Celebrities Wearing Khakis

Khakis, also referred to as “chinos,” have been a wardrobe staple for both men and women for years. “Khaki” is an Indian word and means “tan” or “dust,” and these popular pieces of clothing are named for their neutral color. Because of their conservative color, khakis can be worn with a wide variety of bold and colorful clothing. Khakis can be made of everything from cotton to wool. There are tons of pictures of celebrities wearing khakis, securing them as a bona fide modern style for today.

nicky hilton in khaki shorts

Khakis for Women

From khaki shirts to khaki pants, shorts, and khaki skirts, women have an assortment of chinos to choose from. Plus, there are tons of pictures of women celebrities wearing khakis. Pull your style influences from celebs to try out different looks.

  • Women should opt to wear a top made of a similar fabric to their khakis. Fabrics that are on opposite ends of the spectrum won’t pair well together. For example, if your khakis are wool, don’t wear a thin silk top with them. Try to keep the two fabrics you wear of the same weight.
  • Cropped khakis, like the ones seen on Rihanna, are perfect for warm weather. Cropped chinos can either fall at the top of your ankle or your calf.
  • Long, baggy khaki shorts have been seen on major models walking the runways.

Take a tip from the female celebrities wearing khakis and pair them with heels for a sophisticated look perfect for an evening out.

Khakis for Men

Men have to follow their own set of rules when wearing khakis. What goes for women doesn’t necessarily work for men.

  • Guys who sport khakis should never cuff the bottom of their pants.
  • While many older men like to tuck the front of their chinos, this isn’t the best look. Khakis look best when they’re worn in a casual manner.
  • Khakis look better the longer you own them and the more worn-in they get. Don’t scrap your chinos just because they have a few wear marks. Keep them until they fall apart.

seducive mens khaki pants

Tips for Wearing Khakis

Only wear one khaki piece at a time. Wearing a shirt and pair of pants in khaki will make you look ready for a safari. The more relaxed your khakis, the more comfortable and casual you’ll look.

George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston are only a couple of the celebrities wearing khakis who pull off the chic, comfy look.

Top 10 Stain Removers for Light Clothing

Did you ruin your favorite white blouse or one of your beloved khaki skirts? Check out the top 10 stain removers for light clothing and get your favorite wardrobe pieces looking as good as new.

best homemade stain remover ever

Effective Stain Removal Agents

  • Stain Remover #1. Most lace is light colored. Antique lace can be extremely difficult to clean, not only because it’s light but also because it’s so delicate. Use white vinegar and salt to get stubborn stains out of lace.
  • Stain Remover #2. Sometimes white clothing that’s only slightly stained can be naturally bleached by laying it out in the sunlight. Don’t do this too often, though, or the sun will start to break down and ruin the fabric.
  • Stain Remover #3. Sprinkle the stain with baby powder and let the powder sit on the stain overnight. In the morning, brush off the baby powder.
  • Stain Remover #4. For grease stains on light clothing, apply hot water along with a dish liquid that has components that cut grease. Scrub the stain with a toothbrush and then blot it with a paper towel to lift the rest of the stain.
  • Stain Remover #5. The top 10 stain removers for light clothing vary depending on the type of stain. Protein stains, like those from baby food or mud, can be easily removed. All you have to do is soak the clothing and the stain in cold water. Never use hot water on a protein stain; the heat will actually make the stain set even more.
  • Stain Remover #6. Dye stains, like those from cherries or pens, can be difficult to get out. For dyes, one of the top 10 stain removers for light clothing simply includes concentrated laundry detergent. Let it set on the stain for at least an hour before rinsing.
  • Stain Remover #7. If stubborn dye stains don’t come out after applying liquid detergent, dilute powdered bleach and apply to the stain.

dilute powdered bleach best for stain remover

  • Stain Remover #8. Light clothing will do fine in a solution of bleach and water. You can do this is other stain solutions don’t seem to be working.
  • Stain Remover #9. Combination stains can be the trickiest of the bunch. Before applying liquid detergent, spray the stain with trichloroethylene or perchloroethylene.
  • Stain Remover #10. Blood stains actually aren’t as difficult to get out as some people think. The trick is to use cold water instead of hot water. From blotting the stain up to soaking the fabric and washing the piece of clothing, use cold water every step of the way.

