How To Brush Hair Properly

Most people do not know how to brush hair. Brushing hair is one of those things that appear as routine, but it is quite crucial. Not only does brushing your hair help it to grow long, but it also allows the hair to untangle, and this may leave it having a smooth, shiny sheen. One of the most valuable tips of making hair grow long fast is frequently combing it. Brushing hair properly has a lot of benefits and one should take it particularly seriously. Using the paddle brush will help you not to break your hair a lot as it has a specific setting in the bristles that allow hair to pass through. Here, are some tips on how to brush hair properly:

Always start at the tips
Do not force hair to straighten if it’s tangled at the tip. This is because it may result in the tips breaking and leaving your hair looking grim. When using a paddle brush, brush hair from the tips and work towards the roots, always disentangling extremely slowly. Do not pull at the tips or treat the hair roughly as this will cause breakage. That is not how to brush hair that is weak.

tips on how to brush hair

Always brush hair before going to bed
This is the golden rule of healthy hair brushing. Brush your hair gently for about half an hour before settling to bed as this is particularly crucial for its growth. Brushing hair a hundred strokes each day before sleeping may give it a healthy sheen and help it grow longer. It also helps distribute the hair oils well in the follicles.

Brush hair when it is dry
Brushing your hair when it’s wet is a lousy idea. Not only is wet hair unusually weak and susceptible to breakage, it is also highly likely to get entangled and cause you to break it at the tips. When your hair is wet, gentle brushing with a paddle brush may help to dry it out after which you can do the aggressive brushing. This is the most significant how to brush hair tip.

Do not rough up your hair when it’s wet
After washing your hair, do not wipe it off aggressively with a towel and just pat it dry instead. This will help the hair to retain some moisture and also avoid hair breakage. After this, you can brush your hair properly using the paddle brush and this will help it dry thoroughly.

tips on how to brush hair properly

How to brush hair that has been over processed
Perming hair and putting dyes might be particularly harmful to your hair by making it immensely weak. In order to take care of this type of hair, one has to brush it very gently starting at the tips and working through to the roots. Using a paddle brush will help avoid breaking it and also disentangle the tips especially if it’s wet. It will make styling easy and make hair manageable.

How to brush hair properly
Hair should always be brushed backwards. This means that if you are working on your hair you should start at the nape of your neck and comb it towards your back. This makes styling easy and makes your hair strong because it tangles less. Those are crucial tips on how to brush hair.