Tips in Cleaning, Maintaining, and Protecting the Amazon Kindle

Buying a Kindle is quite an investment. You need to protect the device at all costs, and this is why you have to familiarize yourself with some important tips in cleaning, maintaining, and protecting the Amazon Kindle. To ensure you take maximum care of your device, you need to know a thing or two in relation to:

  • Recharging
  • Exposure to wet surfaces
  • Screen protection
  • Changing the battery
  • Exposure to high/ very low temperatures among other things

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To elaborate on them, read on below:

Some Tips on How to Care for your Amazon Kindle

1) Read instructions

  • Read all instructions carefully before putting your new Amazon Kindle into use.
  • Familiarizing yourself with all the buttons and how they are used is crucial.
  • Familiarize yourself with how you can access the different features, including how and when to change the battery.
  • If you frequently use wireless, you need to recharge your gadget every other day.
  • If you are not always online, recharge it once a week to ensure the battery life is preserved.
  • Do not recharge it anyhow simply because the Amazon Kindle comes with a long life battery.
  • Do not in anyway expose your Kindle or any of its accessories to any wet surfaces. Protect them from any liquid spills whether from rain or drinks.
  • In-case the device gets wet, turn the power off immediately and wait for it to dry completely before turning it back on.
  • In-case it gets faulty after coming into contact with wet surfaces, contact an authorized personnel for guidance.
  • Do not involve third party technicians to repair or service your device, because this might void the warranty of your Amazon e-book reader.
  • Avoid touching your device screen as much as possible. The tips of your fingers can easily cause smudges on the screen.
  • To clean it, use a soft and unstained cloth to wipe with. Ensure you do the wiping gently.
  • In the event of dropping some liquid or other foods on the screen or any other part of the gadget, wipe it carefully with a moistened soft towel.
  • Abrasive cleaners, like harsh chemicals, should not be used because you just succeed in ruining your device in the long run.
  • Exposing your e-book reader to high temperatures is disastrous. The same applies to extremely low temperatures.
  • Do not leave it inside your car or house in exceedingly unfavorable temperature conditions, whether high or low.

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2) Recharging the device

3) Keep away from wet surfaces

4) Protecting the Screen

5) Do not expose your Kindle to extreme temperatures

6) Putting on a Book cover

If you put a book cover on the gadget, you will have protected your Amazon e-book reader from scratches especially when carrying it in a briefcase. It will also be safe from any damage incase of an accidental bang to your briefcase.

  • It is important you purchase a solid and also durable pouch, cover or small bag, to prevent it from damage inside your luggage.
  • There are quality and durable protectors available even online and that are sure to give you the protection you need.
  • Stylish covers, such as the Kate Spade Kindle cover are also available to add a bit of glam to your drab gadget.
  • You should be careful not to misplace your e-book reader to avoid it getting stolen.
  • Never leave it behind, even temporarily in any public place where they might be plenty of people.
  • In-case it gets stolen, ensure you immediately inform the Amazon Company by calling their Customer service. This ensures that they instantly block any new or additional account activity.

7) What to do if the Kindle gets stolen

Popular Types of Kindle Covers

There are different types of kindle covers. Apart from the aesthetic value they add to your e-reader, they also protect it. The screen is fragile and requires protection from dust, liquids, dirt particle and other elements that may cause damages. The tough decision lies in making the choice what with the many designs and ideas in the market. However, you can make a choice by considering the benefits provided by each design.

Main factors in Choosing Types of Kindle Covers

  • First factor is the protective ability of the cover. This lies in the durability and strength of its material to keep away environmental elements.
  • Compact fitting to prevent the e-reader from slipping off.
  • The range of colors that you can choose from is also a factor. This is in regard to the style you want because there are flashy colors like red and yellow while others are dark.
  • The weight of the kindle cover plays a big part as well in choosing the best type. Some clients have complained about the added weight because of reader cases that have too many features. This becomes a portability burden. Hence, it is important to consider the ounces of weight before purchase.

book style kindle cover

Types of kindle covers

There are different brands in the market such as Belkin, Case Logic, Lightwedge, Marware, Timbuk2 and Kate Spade kindle cover among others. The price of the case depends with the material and the brand name. Some designs offer basic protection in the form of a case to slip on the e-reader, while other designs are developed with skill and creativity to produce cases that have daring colors and prints.

Most types of kindle covers are made of leather. This is the most popular material because it is long lasting and attractive. Most companies offer several designs in leather to suit different e-reader models. The designs come in a variety of colors such as black, green and pink. Some brands include a number of features to distinguish the make from other companies. For example, the Amazon lighted leather case has a reading light that is powered by the e-reader. Other brands made of leather include Marware, Duragadget and Cole Haan.

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Some manufacturers target a particular market such as the womenfolk. This is the case for the Kate Spade kindle cover collection that targets women with chic designs in flashy colors such as yellow, red, green and pink. The collection is made of canvas thereby providing quality cases that are durable. They are made in fancy prints and decorative statements that suit women. These embellishments fit the user’s wardrobe perfectly because women love accessories that correspond with their daily wear.

Other types of kindle covers are made of silicone. The major brands made of this material include Amazon’s kindle 3 silicone skin, Amazon Kindle 2 silicone case gel cover, TrendyDigital high grade silicone gel case and MoKo(TM) fitted silicone case for Amazon Kindle 4. When comparing the types of kindle covers, most people look at the modern appeal generated by the design. This is because readers are also evolving with smaller and sleek designs that are different from the larger ones of the previous years. Overall, even the ease in maintenance and care also accounts in the purchase decision.

