Important Infant Vaccinations Parents Should Know

For parents who are concerned about the future state of health of their children, you should know about important infant vaccinations. These vaccinations may effectively protect a child from particular diseases. The child’s immune system is developed to be able to withstand infectious organisms and their effects.

Top 5 Vaccinations Your Child Should Get

There are a lot of important infant vaccinations that your child should get, but here are five of them that you should consider well for your child’s health and protection:

  • Vaccine #1. Flu Vaccine:

    One of the most common is the flu vaccine. The influenza vaccine can help children avoid possible serious complications caused by flu. These flu vaccines for children can come in the form of an injectable solution or one that is administered as a nasal spray. You can go to your family doctor to ask for proper administration of this vaccine.

essential and important infant vaccinations

  • Vaccine #2. MMR:

    Measles is another common condition that children need to be protected from. The MMR vaccine protects people not just from measles but also from mumps and rubella. Those who get the vaccine can get a very high chance of protection. Remember that measles can cause a lot of dangerous complications if not managed early in the disease process. Some cases may progress to respiratory infection, deafness and even brain damage, if not properly addressed.

  • Vaccine #3. Tetanus:

    The tetanus vaccine is essential for children to get. This is one of the many important infant vaccinations that can help improve the well being of a child and help him or her avoid life-threatening diseases. This disease can cause breathing complications as well as paralysis of the body. When there is a break in the skin, there is an opportunity for the bacteria that causes tetanus to get into the body. Your kids can usually play in the sand or on the ground. They may even go barefoot at several occasions. This makes them more susceptible to tetanus and even other infections.

These days, the vaccination for tetanus is added with important infant vaccinations for diphtheria and whooping cough. The child’s body, once properly vaccinated, is protected against the tetanus toxin.

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  • Vaccine #4. Polio Vaccine:

    Inactivated polio vaccine is given to children in order to protect them from polio. Polio is a disease that is characterized by minor as well as major symptoms. Severe cases can lead to paralysis on the affected extremities. The first dose is given starting the second month of life. At age 4 months, the child should receive another dose. A third dose is given when the child is 6 to 18 months old. Then a booster dose might be needed. This is given to a child when he or she is 4 to 6 years old.

  • Vaccine #5. Hepatitis A:

    Hepatitis A is a condition which might be spread via the oral-fecal route. The chance of your child getting this condition may be quite high. It may be spreadby one family member to another. It might also be transmitted via poorly prepared food. The child usually receives the Hepatitis A vaccine when he or she is 12 to 23 months old.

There are still a lot of important infant vaccinations that your child must receive. It is essential that you have your child vaccinated against the most common and the most serious diseases that are present out there.