Getting Ready With Golf Outfits

Golf outfits are becoming more stylish and comfortable than ever. Golf outfits used to be tacky and gaudy and were the reason for most stereotypes when it came to the game of golf. Bright in colors and loud patterns are no longer the traditional style when it comes to golfing. Many designers have put their own spin on golf outfits making them stylish, colorful, or even toned down for the mildest of tastes.

best izod shirt for golf

Izod Shirts

Izod shirts look like regular t-shirts or polo shirts and are very comfortable not to mention well priced and a popular brand. They have a range of colors to choose from to fit whatever mood you might be in. Not to mention, some of the Izod shirts contain stripes, lines, diamonds, and buttons. They also have Izod golf jackets for times when the weather might be nippy or less than perfect.

Izod Pants

Macy’s also carries Izod pants to go along with the line of golf outfits. They too are comfortable and range from long pants to shorts. They can come in a number or colors, though the colors are generally mild, minus one or two. Some also come in a number of designs and the designs also have choices color wise.

Clothing Tips

Shirts are better when light in weight. Lycra and polyester lycra are good fabrics for shirts, because they breathe well and help you feel cool. Also, make sure these shirts are well taken care of, because the smallest snags can make them look old and beat up.

  • Look for clothing with built-in sun protection. Sunscreen is great for skin that is showing, but having protective and cool clothing is important for your skin and health as well which means you need a pair of pants that does just that. Cotton is a comfortable fabric that will keep you cool throughout the day and provides enough protection from the sun.
  • Golf courses only allow soft cleats. And many times they are uncomfortable, so golf sandals are becoming more popular. Soft cleats are generally only needed on wet or hilly areas. You can also wear water tennis shoes as well.
  • Most golfers prefer the ankle sock to the tube sock. The small cotton sock helps keep your ankles and feet cool, but be sure to add lots of sunscreen to the bare areas.
  • Gloves are another important piece of clothing when it comes to golf outfits. A number of the gloves are calfskin and stretch to your size of hand. A mesh backed glove is best for summer, however there are gloves specifically made for cold weather as well.

modern fashioned izod golf pants

Everybody has a style or make of clothing they prefer especially when it comes to sports clothing. Sometimes we need to just try what they say or mix and match until we find what is comfortable for us.

Top Brands Of Polo Shirts

When it comes to comfort and style, nothing beats what polo shirts can give. They are primarily known as tennis shirts. These must-have apparels are used by numerous individuals, specifically those that are engaged with sports. Probably the most common use of polo shirts is at the sport called golf. It is not only worn by golf players themselves, but also by caddies and sport announcers. Likewise, it is worn by lots of employees where wearing formal clothes isn’t necessary but wearing T-shirts is prohibited. These employees choose polo shirts as they create a perfect balance between formal and casual. They are also great alternatives to T-shirt and have become very popular to people of all ages.

classy ralph lauren polo shirts

Top 5 Brands Of Polo Shirts

In terms of polo shirt brands, the choices are almost endless. For this reason, this article has listed down five of the best brands that are worth every penny spent.

  • Ralph Lauren – This brand offers a wide range of polo shirts for every generation. Known for their durability and classic appeal, you will love their collection of styles that include the classic, sporty, stripes, and solidcolored polo shirts with the popular Ralph Lauren logo printed on the side. However, polo shirts of this brand come at a higher price, ranging from $30 to $70 depending on the style and size of the shirt.
  • Armani – Made by one of the most popular fashion designers in Italy, Giorgio Armani, this polo shirt brand has been loved by many for several decades now. Lean-fitting, soft, and lightweight are the qualities that made this brand one of the most sought after polo shirt brands. But like Ralph Lauren, Armani’s line of polo shirts is also expensive at prices around $100 to $200 per item.
  • Lacoste – Lacoste is also another classic brand of polo shirt. Their line of polo shirts is printed with lots of stripes. They are men’s most popular choice. Some of Lacoste’s designs may be a little less sporty as compared to that of Ralph Lauren’s. However, when it comes to style and quality, both brands share the same fame. You can get Lacoste polo shirts for prices ranging from $49 to over $200, depending on style of the shirt.
  • Brooks Brothers – Based on customer reviews, this brand is rated with 5 stars for several reasons. It is 100% cotton which makes it a non-iron shirt. It requires minimum maintenance. It is of good quality. It is elegant, durable and exclusively made to fit. Brooks Brothers’ shirts are only $74 to $88 when they are on sale.
  • Izod ShirtsTimeless and traditional, this polo shirt brand makes a perfect addition to your clothing collection. They are soft, excellent quality, and easy fit. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to designer polo shirts, then this shirt is your best option. If they are on sale, you can purchase them for as low as $23.

