How To Clean Printers

It is just annoying to see faded regions, black lines, or faded text whenever you print a document that you worked so hard on. Because of this, it is truly essential to learn how to clean printers in order to ensure that they will last long and will come up with good printing results.

Basic Guidelines To Cleaning Printers

This article will show you the guidelines in basic printer cleaning and maintenance. These can be done by following these simple steps.

1.)  First, gather all the materials that you will be using for printer cleaning such as soft cloth and cleaning solution for plastic. If you don’t have a cleaning solution, using water would suffice.

2.)  Review your printer’s manual. If the manufacturer specified instructions on how to clean printers there, follow them carefully.

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3.)  Turn the printer off before starting with cleaning.

4.)  Moist the soft cloth with cleaning solution or water.

5.)  Wipe the exterior of the printer. Be sure to not let the fluid go inside its interior.

Procedure In Cleaning Nozzles And Cartridges

1.)    If your printer has cleaning buttons, use them.

2.)    Using the software provided, initiate the cleaning process. To do so, double-click the printer icon or open a document and then select the Print option from the File menu.

3.)    Click the Options, Clean Print Cartridges, Troubleshooting, or any similar button.

4.)    Choose the Run Nozzle Check option or any similar button to start the cleaning process.

5.)    Follow the rest of the instructions that will appear on your computer screen.

6.)    If you are not satisfied with the results, just repeat the cleaning process.

7.)    Visit your manufacturer’s website for detailed procedures on cleaning cartridges and printer’s interior manually. If your printer happens to be a Canon, search the web for Canon Printer Support.

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How To Keep Your Printer Clean

1.)    The printer head is an important part of your printer. That is why you have clean it occasionally to avoid clogging and drying up of its ink. To do so, wipe all area that you can reach on your printer.

2.)    Do not use hard brush as it can cause damages to the printer head.

3.)    Clean the printer regularly for easier cleaning and to avoid too much dust build-up.

4.)    Always run the self-cleaning process of your printer. This will save you time and effort as you won’t have to clean it manually. Most printers have this feature now, although there are some that still don’t have.

5.)    Buying a cleaning kit for your printer is also a good idea. This kit will help you to clean the printer carefully without causing any damage to it.

Additional Cleaning Tips And Reminders

1.)    Do not use ammonia-based cleaning solution.

2.)    Do not let fluids enter the ventilation holes on your printer.

3.)    Bring your printer to a professional for cleaning at least once a year, depending on how often you use your printer.

4.)    Old cotton clothing scraps are good for cleaning printers.

5.)    Always print a test page before printing another document again if your printer has been idle for a long period of time. Doing this will prevent the cartridge from drying out.