Where to Find Kindle Accessories Online

Shoppers can choose from a variety of Kindle accessories sold in numerous online stores. They no longer have to drop by the mall just to purchase good quality accessories. When they check out notable stores online, they can find an outstanding line of products for their Kindle. For instance, they can discover Kindle accessories best buy products with big discounts and superb quality.

It is convenient to shop in online stores because of the wide selection of brands and styles. There are product descriptions and details that allow shoppers to compare features of the different items. The following are some online stores that offer reasonably priced and good quality Kindle accessories.

best selling amazon Kindle accessories

Online Stores Selling Kindle Accessories


Amazon is among the popular and reliable online stores that offer outstanding products that appeal to many shoppers. There are Amazon Kindle accessories that consumers can find suitable for their needs.

  • Among the choices of products available are skins, sleeves, covers, stylus, reading lights, and many more.
  • Shoppers can also narrow down their choices by selecting their preferred budget for the Kindle accessories.
  • They can also find pricey and inexpensive brands of accessories.
  • Most shoppers are satisfied with the purchasing and shipping procedures provided by this online store for their Kindle accessories and other products.


Those who want great choices of accessories for Kindle can find what they need at

  • The numerous Kindle accessories Target offers include dust jacket, booklight, Kindle stand, and screen protector.
  • Shoppers can choose from many brands that provide outstanding designs and quality.
  • They can also choose a product based on the price that they select.
  • Target also provides free shipment of products, depending on the eligibility of the item purchased by the consumer.


The wide range of products and several Kindle accessories at eBay appeals to several shoppers.

  • They can find the best item that they need for their Kindle such as a screen protector, reading light, power cords, and skins.
  • Shoppers can choose from notable brands that provide durable quality for the Kindle cover. For instance, many people prefer to buy a Kate Spade Kindle cover because of the unique designs offered by this brand.
  • There are also other brands sold at eBay such as Case Logic, Belkin, Decal Girl, Built, and Timbuk2.

Consumers can also narrow down their search by choosing the price range and brand of the Kindle accessories that they plan to buy. In an instant, they can discover numerous products that they might want to purchase. Online shopping is made easy because of the varied choices and low rates that shoppers can find.

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On How to Select Great Quality Kindle Accessories

Although there are many choices of products offered in online stores, shoppers should make sure that they purchase an item with excellent quality. They should check the product details, and compare the features offered by different brands. There are several other factors that they should consider when buying Kindle accessories online such as the price, shipping policy, and purchase guidelines. When they want to have the best deals, they should analyze all features before they purchase a particular brand of Kindle accessories.

Different Types of Kindle Case

A Kindle case offers superb benefits in maintaining the quality of the gadget. The case offers maximum protection from dust and moisture. Moreover, most Kindle cases come with remarkable prints and designs that are appealing to many people. They can choose from different brands that provide the kind of style that they like. Those who prefer eye-catchy designs opt to purchase a Kate Spade Kindle cover that comes with exciting prints and durable quality.

However, the exterior appearance should not be the only aspect that shoppers should consider when buying a case. They should purchase the best Kindle case that offers outstanding features and durable construction. They will be satisfied with the product when they choose a type of case that meets their expectation.

best kindle cases with light

Different Types of Kindle Cases

These are among the types, benefits, and drawbacks of Kindle cases sold in stores.

1) Leather Kindle Cases

Kindle cases made from leather exude an elegant and classic appeal.

  • The type of leather used may be genuine or synthetic, and there are various colors available such as black, green, brown, yellow, and red.
  • Genuine leather cases are more expensive than faux leather Kindle case. The price range for this type of case is between 15 and 200 dollars, depending on the material used.
  • A leather case may appear sophisticated; however, it does not offer maximum protection from moisture.

durable leather kindle cases

2) Kindle Cases with Light

Those who are fond of reading at night or in dark locations might want to purchase a Kindle case with light.

  • This is a two-in-one product because it comes with a Kindle cover and built-in reading light.
  • However, some cases do not have an adjustable light.
  • Shoppers should choose a case with light that can be repositioned to reduce or minimize glare.

3) Kindles Cases with Stand

A case with stand offers convenience to users because they can adjust the angle that is comfortable for them.

  • This type of case is an ideal product because of the superb protection that it provides.
  • The material varies, and there are brands of Kindle case made from rubber or leather.
  • Most cases with built-in stand cost about 20 to 50 dollars.

world class quality kindles cases with stand

4) Waterproof Kindle Cases

This is the best type of case for those who need excellent protection for their Kindles. A waterproof Kindle case is the perfect product that protects the gadget from splashes and spills.

  • The typical material used for the case is rubber and there are brands that offer a hard material that adds excellent protection to the gadget.
  • Many people opt for this kind of case because of the outstanding durability and inexpensive price of the item.
  • They can purchase soft and light-weight, waterproof Kindle cases for about 20 dollars, while a hard case may cost about 100 dollars.

awesome waterproof kindle case

When people look for the ideal case for their Kindle, they should consider the material and construction of the case. They need to make sure that the case can protect their gadget from spills, moisture, and dust. Budget-conscious shoppers can also obtain great benefits when they choose a top quality Kindle case that comes with an affordable price.