 izod all cotton short sleeve polo shirt

No matter which brand of polo shirts you choose, you can find them at most local clothing boutiques and online stores worldwide. If you are still unsure on which brand to buy, ask the store’s representative for tips. Just remember to settle for neutral style shirts as much as possible for these are the ones that never run out of style. If you want to feel comfortable, polo shirts are the best choice for you.

Types Of Mens Shirts And How To Dress Fashionably In Them

For many people, mens shirts are just another piece of clothing meant to cover nakedness and provide warmth. Fashion is not really considered to be an important issue for men in the past. This, however, is a concept that is changing fast with the modernization of the world and creation of new ideas. Functionality is no longer the only reason for making of mens shirts today. Fashion and aesthetics are greatly considered as well.

 most hip men's formal shirts

Types of Men’s Shirts

There are many different types of shirts for men that have been designed today by many fashion designers. Some of these types include:

  • Formal shirts – Formal shirts are dark colored or subtle light colored and are worn mainly to formal places and occasions. They are best for workplaces and for attending business functions.
  • Casual shirts – Casual shirts are with collars and big bold or playfulprints. Mens shirts casual are a comfortable option to go for when attending semi-formal events or to workplaces as well.
  • T-shirts – These are shirts of men that are worn to informal events like football games, when lounging in the house or going for family outings. These shirts are often white or brightlycolored like men’s beach shirt. These are commonly referred to as collarless and buttonlessshirts.

Fashion Tips

Below are some fashion tips for wearing mens shirts. These tips can be very helpful for fashion conscious men or to those who needed fashion change.

  • Short sleeved shirts look best when worn with skinny jeans and waist coats.
  • Long sleeved shirts are better when worn with office trousers.
  • Grand dad shirts are best for the summer time.

Mens plaid shirts were quite a popular design of mens shirts back in the day. These shirts are coming back in fashion and are quite handy, especially during cold seasons since they are very warm to wear. These shirts are made of crisscrossing threads of different colors, making them appear to be pretty vibrant. They are usually categorized as casual shirts.

mens best fashion casual shirts

Mens shirts are manufactured by many brands like Ralph Lauren, Adidas and Izoid. Izod shirts are popular because they are bold, colorful and are of high quality. These shirts are quite fashionable and modern. Stalls with mens shirts on sale provide a place for men to buy a wide variety of designs, styles and colors of shirts at discounted prices. This is a deal that all fashion conscious men ought to take by storm as mens shirts tend to be quite expensive. Get the best type of shirt and apply these fashion tips for a better looking new you.

Izod Clothing Products And Services

Izod clothing is a company that specializes in making different types of clothing. It was founded in 1938 when Danddy who only specialized in designing men’s wear. He encountered Izod a respectable tailor who made men’s shirts even for King George. Since he was ready to retire, he gave up his right to the name. Izod clothing was purchased by Danddy.

izod hippest clothes

The company was originally in London and was the most popular shirt makers during the 1950s. It was later introduced in the US in the 1940’s. Danndy gave the Izod shirts to his friends such as the President J.F Kennedy and the shirts became popular and that is when he went out to create a department store and explored other line of products.

For Men

They have online stores that sell its products and services. Some of Izod clothing for men includes ribbed cuff polo shirts, short sleeve polo shirt, micro Pima polo shirt, Lambskin length coat, Lamb leather bomber, Lambskin stand collar jacket, and leather stand collar jacket, plain woven and stripped shirt among others.

For Women

There is also a wide range of Izod clothing for women such as women’s plus size lamb leather walker, princess seam leather jacket, lambskin leather scuba jacket, plus size leather moto jacket, plus size lamb leather jacket, black leather trench coat lamb leather moto-inspired jacket,  and many more.

