Lasting Experience Assured With Kiddie Pool Floats

Kids love to swim in the pool. There is a saying that “young calf knows no fear“, likewise kids are not aware of the dangers in the swimming pool. They don’t know that they may get drowned and die during their play. There are many other disasters taking place in the pools. Only being safe can save them from accidents. So parents must take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their kids .They ought to provide them the required safety but not at the cost of their enjoyment. Primarily what they must do is to get them a strong, attractive kiddie pool floats. Using these floats, their kids can learn to swim safely. One more important thing which the parents ought to provide their kids is the infant life vests. Many may wonder what these infant life vests are. It’s nothing but the “life jackets“.

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Possible Accidents

There are several types of accidents possible to take place in the pools. The short list will be the kid might have fainted and get drowned. Their head might be submerged or they may suffer from severe or minor spinal injury. At such times it’s better to ask someone to make a call to 911.But at the same time they should try to get the child out of the pool as quickly as possible without causing more damage to their injury thus great care is needed when lifting them up from the water. There is also a possibility of the child getting trapped in the draining pipes and other holes.

Immediate Actions

Before getting help, parents should check whether there is pulse. If there is no pulse then they need to do CPR. But primarily the parents should have taken a class on CPR. These classes can be attended at the local Red Cross and also at a very cheap cost of only 50 to 100 bucks. It can be learned within few hours. Every parent should take this seriously because they should not stand helpless when their kid struggling for life. It’s not necessary to take the water out of the body as shown in all the creepy cinemas. It’s more than enough to give a continuous air flow in to the kid for every 3-5 minutes.

Safety Precautions

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Kiddie pool floats and infant life vests are necessarily to be provided to the kids by their parents. There are several types of floats. They can inflate it with the help of a small  cylinder which can be used to pump in the air. Some of the safety precautions to be noted are:

  • Children should not swim without the supervision of the adults.
  • These life kiddie pool floats and infant life vests should be in a reachable distance at the time of emergency.
  • It’s better to wear those jackets and then start to swim.
  • Kids should stay away from those draining pipes.
  • Parents getting to know about the CPR.
  • Children must be taught the basic swimming skills to avoid such incidents.
  • Some alarms can be placed within the pools to indicate the emergency situation.
  • Credited or experienced lifeguards should always be present within the area.

Kiddie pool floats will not only ensure safety to your children. Children who are learning to swim will gain some amount of confidence as they try to learn the techniques of swimming. They will also be able to enjoy the whole experience and gain some friends in the process. To sum it all up, swimming is an outdoor experience with every kid that they will never forget as they grow old. Kiddie pool floats are important accessories to make sure that these experiences are worth every second of their time.

Baby Floats Essentials

Nothing beats the joy parents feel when they see their toddlers enjoy in the water. However, because the kids have not learned how to swim yet, it is your job to ensure that they are well-protected as they dip themselves in the cool water during the hot summer heat. That is why it always pays to have baby floats in handy at this time of the year. They do not only keep your child safe, but comfortable while swimming as well.

Importance of Using Baby Floats

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Baby floats are inflatable swimming devices that come in various cute and child-friendly designs. These devices are important as they serve as little rafts to allow your kids to have an enjoyable time in the water despite of the fact that they are too young to learn how to swim on their own. This do not benefit the child alone, but also the parents as they will have time to relax and bond with the kids at the same time.

A typical parent tends to have fear for his/her child’s water safety, especially when they are still too little to swim. But with proper usage of baby floats, this fear is guaranteed to disappear. And with proper adult supervision, these kiddie devices are absolutely safe and proven to remain floating, even if a child already puts his/her weight on top of them.

Another interesting feature of baby floats is the adjustable top or canopy. This acts as the kid’s protection from excessive exposure to sun’s rays, which can lead to sunburn and even heatstroke. With this useful addition, you can block 90 percent of the harmful ultraviolet rays, without having to cover your baby’s head all the time.

