Booties For Any Occasion: Practical Choice for Women

Winter is not the only time that you can wear boots. There are also booties for any occasion, which you can buy anytime of the year. They can be worn for any season because they never go out of style. When you purchase one for this year, you can still use them for the next couple of years as long as they are still wearable. In short, these boots are timeless which could be a very good investment. Unlike the leopard booties, these booties for any occasion are usually simple in style.

Best Set of Leopard Booties

How to Choose Booties for any Occasions

  • Go with the black leather booties which you can wear in any occasion. You can wear them with a simple dress when going to a formal event. For a casual look, pair them with jeans and tops. Some women prefer to wear the ankle length but many fashion experts recommend the calf boots. They are good with short and long outfits. Knee length boots are also popular but does not give that much comfort needed.
  • You can also buy boots with brown, beige or maroon color. You might also want to consider a pair made of suede. When you already have numerous nice pairs of booties for any occasion, it will be easier for you to dress up in any occasion. These boots will add to that chic, sexy and classy look you are sporting. Boots during winter will be costly, so you might like to buy them during off season.
  • If you want to wear booties in rainy season, the suede is a big no-no. Choose something that is made of rubber or PVC because rain will damage the suede design of your boots. These rain boots will totally look nice when you pair them with wool coat, dress or any other all-weather coats.
  • If you are looking for something to use as an everyday pair of boots, you can select something basic like a camel or black leather-made boots. They will match all your daily outfits so you do not have to worry. The dressy boots can range from flat to high heels, depending on what your choice is.

Leopard Booties for Any Occasion

Now you can mix clothes and match them with your cute booties for any occasion. You can buy them through your local stores or online retailer shops. If you like to buy them cheap, look for them during clearance sales or sales every end of a season.

Top Designer Booties

When the winter season comes, it is vital that women should have a great pair of designer booties. It will keep you cosy and warm during the cold weather while ensuring a high fashion look at the same time. Moreover, with these boots, you will be assured that they are made in high quality and durable materials. You can find top quality boots that are designed to be a timeless investment. You can add one of these boots to your closet and make the trendiest and chic appearance.

Specially Made Designer Booties

Designer Brands

  • Giuseppe Zanotti Thigh High Designer Boots: These boots are one of the most expensive one on the fashion list. But you cannot deny that they are a big impact on the women’s closet when added to the collection. Unfortunately, this impact affetcs your wallet or credit card, too. These boots are decorated with shiny crystals and created of black suede. The heels are about 1.5 inches and are comfortable to wear. They will look good in a mini skirt or a short dress.
  • Jimmy Choo Casual Designer Boots: These are cute and casual boots you can wear with a gold-toned and silver studs with grommets. These designer booties are one of the priciest boots.
  • The Manolo Blahnik Kahika Floral Cutout Boots: These boots are one of the fashion boots that you must not miss out on your entire life. They have 4 inches heels and open toes. The upper part of the shoes is made of suede. However, this boots are not practical during winter as the toes are exposed.
  • The Fendi Vertigo Beaded Suede Designer Boots: These boots have crossed the boundary of being extreme. They are decorated with shiny beads in a form of an animal. Some are even gold leopard booties, designed in leopard style. These boots can really be striking when properly matched.
  • The Tory Burch Donovan Designer Riding Boots: These boots are made with fine leather with 1.5 inches heels made ideally for jeans, casual dresses and skirts. The black color has a calssic look. They are also available in brown shade.

Sexy Leopard Booties for Ladies

These are only some of the top designer booties that fashionable women would want to wear. There are many other designer brands available in the market. You can buy them through the nearest shops in your place or through online retailers. Just be prepared of the price list, though because these boots come with a high price, too.

Wedge Booties: How to Wear Them Right?

When winter comes and there will be icy snows everywhere, you might want to consider wearing wedge booties. They are not only for trendy looks but also are very comfortable during cold weather because they shield your feet from the cold weather. They are stylish and warm when it comes to walking on a snowy road than stiletto or other types of shoes.

High Fashion Leopard Booties

But maybe you are having difficulty when it comes to pairing your wedge booties with your clothing. What you need is a nice idea on matching these shoes for you to walk with them confidently. Here are the tips of how to wear them to be cozy and yet sexy.

Tips in Wearing Wedge Boots

  • Do not wear gathered or flared skirts if you have the knee length wedge boots on. You might look bulky. You have to pair this type of boots with dark leggings and a cute top tunic.
  • Best choices to have are the leather and black wedge booties pairing them with the straight jeans plus the big sized sweater. This is for a casual look with a little edgy style.

Elegant Black Wedge Booties

  • Your wedge booties are also perfect with some patterned tights in black color. You can add woollies, scarves and hats. You can also wear them with mini skirts. It will look cute if you have the knee length one.
  • Bootleg jeans are a big no-no when it comes to this type of boots.
  • Consider adding a knitted cardigan to complete your chic look..

Now, you have an idea on what to wear and not to wear when it comes to your wedge booties. You can then breathe well because you are now saved from having a fashion disaster. But there is one kind of these booties that women find hard to look for a matching outfit. These booties are called the leopard wedge booties.

