took over the world and today, you can see numerous styles, patterns like the leopard print scarf, materials and colors of Pashmina scarves.

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Features And Uses Of Pashmina Scarf

Here is more about this scarf and how it differs from the standard scarf:

  • The main difference between a standard scarf and a Pashmina scarf is that the latter is larger. It is both wider and longer and this is one reason behind its versatility. You can wear these scarves as a sash, a cloak or a toga. There are some who even like wearing these as a top.
  • The Pashmina scarf is made from special wool that is obtained from the goats living in Kashmir. The wool which forms the under layer of the goat’s skin is extremely fine. The thinness of the wool makes it important to be woven only by hand.
  • Even though it looks very fragile and delicate, the scarf can keep you warm and comfortable during harsh winters. This is surprising for many and this attribute of finesse as well as warmth makes the scarf the perfect addition to the wardrobe.
  • Men usually use scarves in order to stay warm without looking too feminine. Too many layers are thus avoided by men. Hence there are smaller scarves in this category that fit the bill perfectly for men. Thus, a smaller Pashmina scarf is an ideal gift for a man who loves skiing or who works outdoors each day of the year.
  • The Pashmina scarf mainly stands out because of the bold and bright colors that it offers. However, if you are not the kind that actually likes too many patterns and bold colors, you could opt for the simple yet elegant black Pashmina scarf which is a timeless classic. Other simple options are maroon, navy blue and brown.
  • A Pashmina silk scarf is an ideal gift for a teenager too because it looks great on skirts and tunics. A blue colored Pashmina scarf would be the perfect color because it is vibrant and stylish.
  • There are numerous ways to wear the Pashmina scarf right from simply draping it around your neck and shoulders to protecting yourself from the cold wind by wearing it as a shawl.
  • There are so many different designs that you will easily find something that will go well with your outfit regardless of whether your outfit is traditional or modern.

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Even though it has undergone numerous changes, the functionality of the scarf remains the same. It is stylish, fashionable and very useful and is thus a must-have.

Different Ways In Wearing Silk Scarves

Fashion trends may change and new styles may come in but silk scarves will remain irreplaceable. They have the ability to make even a dull outfit stand out and look amazing. They are highly desirable today and are worn both by men and women in different ways. There are numerous colors to choose from such as navy, black, cream and brown. Aside from mute colors, you can also pick numerous patterns like the leopard print scarf and hand painted silk scarves based on your liking. Silk scarves can be worn in numerous different ways and they are probably the most versatile accessory in the market today.

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Uses Of Silk Scarves

Here are some uses and ways in which you can use these scarves:

  • One way to wear your scarf is to simply let it hang from either side of the shoulder. This look is usually adorned by men for a dapper feel. This is probably the simplest way of using a scarf.
  • Another way to wear silk scarves is to tie them around your waist. If you pants have belt loops, you can put the scarf through them and let it accent your pants and your waist. This is a very trendy way of using these multi-purpose scarves.
  • There are rectangular scarves that may be used as a head band. You can wear it regardless of the length of your hair because the headband will look great both on long hair and short hair.
  • You can wear it as a separate outfit for your neck. A V-knot round the neck is very cool. You can wind it tightly in order to accentuate your face or your plunging neck line. You can wear the silk scarves in this way especially with dresses, pantsuits and casual wear.
  • You can wrap them round your shoulder and head and wear them like a stole. This look is especially cool during summers. It also protects you from the blazing sun and thus serves dually.
  • You can drape the silk scarf around your neck casually when you are wearing jeans and a tee shirt for uber cool, casual look.
  • Men can wear silk scarves as bandanas for a jaunty, rakish look.
  • Silk scarves for women can also be worn across the body, running down from one shoulder onto the torso and ending on the hip. You can seal the scarf with a pin or a stylish accessory at the hip.
  • You can simply twist the scarf and tie it with a brooch or a clip in order to draw attention to your hair.
  • Triangular silk scarves can simply be tied on the hip for a nice cool look.

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As you can see, there are numerous ways to tie a scarf. It depends on your outfit and your preference. Since they are multi-functional, it’d be best to buy designer silk scarves in order to get the best. You have to also make sure you take good care of your silk scarves because they are delicate fabrics.

