All About Kenmore Washers

If you are looking to buy one of the best washing machines out there, then look no further than Kenmore washers. There are many great reasons to buy Kenmore washers and one of them is because they are backed in full by Sears. A lot of people don’t realize that Sears is the only retailer that sells Kenmore washers outright, all the other retailers have to buy from Sears and then markup the products, this is why Sears always offers the best prices. Hence, there’s more to that than just being promoted by a great shopping company.  Below are more reasons why you should consider Kenmore washers compared to other brands.

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Outstanding Features Of Kenmore Washers

There are many things consumers meticulously examine in a washer before they buy it. It is a normal thing to do and brands of all sorts try their best to win the hearts and wallets of anybody out there shopping for one. With Kenmore washer, you can always ensure of the essentials that always make them a good buy.

Great Warranty – Just by looking at the Kenmore Washers reviews online, you can see how great the products are and their warranty. Most people worry about the warranty of the products that they buy, however, with Kenmore washers you don’t have to worry about it because Sears offers lifetime warranties on a lot of their products.

Reasonably Priced – Do you want to limit the amount of money that you spend? This is easy to do when you are buying Kenmore washers because they are not that expensive to begin with. Unlike brands like Whirlpool and Frigidaire, you won’t have to worry about paying too much simply because of the name brand.

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Different Styles – Whether you want a regular top load washer machine of the new front load washers, Kenmore has you covered. A lot of people are starting to like the way front load Kenmore washers work and you might too.

There are more advantages to buying Kenmore washers, however, once you see what all the have to offer and the price, you will be hooked on buying one for yourself.

Other Essentials You Need To Know

Just like any other washer from other brands, everything has some flaws and issues that needs to be taken under consideration. Fortunately for Kenmore washers, such issues are negligible wherein it doesn’t affect the performance of the washer which is the main concern after all. Still, it is worth considering such issues just incase you question about them in the near future.

Not Sold Everywhere – The only problem with Kenmore washers is that they are not sold in many stores. It is because of this that the washers won’t go on sale that often and when they do, they will sell out rather quickly. Sears do sell them but Sears is not found everywhere if you want to visit a physical store. Hence, you can always shop for them online which is easier and convenient.

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Not Sure Who Made It – One of the things that most people don’t like is the fact that they don’t know who makes Kenmore washers. The reason for this is because they are made by 5 different companies who simply place a nameplate on the product. The reason this is not a good thing is because some companies make certain product parts better than others. The only way to tell who made what is by looking at their serial number.

As you can see, buying Kenmore washers have no risk and you won’t be able to find a washer quite like it. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that when you need Kenmore washers troubleshooting, you will have to work it out with Sears first and most of the time they will solve your problems. However, if you don’t have a Sears outlet nearby, then it could be a bigger problem.

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When it comes to choosing the right Kenmore washer for yourself, you should choose the Kenmore 3.5 cubic foot front load washer machine. The reason for this is because it holds more clothes than you would ever imagine and front load washers are much easier to use. Revolutionize and modernize your laundry experience, go with Kenmore washers today!