Must Have Khaki Shorts For Your Wardrobe

Khaki is a cloth material made up of cotton and wool and it is typically of light yellowish brown color. The name “Khaki” is derived from the Persian wordkhak,” which means dust. Initially, it was used for and was a symbol of army uniforms; however these days, wearing khaki shorts has become a popular trend. Most of the leading retailers offer a wide range of in-store khaki shorts for men and khaki shorts for women that you can select from.

trendy mens khaki shorts

Availability of Khaki Shorts

These khaki shorts are available in a variety of colors and the designers are all geared up in innovating trendy designs according to the demands of the customers. Made of classic cotton, khaki shorts exhibit the qualities of being rugged and keep off heat in hot summers. Hence, khaki cargo shorts are ideal as well comfortable for purpose of trekkings and expeditions.

A vibrant display of fashionable and trendy designs of khaki clothes by the designers has created a great buzz in the market. Khaki shorts are ideal for a relaxed summer afternoon as they are lightweight and easy to maintain. This summer, you can flaunt your classy style with khaki shorts for men and women. Don’t miss to check out the khaki cargo shorts. The khaki cargo shorts with sideline pockets and canvas belts give you a cool look. So bag for yourself a sporty look that would leave others sweating in a hot summer day. The market today offers a variety of designs for cool and trendy khaki shorts that you can choose from. It’s very easy to make a fashion statement with these cheap yet trendy khaki shorts and khaki skirts.

Types of Khakis In Stores

The types of khaki usually found in stores are:

  • Crumpled Style: It sports a rugged look and is usually ideal for the purpose of sports and adventure.
  • Docker shorts: They are the basic shorts that are best for summer season. They adorn back pockets and are flat in front.
  • Baggy Style: This is ideal for travelling, as it is comfortable.
  • Combat Shorts: They have a military look; and for the militia lovers who love to sport the military look, these shorts are surely the best choice.

fashionable combat khaki shorts for women

Other than khaki shorts and pants for men, khaki shorts for women are likewise extremely comfortable and trendy. Available in various colors, patterns and designs, they will surely compliment your style statement. The women khaki shorts are sure to be a wardrobe essential. The khaki shorts for women either have low waist that support a sporty look or are high waist that gives a classy look.

The khaki shorts render a good fit and symbolize style. Women can also check out the khaki skirts that are either pleated or plain but they surely are comfortable and present a classic outlook. The khaki skirts are either long, short or knee length and can also be used for professional attire.

Latest Updates On Khaki Pants For Sale

Khaki pants are comfortable as well as classy to be worn both in formal and casual affairs. These pants come in various styles for men, women, and children. Khaki is a color of a fabric type that is used to make khaki pants for men and khaki pants for women. Men and women love to wear khaki pants because they are not only stylish and smart, but they are comfortable and may come cheap, too.

Available Khaki Apparel For Sale

The best thing about khaki pants is that these pants can be worn by people of all ages. These pants are becoming a better alternative to the regular denims, which the people have been wearing since long. It has become so popular nowadays that even the jeans’ manufacturers are manufacturing them.

hot selling khaki pants for women

  • Khaki Apparel For Women

The women’s fashion is evolving and ever-changing. There are lots of designer clothes available but women are constantly looking for apparels of different designs and textures. So, khaki skirts came into existence as a result of the demand by women for something new and unique. These skirts look very pleasing to the eyes. They are also comfortable as compared to skirts made of other materials.

  • Khaki Apparel For Men

As the women’s fashion is changing, the men’s fashion is not far behind. The men’s fashion is also developing in its own way. For instance, the skinny khaki pants for men are available on the market for those men who swear by the comfort and style of khaki clothes. With that being said, wrinkle free khaki pants have also come into existence for those men who have been wearing wrinkle free trousers for long. These pants are a combination of the ease of wrinkle free with the comfort and style of khaki.