Wearing Tips For Leopard Print Scarf

Just what is it with leopard print scarf that it has become an all time classic favorite? Come to think of it, a scarf has become a symbol of comfort and style. During cold seasons, you can’t go without something to wrap around your neck. And if you have to go to some special occasion on a sexy evening gown, scarf can serve as shawls over your shoulders. And as leopard print scarf can easily serve both purpose for a scarf and more, it is not surprising that women of great sense of style will seek out this scarf prints to add into their wardrobe collection.

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A Variety In Leopard Print Scarf

Leopard prints are seen as exotic, exciting and sexy. Its shades can come gray to black, brown, green and some are even in shades of blue. The brown leopard print scarf if the most known shade for the scarf. Other shades, however, have their own appeal.

The scarf also comes in a variety of designs. There are leopard print scarf with fringe that adds the scarf appeal for the cold season. There are also multi-toned and polka dot leopard print scarves. The scarf can be made from different soft materials like cotton, polyester, satin and silk. Leopard print silk scarf is most ideal to be worn on a special occasion out in a cold night.

The top brands known are the leopard print infinity scarf and the Louis Vuitton black leopard print. Other brands you might know of or top brands on Amazon are Dangerfield, Pashima, Pinkstix and a lot more.

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How To Wear Leopard Print Scarf In Style

Leopard Print Scarf can come in different styles and designs. Although scarf might look like a very simple piece of cloth, it is quite flexible. This is because its fabric, often cotton, can be wrapped or knotted quite easily. The scarf with leopard print can be worn in any occasion. Here are some ways to wear leopard print scarf in style.

  •  Loop It

There is what we call a single, double and triple loop styles in wearing the scarf around your neck. Now this would depend on the length of your scarf. Looping the scarf will only require one loop around your neck before settling the rest of the scarf to hang comfortably around your neck and shoulders. Double loop is achieved by tying the scarf to their ends before looping them around your neck making a cozier appeal.  Triple loop is done by looping the scarf twice around the neck before tucking one of the scarf ends to the other side.

  • Knot It

There are lots of ways to knot the scarf. You can wear the scarf like a neck tie. To achieve a neck tie look, just put on the scarf over your shoulders, create an open knot on the other side and slip the other side into it. Just adjust the scarf into the right tightness.

leopard print infinity black scarf with tassle

  • Put It Over Your Shoulder

This is actually the classic way to wear a leopard print scarf. This is done simply by putting the scarf over your shoulders and nothing more.

  • Wear It Like A Shawl

Big rectangular scarf is ideal to wear as a scarf. Just fold the scarf like a triangle and wear the scarf around your shoulders and tie the two ends together in a nice way.

  • Wear It Like A Vest

There is a chic way to wear a leopard print scarf like a vest. Just fold the scarf in four folds and tie the ends. This will form two big holes that will serve as arms hole. You can even accessorize it with belt to make it look like a nice loose vest atop a shirt or inner blouse.

  • Tuck It In Around Your Neck

There is a good way to tuck a long leopard print scarf around your neck. Just loop the scarf over and tuck both ends of the scarf across one side to the other.

Leopard print scarf can be worn with just about anything. Although there are dresses, shirt and skirt that will really go tremendously sexy with the scarf on. Just like neutral colored tanks with white jeans. This will create a very chic and casual appeal. The scarf with dark leather jacket, white trousers on pumps is a classic sexy look that you can certainly try to achieve.

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Leopard print scarf is also very sexy with blacks. You can wear it with black jeans or leggings together with lighter tops to have a very sexy and stylish casual look. The scarves also go well with thick cardigan and vest. You can also wear this with a denim or regular skirt with boots. Brown boots goes well with brown leopard print scarf with vest over a simple shirt atop a simple but short A-line skirt. Pumps, flats and boots go well with the scarf so you don’t have to worry about your footwear.

This is a must have scarf for women in all ages. From their 20s to 80s, the leopard print scarf can bring out the sexy and feminine appeal of a woman – no wonder this is an all time favorite.