How Much Will Having A Baby Cost

You’ve found out that your pregnant and you’ve announced it to your loved ones. The registry is set up and you’re ready to open all your new mom gifts at the baby shower. What exactly do you have to prepare for financially, though? Learn how much will having a baby cost so that you can plan for the expense. Many parents get preoccupied with the excitement of having their first child and they forget to crunch the numbers and take an honest look at the dollar signs.

Saving For The Coming Of Your Baby

It’s tempting to scoop up every tiny, adorable piece of clothing and fuzzy stuffed animal that you come across with. While your pregnant, though, your main concern and expense should be on your health and the health of your unborn child. Don’t sacrifice a healthy pregnancy for cutesy items. “How much will having a baby cost?” doesn’t have to be scary if you stick to the essentials.

know how much will having a baby cost

  • Prenatal Care Cost

If you have health insurance, it should pay for a portion of your prenatal care. Visit your OB for the first time when you’re eight weeks pregnant. You’ll need to visit several more times before the baby comes. The cost of prenatal care out-of-pocket is about $2,000. However, health insurance should cover your visit, diagnostic tests and ultrasounds. This is a big help when it comes to how much will having a baby cost.

  • Prenatal Vitamins Cost

Prepare to take a prenatal vitamin daily. Over-the-counter prenatal vitamins can cost between $10 and $20 for one bottle. Some health insurance companies will cover a portion of this cost.

  • Maternity Clothes Cost

You’ll also need to set some money aside for maternity clothes, unless you know someone who can give you theirs. If you can find hand-me-downs, you can lower how much will having a baby cost.

  • Baby Clothes And Must-Haves Cost

When it comes to shopping for items for your baby, so many products out there are niceties but not necessities. First focus on what you absolutely can’t live without and then shop for fun or luxury items if you have extra spending money.

The fundamentals are:

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  1. Car seat

  2. Crib

  3. Diapers

  4. Baby wipes

  5. Changing table

  6. Baby clothes

  7. Baby monitor

  8. Stroller

Most strollers include a removable car seat, so you can knock two things off your list if you buy one like that. Don’t go overboard when it comes to baby clothes. Your child will quickly grow and move up the size chart, so you don’t need an overwhelming amount of kids clothes in any one size.

Thrifty moms can get all of these items for a few hundred dollars, but never sacrifice the safety of the crib, car seat, or stroller just to save a few bucks.