How To Wear Your Khaki Apparel

  • Khakis come in a variety of colors like gray, charcoal, brown, muddy green and even white. Don’t buy only tan khakis but try to mix and match and wear different colors. This will allow you to have choices in your wardrobe.
  • Apart from colors, khaki pants come in different sizes, too. You can choose between full khaki pants for men, short ones and even the three-quarter ones. The shorter ones are actually better if you are going out on adventure trips.
  • If you want to break free from zips and buttons of your khakis, then you can try draw stringed or gartered ones, which are a little different.
  • Khakis are versatile dresses that can be worn for any occasion. There are a variety of khakis available for different occasions like you have one with higher waist band that can be worn for social dinner parties and there are also some available that come with multiple pockets that can be worn while trekking or a trip to the forest. If you are a woman wearing a khaki skirt, then you can team up your skirts with tops of varied colors. Try to mix and match a lot so that your fashion routine doesn’t get too monotonous and boring

mens plain khaki pants

Khaki pants are indeed versatile pants that should be added to your wardrobe. This will enhance your fashion style and make you look cool among your peers.

Khaki Skirts Fashion For Women

Khaki skirts’ main feature of being versatile makes these clothing items essential for inclusion in any woman’s wardrobe. Khakis can be worn casually, at work, at business or formal engagements, and most of the time, they are prescribed as uniforms for both the academe and military services.

The term khaki may refer to two things. It can either be a type of color or a type of fabric. Conventionally, it usually refers to the fabric with that uniform khaki color. The fabric can either be made out of cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester, the latter is mixed with cotton to add firmness when tailoring khaki skirts for women.

alice olivia box pleat mini khaki skirt

Popular Khaki Skirts of Today

Khaki is used in creating several clothing items including skirts, pants, coats, and some dresses. In the line of skirts, the following are the most popular types marketed these days.

  • The Juniors Skirt:

The khaki skirts for juniors are the widely used type. They are primarily used as school and office uniforms, pairing them with long-sleeve dresses or coats will transform them into a formal or semi-formal wear, and add up a touch of light or colorful shirts then you’ll have an on-the-go skirt. The juniors skirt has a length extending just above the knee. It usually follows the natural curve of the hips and the thighs, features either buttons or a zipper lock, and some khaki skirts of this type have provisions for the wearing of belts. Juniors can also have a mini-skirt version for a much sexier outfit or look.

versatile junior khaki skirt

  • The Bellina Skirts:

Bellina skirts made out of khaki fabric projects the more feminine, sexy, and fun side or appearance of a woman. This type of skirt is simply a khaki mini-skirt featuring folds and pleats allowing the free movement or spreading of the fabric when the skirt is worn. The fabric used is generally softer or thinner like the pure cotton material. The skirt may or may not feature extra layers of light tulle, the pleats are held in place by a waistband, and lengths may also vary.

  • The Long Khaki Skirts:

Although these long skirts have been known as conservative clothing items, they are still popular and commonly worn at work, for semi-formal or formal events and occasions, or even casually. The fashion designers and stylists of today has been very keen on reinventing and rediscovering possible ways to put these khaki skirts into use.

decent khaki pleated chiffon maxi skirt

  • The Cargo Skirts:

When the military multi-pocketed pants were adopted to create multi-pocket or cargo pants and skirts, the same concept was also applied to khaki and said efforts eventually paid off. Several styles and deigns of cargo khaki skirts are produced and widely sold primarily to the younger generation of women. Similar to any other cargo pants, these skirts also feature no less than six pockets, a number of buttons and zippers, and generally have lengths extending down the knee or even beyond.

british khaki stretch cooton cargo skirt

Weather Considerations When Wearing Khaki

Similar to the considerations noted when wearing other types of dresses and skirts, the wearing of suitable skirts made out of khaki should also be guided by the season, climate, or weather. Certain types of khaki especially those made from a combination of cotton and polyester are thicker and heavier in texture therefore, are not ideal for use during the hot summer days. The same principle works in reverse during winter and colder seasons. On the other hand, needed ventilation and added movement flexibility may be achieved by opting for skirts featuring slips or cuts on the sides.