The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Maintenance

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting things to do during your free time. These machines are not only fun to ride, but they also give you the chance to feel the cool breeze in the air around as you cruise. Taking good care of your motorcycle is very crucial in providing a longer lifespan and overall safety. This can only be achieved by following the ultimate guide for motorcycle maintenance.

guide for motorcycle maintenance

Routine Maintenance Practices

Every owner of a bike must have a routine check on a regular basis. It is a standard that must be strictly followed to ensure the maximum performance of every bike.

  • Always remember to change the oil by choosing the right type that is suitable for winter. For example, the winter grade oil is very suitable for cold seasons since it makes it easier to start the motorcycle. You should also bear in mind that you can change the oil even when the recommended period is not yet due.
  • Another important factor to consider in this guide for motorcycle maintenance is the general cleanliness of the bike. The cleaning process should be done at least once after every two weeks to ensure the electronic parts of the bike function smoothly. Special cleaning detergents can be used to prevent rusting of metal parts.
  • Regular inspections of various mountings such as kyb struts and shocks should be carried out to find out if they should be replaced. Failure to detect such malfunctions may lead to unexpected accidents when riding the motorcycle.
  • Also, regular lubing makes it easier to avoid rusting of engine cylinders. This can be done by ensuring the spark plugs are removed, then pour some clean engine oil on the cylinders while the fuel is switched off.
  • You may also spray light oil on exhaust pipes to prevent rusting especially during winter.
  • An air pressure gauge can be used regularly to ensure the tires, both front and rear, have the right amount of pressure.
  • The battery should also be stored at the right temperature and charged at least once after every two weeks.

dos and donts for motorcycle maintenance

The Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning and Maintaining the Bike

Every guide for motorcycle maintenance must have its dos and don’ts. It is important to create a clear borderline for the overall care of the bike.

  • Do not use any form of tire dressing on the tires while cleaning. They make the tires slippery and dangerous.
  • Always check the engine cooling liquid’s replacement period to prevent overheating.
  • After cleaning the motorcycle, it is good to cover it with a special reflecting material to deflect the direct rays from the sun.

By following this crucial guide for motorcycle maintenance, you will always find it easier to enjoy every moment riding your bike. Besides, these tips play a crucial role in ensuring that your bike stays as good as new. This also saves your money since you will not have to carry out regular replacements and repairs.

A Closer Look At Some Components Of A Motorcycle

Just like other automobiles, motorbikes are made of certain components that are engineered to work in complementary fashion to make sure the device can move. Some of the most important components of a motorcycle include the chassis, the fuel intake and exhaust components and the shock absorber systems. To have a strong bike that can withstand the pressures of riding in rough terrains, you should look for one that has a strong chassis as well as a tough shock absorber system. With a stronger frame, you can easily mount a bigger and more powerful engine. It takes a strong engine to drive the machine in full throttle without any hitches.

KFX 450R fuel intake system

The Suspension System

Considering the fact that motorbikes can go almost anywhere including places where there are no roads, you need to have a good suspension system to make the rider more comfortable when patched on the machine. This way, you can easily ride in rough off-road places without experiencing back pains due to the roughness. It is needless to add that besides the strong suspension system, you also need good tires. When you buy bad tires, you might suffer multiple punctures that could hamper your ability to cover the stipulated distance within the estimated time frame. There are many brands of tires in the market and you need to find out which ones are best for various kinds of terrains.

The Fuel Intake and Exhaust System

Other components of a motorcycle that are vital include the fuel intake and exhaust systems. This is because it determines the efficacy with which the bike can run.

  • A good fuel intake system ensures the bike performs optimally on the fuel you fill into the tank. When this system is affected, you are likely to experience smoking bikes that do not only reduce their performance but also cause serious environmental concerns.
  • The choice of shock absorbers is important in determining the durability and performance of your motorcycle on rough roads. There are many manufacturers of shock absorbers in the market. A few brands such as KYB struts have stood out over the years because they have developed a good track record. They do not only make the shock absorbers but also repair and maintain bikes for clients.

large bump shock absorber

The first thing that you need to consider when looking for components of a motorcycle is their compatibility with your bike. Different bike brands use varied parts. That is why the spare parts store keeper always asks you about the brand and model of your bike. It is also important to try and find out who the authorized dealers are in your area. This should help you avoid the risk of buying fake or counterfeit parts. Compatible and efficient parts ensure a comfortable and safe motorcycle ride.

A Quick Overview of a Car Suspension

What is a car suspension and why are they important? Car suspensions are multiple springs that connect a vehicle to its wheels which then creates motion between them. The purpose for suspension is to control road-handling of the vehicle for safety. Suspensions are the main mechanism that separates your car from the road. It will prevent your car from falling to pieces after hitting a bump. Regardless of how smooth the roads are it is not safe to speed and propel over objects. That’s why all types of vehicles on wheels  rely on suspension. Driving at top speed will never become a reality without the car suspension system doing their job properly.

front car suspension

Basic Mechanism of a Car Suspension

 When talking about the overall automobile performance most people think of horsepower, it is perceived that it is all about speed and acceleration, especially for first-time owners or have minimum knowledge of how an automobile works. They do not understand power is useless if the driver does not have control of the car. That’s why car suspension problems should always be dealt with first hand when the problem arises to avoid unnecessary setbacks that are usually fatal to the driver and their passengers.