Izod clothing offers their clothes at very affordable prices, and they come in a variety of designs and colors. These clothes can be found in any of the izod clothing outlet.

izod best selling polo

Products and Services

Below are some of the products and services offered by Izod:

  • They offer Indy car clothing head wear and Indy car fan gear online. There are a variety of products that they offer to help you support the Indy car program.
  • They also have a website where they offer exclusive products that are not found in any other store.
  • Ensure product availability on each product page e.g. In stock, Pre-order, Special order or Advance sale
  • Izod clothing has customer care services available to answer all the questions you may have about a product, for instance if you want to check the availability of a product in then stock or in a particular size or style you are looking for.
  • The products include college gear, both men and women’s athletic wear, neckties, suits, hats, jackets, eye glasses blazers, family clothing for men, women, and kids, fragrances and accessories.

Izod clothing is reputable for its services and one should make a point of visiting their stores locally and online and see what they have to offer. You will get a variety of choices at affordable prices.

Popular Designs And Styles Of Izod Shirts

Casual days call for casual suits like the comfortable Izod shirts. You have seen Izod as one of the dominant shirt companies today. Because of their comfy style and classic designs, Izod has been in the market for almost nine decades now. They have been continually worn by thousands and millions of people all over the world. The craftsmanship is so sturdy and well tailored. Their designs would run for a long time if not forever because of the simple smooth lines and classic cuts.

No wonder, Izod is still one of the best companies to produce top rated shirts. And despite all their accomplishment as one of the top companies for this line, Izod continues to expand and develop wide range of new product lines. From Izod shirts, they have extended their line to shoes, perfume and other leather accessories.

most trend izod polo

Brief History: Getting To Know Izod Well

Jack Izod is a well-respected tailor in London. He was known for creating well-tailored shirts. He even created the Windsor knot for King George V. During the 1930’s, he encountered an American businessman in the name of Vincent de Paul Draddy. Draddy asked him for the rights of his well-respected name as brand name for the new shirt business he was venturing that time.  Izod gave that opportunity to Draddy since he was about to retire that time. So in 1938, the A.J. Izod Clothing of London was brought to America making the beginnings of Izod shirts.

From 1952 to 1993, Izod was merged with Lacoste. This merging brought out the name Izod shirts. They have enjoyed great dominance during this time. They were able to create the ‘preppy look’ concept that became the ‘80s rave for casual fashion at that time. It was on this time that they extended their products to other fashion necessities such as perfume, sunglasses, shoes, watches, belts and some other leather accessories.

mens original izod shirt silk wash

But just like any other pedestal achieved in the market, some have to step down to give chance for other new fashion ideas to reign. This happened to Izod as well. As both Izod and Lacoste observed how hard it was to maintain the market, they decided to stop their merge and go on to different paths. Lacoste concentrated on being a luxury brand while Izod aim to cater to the middle class with their affordable apparel prices. Since their separation, they were bought by two different companies. Lacoste was bought by Sportloisirs S.A. and Philipps Van Huesen Corporation bought Izod. PVH had given a new logo for Izod which is the crest. IZ is also one variation of the Izod logo. Izod polo shirts, the well known Izod product line, have logo crests embroidered on the pocket with colors matching the polo shirt.

And up to this date, Izod continues to be one of the top brands producing the best quality casual wear in the market.

ladies ultimate performance polo shirt

Popular Design And Styles

Izod popularized the preppy look since 1950’s. The best known Izod product is the short-sleeved polo which had gained many wearers even during its partnership with Lacoste in 1950’s. Other popular designs are the Izod dress shirts which give women a sporty yet very feminine look and also G-9 Harrington jacket and V-neck sweaters and hoodies. And with all its styles, Izod shirts always kept its well-tailored look and comfortable design.

Fashion And Wearing Tips

Izod is the euphemism for elegance in a casual wear. It is known for the comfort it can provide to its wearers. However, comfort does not mean lousy wear. There are many ways that you can wear Izod to maximize its casual style.

  • Izod polo shirt can be worn on a casual day. It can also be an office wear or as an under shirt of a corporate jacket.
  • Izod shirts for men are sporty. You can wear it as a golf shirt because it has a classy taste.
  • Izod dress shirts are best worn with Izod tennis shoes. Flats and even flip-flops on a very laidback mode.
  • Izod also has a line for kids and toddlers. They offer trendy designs of shirts, shorts and hoodies. Most of the time, they come in three piece matching sets.

comfy izod polo shirts set

Izod’s history is a story of success and dominance in its given genre. The decades of popularity of the Izod shirts was evidence enough to show that it can satisfy the basic necessities of the consumer since the day it was introduced. Izod shirts are truly what it is, the most elegant casual wear for all times.