Kidde Smoke Alarms – Types and Specs

In order to ensure that you and your family are completely protected from fire hazards, you need to have the best smoke alarms and fire alarm beeping in your house. When it comes to the best smoke alarms, there is only one name and that is Kidde smoke alarms.

Get Kidde Smoke Alarms Model 1276

Kidde smoke alarms protect your family, as they reduce the damage caused to the property by providing early warning. At present, Kidde is the world’s largest manufacturer of fire safety devices and products. Many industries, such as the military, the fire fighters, and the airline services, depend upon the superior qualitysuperior fire detection, and superior compression capability of Kidde fire safety devices and the same quality is delivered in residential Kidde smoke alarms.

Various Types of Kidde Smoke Alarms


  • Battery Operated Kidde Smoke Alarms

These smoke alarms are powered by battery and are not much expensive. The fittings are very simple and it is the easiest way to protect your home from fire hazards. It is most suitable for the homes, which do not have interconnected pre-wired system. The alarm continues to work even when there is no power as it has its own power source. The battery has to be replaced from time to time. As soon as the alarm senses, you’ll hear the Kidde smoke alarms beeping. All battery power smoke alarms have a test buttonbattery locking, and power indicator light and low battery warning indicator.

  • Kidde Smoke Alarms Powered by AC Wire

Kidde produces a wide range of 120 AC wire in smoke alarms and fire safety products. These smoke alarms are interconnected through wire and as soon as they sense smoke, they respond immediately within a fraction of second. When one of the interconnected smoke alarms is triggered by heat or smoke, the other interconnected smoke alarms will also start beeping.

Learn How To Stop A Kidde Smoke Alarms Beeping

  • Wireless Smoke Alarm

Kidde has developed the world’s first wireless smoke alarm system. The wireless smoke alarm system consists of both battery operated and 120 AC powered smoke alarms that are designed to satisfy the fire safety requirements of any RCC structure. Kidde wireless smoke alarm system is very easy to install and requires only a few simple steps. At the first step, determine the type of your current smoke alarm system, whether it is battery poweredinterconnected or hardwired.

  • Kidde Smoke Alarms Model 1276

The Kidde 1276 smoke alarm has the same features and quality that you expect from a Kidde smoke alarm system. Its front load battery operation system speeds the installation and reduces the trouble faced in battery replacement. The product also has features an alarm memorydust coverbattery pull tab, and AC quick connect.