Aside from baby floats, you can also make use of other safety gears like an infant life vest. It also keeps your child secure in the pool water, while keeping them comfortable with its durable nylon material and thick foam padding. Most models are equipped with a grab handle and leg strap for added security and able to carry up to 30 pounds of weight.

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Buying Tips: What to Look For

These are the important factors you should look for when shopping for baby floats:


Obviously, this is the most important quality a parent should prioritize. You’ll know that a baby float is safe if it maintains its buoyancy when placed in water. Consider buying baby floats with two inflation tubes so that even if one of them leaks, the device will still be able to support your child.


This factor is very essential to prevent your toddler from toppling over in case someone suddenly jumps or splashes into the pool. To ensure stability and avoid the risk of drowning, you should purchase a baby float that has low seat.


If your child is too young, you should go for a pool float that resembles a car seat which is just enough for the baby to sit in. Also, any type of covering or shading is important as the kids have sensitive skin.

Actually, there are numerous styles of baby floats to choose from. You can choose the design your child likes, but make sure that it has all the qualities listed above.

All About Life Jackets

Just like the name suggests, life jackets should be worn in order to be safe in water. They have been designed to protect you and to save your life from drowning. These are your only line of defense when in the water. They protect you in many ways and some of them are listed below along with some information:

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  • They protect you against hypothermia – the rapid falling of your body temperature. When you are in trouble, rescue will not arrive immediately. Your body might suffer from hypothermia and to avoid that you can pull your legs up in line with the chest to preserve your body heat.  This can be a big safety measure as help arrives.
  • Life jackets are available in numerous colors and they can be easily spotted. Today you will also find options that have reflective tape sewn on them. This ensures visibility even in the dark.
  • Bad circumstances come uncalled for. Life jackets give you protection at all times and in such cases, your risks of drowning will be greatly reduced. Wearing a jacket will also give you a peace of mind and you won’t panic.

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  • You can find infant life vest, kids life jackets, youth vests and adult vests and each has a different weight measurement as well as chest measurement. If you wear something that is loose, it will slip out and you will have no protection. Too small a jacket can snap and the buckles can break and may not even be enough to support your body mass underwater, thus defeating their purpose.
  • All life jackets are made from synthetic material and in order to maintain buoyancy, it has a source such as a chamber of air or foam.
  • Inflation also varies in various life jackets. The inflatable life jackets may be manual, hydrostatic or automatic. They have to be inflated fully prior to use.

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The types of life jackets

There are essentially five types of life jackets and each as its own uses. Depending on which one you require, you should make a choice.

  • Type 1: You can use this kind for any type of water and these jackets are ideal if chances are that the rescue team will take time to arrive. These life jackets offer the highest buoyancy and can be easily worn. These are designed to turn you to face-up position if you are unconscious in a face-down position in water.
  • Type 2: These jackets are intended for calm water and when rescue is nearby and can be expected quickly. It is not as efficient as type 1 jackets in turning the unconscious wearer.
  • Type 3: This serves the same purpose as type 2 but it is very comfortable and can be worn for longer period of time.
  • Type 4 and type 5 can’t be worn. They are thrown to the drowning person to hold onto and save himself.

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Life jackets are indeed saviours in the unforgivable water. If you think they are expensive, you could search online or at stores for life jackets for sale but you should never compromise on quality.

All About Inflatable Life Vest

Also called the Personal Floatation Device or PDF, life jacket and life vest should be worn while in the waters especially if you do not know how to swim. Since they were designed to save lives, they came to be popularly known as “life” vests. These are important especially if you don’t know how to swim or are a novice at any water activity such as boating and skiing. The inflatable life vest is extremely important and should be your first preference when you go paddling, canoeing or anything else. Because of carelessness and overconfidence, many people die each year. Even experienced swimmers need the life vest because in worse conditions like strong currents, cold water and huge waves, they could be exhausted and not be able to swim any further. Hence, in order to be safe and to avoid injuries and accidents, the inflatable life vest is a must.

