Steps On How To Customize Trophies

Trophies seem to be one of the great mementos in commemorating special events or contests may it be in sports or in talents. They are reminders of the effort poured out and success attained in the mentioned events. A personalized or customized trophy is even more precious; hence, the need to know how to customize trophies. You can consider lots of options when it’s all about customization of trophies. The appearance and dimensions of the trophies you want will depend on the type of event you are going to organize. Time, effort and creative ideas are needed in customizing trophies.

three tier cut out trophy base

Steps on How to Customize Trophies

Customizing trophies takes some time. Here are some ways on how customized trophies are made.

  • Give the date that you will need the trophies. Make sure that you order in advance so that the one that will make the trophy will have enough time to follow the timeline and prepare a well-made masterpiece. The amount of time is dependent upon several factors including the type of trophy and number that you have picked. Yes, trophies do have sizes and numbers.
  • Pick a design that you desire and will suit the event organized. Are you going to present or award it on a sporting event? If so, pick a design that represents that particular type of sports. Are you going to pick it for a business event? If so, stick with a star design which is unique and universal. You can upload your company logo too and include it in the design.
  • You also need to pick a base for your trophy. There are different kinds of bases like metal, wood, plastic or acrylic that are commonly used for the preparation and customization of trophies for different events.
  • Select a color that meets your design. Remember also to define the color of the plaque, which will be used for writing texts or wordings on your trophies.
  • Customizing trophies also include deciding on what will be the first line on the plaque of your trophy. If it is prepared for a sporting event, make sure that you are going to use the title of championship such as “Star Championship.” Sometimes, trophies are presented to different academic winners, so make sure that you are going to represent names and grades.
  • If the event was already prejudged, don’t forget to enlist the name of the particular person whom the trophy is going to be awarded. You can place the name of the person under the event title, which is the best place for enlisting the person’s name. If it’s a sporting event, instead of names, you can just place the words “1st Runner Up” and so on.

unique awards trophy with doughnut

There are a lot of local stores or online stores that offers customization of trophies. Aside from customized trophies, online stores also offer discount trophy which enables you to save more money. If you order at online stores, just don’t don’t forget to check the reviews of the quality of the products. Since you already have some insights on how to customize trophies, make sure to have clear preference and instructions so that you can create a wonderful souvenir worth remembering the event you organized and the effort of those who participated.