Awesome Leopard Wedge Booties

  • If you want to look confident, pair your leopard booties with color brown, red, green, tan or black. Just stick with the solid color so as you do not overwhelm the boots by wearing something that has loud prints.
  • If you want to look very classy and chic, leopard print wedge booties are very nice with a black dress. Then, you can add some leopard accessories to match things.
  • Always be careful in not overdoing your accessories whilst you are wearing an animal print boots.

Leather Made leopard print wedge booties

Let these tips and suggestions be your guide in pulling off that cute wedge booties you have. You will totally look beautiful and sexy in your wedge booties, no matter what style and color they are.

Trendy Women Shoes

One of the essential collections in a woman’s wardrobe aside from jewelries and clothes are the women shoes. You can find large range of choices with these products in the market. They have become one of the most sought items that women must have. Like what they say, women really love shoes the way they love their men. This might raise a lot of eyebrows but this is actually true to some women.

Shoes are the footwear we use everyday not only when we go to school but with all the activities we do. They are part of our appearance. They say that what shoes you wear will reflect what your personality is. That is why it is very important that you pick your shoes according to what will fit for you.

Classy but Cheap Shoes for Women

Types of Women Shoes

  • Ballet Shoes: They are also called ballet flats that have been inspired by the shoes used for ballet. They come from different colors, designs and sizes. They are closed and flat heeled in style. They are very easy to slip and the most comfortable walking shoes you can have.
  • Wedge Shoes: These shoes have heels that extend from under the front of the foot up to the soles. Wedges shoes for women are also considered as high heels shoes because it adds up to the height of the wearer.

Couture Wedges Shoes for Women

  • Platform Shoes: These shoes have thick soles which are in front of the foot and have similarity to wedge shoes. They can be stilettos or chunky heels.
  • Dress Shoes: These shoes are for formal events. They are not worn on regular activities because of their formal and classic designs. Dress shoes for women are fit to be worn during official or social events that could make your look the trendiest appearance.

Must Have Dress Shoes for Women

  • Sandals: These women shoes are usually open in toes and back. You can find numbers of materials and types of sandals you can buy from the different straps and styles.
  • Boots: This type is good during winter season. Boots can either be flat or have heels. They are made of leather, rubber, soft suede or fabric. One of the cute boots are the leopard booties.

Wild Leopard Booties

  • Stilettos: These are spunky and high heeled shoes that are mostly thin and pointy. They are very feminine and famous to celebrities.

Now you know what shoes you can collect and add to your collections. Find your own women shoes now to add on your trendy look. Shoes can range from expensive to cheap shoes for women. What your purchase will definitely depend on your budget.

Leopard Booties: Exotic Addition To Your Footwear

Pushing the envelope of fashion, leopard booties are the new rage that definitely goes to the outer fringe of fashion. It has been some time since we have felt the freedom to don an animal print. And it has been an even longer time since there has been such a dramatic change in shoes. Leopard booties have such a fun and flirtatious look that you can’t help but be enamored with the spirit and fun of these shoes.

Fabulous Leopard Booties

You’ve seen models wearing this great show, tromping down the runway with reckless abandon. But we know that to be able to walk in such a high heel and with that confidence, this takes a bit of practice. However, Leopard booties are actually more comfortable than you might think. These shoes are made of solid construction under the ball of the foot to ensure maximum comfort.

The bootie is designed to be worn, and therefore, is constructed so that the wearer can wear it all day if necessary without having to consider comfort and support. The position that the foot takes while wearing the bootie allows your foot to be comfortable all day.

Types of Leopard Booties

  • Leopard Flat Booties: If there ever has been a shoe that says, “Yeah, I’m a woman, and I know it, and I’m proud of it!” the leopard print flat bootie is that shoe. These type of leopard print booties are just one of many animal prints that you can find in the booties style. The animal prints and especially the leopard prints are uncommonly popular today. And with the flat heels, you can be assured of total comfort no matter how many hours you wear them.

Genuine Leopard Print Booties

  • Leopard High Heels Booties: The leopard high heels are shoes that cover the middle of the foot and have a high heel. Most booties have a stiletto heal and can either have an open toe or a closed toe. The finishing touch of this kind of leopard booties is a side zipper.  This allows for the fashion of the shoe not to interfere with the form of the shoe.
  • Leopard Wedge Booties: So you love the look of the leopard print bootie, but don’t necessarily want a formal stiletto-type heels style. The leopard wedge bootie can be the best choice for that. It can give you the height without the strong look of a high heel like the stiletto shoe. The wedge allows you to look taller yet still conveys a more casual look as compared to the high-heels. These leopard print wedge booties seem to live a double life, because they look great on the dance floor and look great in the office as well. The leopard wedge bootie is a new take on an old look. The wedge shoe was popular in the 1980s, but such a tasteful and artful rejuvenation of the wedge has never been imagined.

Stunning Leopard Wedge Booties

If you’re going to choose just one shoe that will go with your wardrobe, the leopard booties are what you’ll want to take a serious look at. They push the normal bounds of fashion and keep you looking young and spunky, but they also allow you versatility within your own wardrobe. These booties can go with almost any outfit, you’ll be so glad throughout your day. And you’ll be sure that you will be getting envy looks from other girls across the restaurant because of those stylish shoes.

Glamorous Leopard Print Wedge Booties