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Points to Remember about the Inflatable Life Vest

  • You should never buy a life jacket without the ‘Coast Guard Approved’ label. Only those jackets that have been approved have the potential of protecting you and saving your life. However, in the United States every inflatable life vest that is sold is approved. The point to remember thus is the reason for which it has the approval. Not every vest is designed in the same manner. While some vests are designed to help you during blue-water sailing, others are for river rescue. Depending on your needs thus, you should make your choice.
  • There are various types of life jackets such as the inflatable life vest with harness and the automatic inflatable life vest. Based on the level of protection you need, you can make your pick. These are especially ideal for children and first timers. If you have a baby, you can buy the infant life vest for him that is designed to protect your baby and not allow any harm.

automatic inflatable life vest with harness

  • Another concern is to wear the life vest properly. An improperly worn life jacket will actually not serve any purpose. Regardless of the attire you are wearing, the life jacket must fit you. Comfort is also an important factor and thus, before purchasing, you should make sure you try it on.

Essential Steps on Wearing a Jacket

  • Put the inflatable life vest on and adjust it to fit you accurately. You will either have adjustable straps or simple straps. If you have simple ties, make sure you tie them twice. Adjustable straps are a better choice since you can adjust them accordingly and make sure they fit you well.

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  • If you are making your child wear it, you should make sure one strap is adjusted between the legs. This is a strong recommendation because with smaller kids there is the risk of the life jacket slipping off.
  • Once you wear the life jacket, you should move your hands and see if you can move them freely. If you are uncomfortable with the movement or if you find it restricted, you should buy another one.
  • One point to remember is that you should never try to make alterations. Fiddling with the life vest can lower its efficiency.

good inflatable life vest reviews

While searching, you can also rely on the inflatable life vest reviews for a better idea of its efficiency. You have many options and brands to pick from like the Puddle jumper life jacket.

Important Features Of Infant Life Vest

For parents who love water activities such as boating or fishing, having a baby could mean avoiding the action they love so much or worse, quitting it totally. Aside from the fact that they have to take care of their child, they also have to consider the safety of the baby, which most of the time means keeping off the water. However, such issues could be remedied by using an infant life vest. The vests have been approved and designed specifically for infant use. They allow infants to go along on water trips and let the parents enjoy the sport they love so much. For parents who live in houseboats, a neoprene infant life vest is a big blessing.

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Shopping Tips

There are some things that need to be considered if you are going to buy an infant life vest. Some of them are the following:

  • Ease Of Use – the best infant life vest is the one that can be put on and off easily. This will ensure that you can put the jacket on to your baby quickly if ever there is an emergency, or if you are under extreme stress.

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  • Vest Design – the design of the infant life vest must keep your child face up, if ever he or she falls into the water. In an emergency situation, the life jacket will float your child with the face upwards and away from the water, thus preventing drowning. The life jacket must cradle the baby’s head up thereby preventing it from touching the water.
  • Material Of The Jacket – the material for your infant life vest must not only be strong and durable but also comfortable. This should be given more consideration if you intend to have your child put on the life vest for long periods of time.

elasticized infant life vest

A life vest is traditionally orange in color and a baby or toddler may not always like wearing the same boring color. Fortunately, there are plenty great patterns and colors that are available. Some infant life vests even have the logo of your favorite sports teams while others popular cartoon characters that will surely create an appeal to your young one. If the life vest is to his or her liking, your child will most likely want to wear the jacket whenever you are in the water. If you are unsure about what to purchase, you may read on some infant life vest reviews online first, so that you can make an informed decision.

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Always bear in mind that although an infant life vest vastly increases the safety of your child near or in the water, it should not be substituted for adult supervision. In fact, it does not have to be stated that babies must always be under the strict supervision of an adult, whether he or she is wearing a life vest or not. An infant life vest is designed to only increase the safety level not to take responsibility for your child. Thus, you must always ensure that everything is safe before indulging in any water activity.