How To Make Fireplace Child Friendly and Safe

A direct vent gas fireplace offers many advantages, even for those who are used to wood fireplaces. An obvious advantage is that unlike wood fireplaces which produce a lot of smoke, gas fireplaces do their job without being too conspicuous about it. There is no chance of smoke with a vent gas fireplace, and you can trust it to heat the room adequately. The biggest challenge with a gas fireplace is how to make fireplace child friendly and safe for use by the family.

Safety Fireplace Precautions for the Family

Notwithstanding all the advantages of a gas fireplace,
precautions should be taken by the homeowner in order to make it safe for everyone in the house. Families with small children should be especially careful. When a gas fireplace runs, the glass can get heated to double the temperature of boiling water, which means that operating it needs extreme safety precautions. It is important to know how to make fireplace child friendly and safe.

 tips on how to make fireplace child friendly

Here are some tips for child safety when using a gas fireplace:

  • Using Safety Screens:

These screens are a must with small children around, and their easy availability increases their popularity. It is necessary to install these screens as the glass on the fireplace can become extremely hot when it operates. Temperatures can get high enough to burn anyone close enough to touch the glass by accident. So keep the protective barrier properly in place while using a gas fireplace. Make sure the children do not get near enough to get themselves burned.

  • Installing Safety Gates:

In order to know how to make fireplace child friendly, read up on safety measures used for gas fireplaces. Safety gates are extremely essential when you have a vent gas fireplace in the house. You can have the safety gates installed at the entrance of the room where the fireplace is fitted. This can prevent young children from wandering into the room and having accidents due to the high temperature generated while the fireplace operates.

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  • Alerting and Supervising Children:

Even with all the safety measures running, it is important not to let young children get close to the fireplace. If the child is old enough to understand warnings, alert him about the consequences. With very young children and restless, toddlers supervision is the way to be safe rather than sorry. The gas fireplace should be considered as a home zone on high alert before, during, and after its operation. Do not slacken supervision even after you have finished using the fireplace, as the glass remains hot for nearly an hour afterwards.

It is important to do your homework on safely using of gas fireplace in your home. The market often comes up with new innovations that add to the usability of gas fireplaces. Even if you have safety measures installed, it is a good idea to know about the latest accessories in the market, and remain updated on how to make fireplace child friendly. Keeping this brief guideline in mind can help you decide safety measures for your gas fireplace.