Bamboo Flooring – An Affordable Flooring Style

Bamboo flooring is the most affordable way to make your floor look rich and classic. Bamboo is a type of grass grown in the Asian countries. It grows quite quickly and is extremely durable. South Asian people make several day to day items from utensils and hats to baskets using bamboo. The western world started to use bamboo as an ornamental plant before two decades. Soon, they realized the importance and sturdiness of the material and started to use it as an alternative for several costly wood works. Bamboo furniture flocked the garden furniture industry for quite some time. Then bamboo flooring became a sudden sensation in the construction world.

The Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

1)    It is true that the material is absolutely sturdy. They can be used as a good alternative for softwood floors. But, they cannot compare in durability with hardwood flooring.

2)    Bamboo flooring is naturally termite resistant. But, constant leaking on the inner parts of the floor might make it worn out very quickly.

3)    Bamboo flooring is quite affordable and can be used extensively throughout the house. They cost only about $3 per square foot. It takes an expert eye to differentiate the modern processed bamboo floor and a real hardwood floor.

4)    Most of the bamboo flooring reviews claim they are the best in the world. But it is not completely true. Bamboo can sustain hot and humid climatic conditions prevalent in the Asian countries for a long time. But, it gives up after a few years in intensive cold of the western countries.

5)    Though installing bamboo farming in very easy and it is claimed as the most eco-friendly product, it is equivalent to using other products. The growth of the natural Asian products industry also forced them to cut and grow bamboo forcibly causing serious threat to the flora of the area. Installation is as tiresome and effortful as any other wood flooring.

 Quick Ways On Installing Bamboo Flooring

6)    Many people simply choose to install laminate flooring instead of choosing hardwood or bamboo for their house. But, when it comes to increasing the value of the house and long lasting durability, these wood are worth the cost and effort put in. After all, who likes to go through the complete floor installation in every two years time?

7)    When it comes to maintenance of bamboo flooring, it doesn’t require any effort. Simply wiping the stains with a damp cloth will remove any solid stain. Similarly, processed bamboo does not need much varnishing or painting.