The main principle of a car suspension is to make the most of the friction between the road and the tires, this allows stability and comfort for your passengers. Because roads are not flat, bumps can interfere with the car causing imperfections in handling. These imperfections can apply force to the wheels. A bump would cause the wheel to move up and down. The wheel will experience a vertical motion when it happens. Without the car suspension the car would lose contact with the road altogether. Your suspense system would need to absorb the energy of the wheel allowing the frame and the body to be undisturbed when the wheel hits a bump.

strong muscle car air suspension

Types of Car Suspensions

You can go on forever enumerating the types of  car suspensions available in the market today but you can make your life easier by grouping them first in the general concept of how a car suspension was developed.  They are mainly grouped as dependent and independent suspension types for both front and rear axles of a vehicle. It should be taken noted though that these groupings are only applicable to traditional suspension systems or the analogue types.

Car air suspension and digital suspension systems are just some of the few popular and efficient developments that are being used today. The complexity of each car suspension from leading manufacturers is easily available online. You can check out popular names such as KYB and Koni and compare their products so that you will be able to select your specific needs. KYB struts and shocks have been in the market for years and have been trusted by most car owners and manufacturers alike.

Popular Types Of Shock Absorbers

When people drive down the street, they take for granted that the tires of their vehicles are always in contact with the pavement of the road. This is a product of the fact that all cars have shock absorbers.

This is a hydraulic oil pump device which manages the recoil movement of a vehicle’s springs and suspension. The shock absorber oil uses a valve system to control the overflow of energy created from the springs. This action ensures a car ride will be smooth while ensuring that the tires of the vehicle are in contact with the road surface at all times.

In present society, people have small, medium sized and large cars. All of the cars have shock absorbers but some vehicles and suspensions need different types. There are a large number of shock absorber manufacturers but there are only three types that are commonly available – conventional telescopic, struts or spring seat.

heavy duty shock absorber

Conventional Telescopic

These are the easiest and most manageable to put on a vehicle. They are located on the front and rear suspension of a vehicle. Usually, shock absorber repair of this types are not done. They are replaced instead because they are so inexpensive. However, there is also a style that can be repaired.


Struts take the place of the suspension system in vehicles. They need to be strong enough to deal with larger loads and impacts and usually are found in the front and rear suspensions of small and medium cars. A recent trend has larger vehicles also moving toward the usage of strut based suspension design.

A strut called the KYB Struts can accommodate cars of all sizes. It comes pre-assembled and is better than the traditional struts because it can be installed quickly with very little difficulty and its components have been built for use on domestic or import cars and minivans.

Strut Category

The strut category is divided into two units, the sealed units and the repairable units.

  • Sealed units were created to be replaced as a whole unit.  
  • In contrast, the repairable (McPherson) struts can be fixed with a replacement strut cartridge.

Lastly, there is one type of shock absorber that possesses the qualities of the conventional telescopic and the struts.

recoil spring seat shock kit

Spring Seat Shocks

The Spring Seat is similar to the struts in that it is a suspension unit and a damping device enclosed in one unit. It differs from struts in that it is not able to accommodate heavy loads. When repairs are required, a complete replacement is performed.

In modern society, many vehicle owners wonder how to return their vehicle to its original performance. The replacement of one’s shock absorbers represents one of the easiest and quickest ways to return a vehicle to its initial driving, handling and control capacities.

KYB Global Products: KYB Struts

KYB is the largest supplier of original equipment as well as aftermarket KYB struts and shocks that are used all over the world. They have offices in Europe, United States as well as Asia where most of their facilities are based. Their products are world class in regard to quality and are produced in a large variety, which include electronic, ride control and hydraulic products that can either be used as replacement parts as well as original equipment in various types of vehicles.

nissan 240SX KYB performance struts

The range of hydraulic as well as electronic equipment that is manufactured by KYB can be used in different applications that are used in modern day life. Some of these applications include transportation as well as vehicular ones that are used in the automotive industry. Product applications such as hydraulic equipment are also produced by KYB and are used in various projects such as civil engineering, manufacturing, lifestyle as well as testing. KYB is committed to the manufacturing of products as well as applications that can be used in a variety of ways resulting in a society that is more efficient and safe.

KYB gas-a-just mustang quad shock


Popular Products from KYB

The products manufactured by KYB that are well known in many countries around the world include gas struts, steering stabilizers among others. These products are used on a number of vehicles and help to improve their functions while contributing to their overall maintenance.

  • KYB Shocks and Struts – These are the most popular of the products produced by the company because they can either restore or increase the handling as well as control of the vehicle. They are available in different types and are usually chosen according to the functions of the vehicle that need to be improved. KYB struts, which are used to tune the shocks of a vehicle so that it matches up to the driver’s preferences, are also quite popular among vehicle owners who purchase products from the company.

mustang KYB shock and strut kit with quad shocks

  • KYB Gas Struts – These are specialized KYB struts that are used for vehicles that are usually driven aggressively such as sports cars. They ensure that the ride is smooth, secure and the driver has complete control over their driving.
  • Steering Stabilizers – These are mainly used to restore steering control so that a driver can be able to maintain control either on the road or in a terrain that is rugged. These stabilizers can also be used on SUVs as well as trucks that have been imported or manufactured locally.
  • Strut Boots and Mounts – These quality products are built as well as designed in such a way that they exceed or even match the original equipment. While strut mounts optimize suspension and the performance of the steering wheel, strut boots prevent strut shafts from being contaminated by leaks.

KYB AGX 4-way adjustable struts

Overall, when buying KYB products such as struts, it is always advisable to read through a KYB struts review to get to know what other vehicle owners think of their quality products. So what are you waiting for? If you are in need of shocks and struts, check out the ones that are manufactured by KYB.