Safety Precautions to Note When Skiing

A day of skiing or a skiing vacation can be ruined by someone who is not taking the proper safety precautions when skiing. So, getting to the slopes safely and staying safe while there should be in the forefront of every skier’s mind so all can enjoy an exhilarating day on the slopes.

Safety Precaution Tips to Note

  • Wear a helmet
  • Use proper ski equipment
  • Wear properly fitted goggles
  • Take ski lessons to get proper instructions
  • Wear proper clothing, including a helmet liner, and bring an extra pair of gloves, if in case one gets wet
  • Follow the rules and do not go off the trail
  • Ski with someone else
  • Stay in good shape by exercising all year and take some time off the slopes if you are feeling tired

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Skier Safety Tips to Note

By taking these proper safety precautions when skiing, the sport will be no more dangerous than any other energetic participation sport. Of course, everyone must take responsibility for their own safety, but it is also every skier’s responsibility to ski safely and courteously, and to protect other skiers on the slopes. Skiers should then:

1)  Always ski in control to be able to stop to avoid others

2)  Do not stand in the middle of a slope, obstructing it for other skiers who may not see you

3)  Look uphill when beginning a run or skiing into a merged trail

4)  Before using a lift, make sure you know how to get on and off it properly

By being polite, showing common sense and observing the safety precautions when skiing, everyone will have an enjoyable day on the slopes. If you are looking for the best ski rack to hold your ski equipment, then read on about Thule Company and the products they offer you.

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The Thule Group, makers of the Thule ski rack, was awarded Action Sports Vendor of the Year in January. They tout the fact that their racks get you and your skis to the slopes safely. Once at the slopes, safety precautions when skiing take precedence.

Versions and Types of Thule Ski Rack

There are several versions of the Thule ski rack for getting your skis to the slopes, all of which have rated five stars and all of which are fully locking.

  • UNIVERSAL PULL TOPslides to the side of the car from the roof with telescoping arms for easy loading, with a 30″ platform that fits up to six pair of skis or four snowboards.
  • UNIVERSAL FLAT TOP (92725)soft rubber arms and oversized buttons give good protection and effortless access, with a 30″ platform that holds up to six pair of skis or four snowboards
  • UNIVERSAL FLAT TOP (92724) – same basic rack as the 92725, but is 7″ smaller, with a 23″ platform that holds up to four pair of skis or two snowboards
  • SNOWCAT – for use on cars that come from the factory with built-in side rails so that no crossbars are needed, with a telescoping steel bar for a precise fit on the vehicle’s roof size, can hold up to six pair of skis or four snowboards
  • HITCH SKI CARRIERtransports skis on the vehicle’s rear on a Thule hitch or spare tire carrier, holds up to six pair of skis or four snowboards, with rubber arms to prevent scratches on the vehicle.

The Thule ski rack comes with their Speed Link mounting system, which is easy to install and convenient to use, on all racks except the Hitch Ski Carrier and the Snowcat.