Honeywell filters

Honeywell filters can make a difference in the quality of air in your home or office. There are a few filters that we will talk about in this article. We will start with the HEPA, or High Efficiency Particle Air filter, for great filtration of air.

HEPA filters have activated carbon to really be effective at catching both small and large particles in the air. You will notice the quality of the air if you have allergies or any breathing conditions which affect your lungs. And you will notice quite a bit less particles on furniture around the house if you filter your air house-wide.

high efficiency HEPA filters

HEPA filters take out dust, pollen and disease causing things like mold and asbestos particles and bacteria and viruses. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get a cold or other virus, as you can get these in other places than your filtered house. But it would reduce the spread of these in your house when your house has a HEPA filter. You still do have to treat whatever room has the mold in it, though. If a room, such as a bathroom has mold, to make HEPA most effective, you still have to treat that room anyhow. There is no going around this part.

Air filters are not the HEPA filters that you would use if you had wanted a HEPA filter. These are just a mesh like filter that you would pop into the HVAC of your home to catch bigger particles. These don’t filter out bacteria or viruses or mold like a HEPA filter would. These are also cheaper as it is usually a cardboard frame with a mesh like interior in this. It normally doesn’t have the activated carbon in this to filter out the small particles. You may get more dust on furniture if you just rely on these and not HEPA, which takes out the smaller particles.

honeywell humidifier filter

Honeywell humidifier filters can be bought for either a point of use humidifier, which is a humidifier for one room, or a whole house humidifier. Generic filters won’t work as well, or last as long, especially for a Honeywell humidifier, whatever the humidifier use is for. The humidifiers can have filters to keep pathogens and other unwanted things out of the air in your house. Every one to three months, the humidifier filter needs to be changed. Or it can be cleaned if it is still usable. If it is gunged, throw it out and get a new filter, preferable a Honeywell humidifier filter.

Honeywell Filters – Creating A Cleaner Home Atmosphere

Honeywell filters are well known for their efficiency and durability. They can last for as long as one year and are sixty times more effective compared to ordinary 1 inch fiberglass filters. Honeywell air filters are so easy to install and available in various sizes that will fit all models of Honeywell and most of Space Guard, Trion Air Bear and Aprilair.

Its All About Honeywell Filters

An essential factor that separates Honeywell air filters and purifiers from other brands is the use of HEPA technology. Thus, air filters from Honeywell can remove particles that are as tiny as viruses and molds. This is an important feature because it has been shown that indoor air can actually be from five to a hundred times more polluted than the air outdoor. Thus, people who have allergies and are suffering from asthma and sinus disorders can be a lot safer when they stay inside their homes.

Hepa Clean Honeywell Air Filters

Benefits of Honeywell Filters with HEPA

There are many advantages in using Honeywell air filters with HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Arresting technology. Among them are:

  • There is no ozone that is produced by HEPA filters that can cause breathing difficulties for people who are suffering from asthma or allergies.
  • Most models of air purifiers can actually emit loud noises. A HEPA filter operates more quietly. In fact, it only produces “white noise”, which is like the sound of soft wind. By using Honeywell filters humidifier, noise would relax you instead of disturb you.
  • Permanent HEPA filters are easy to clean and can actually save you money over time. You only need to vacuum them a couple of times each year to maintain them.


Honeywel Filter-free Warm Mist Humidifier

The use of permanent filters is a significant advantage that is provided by Honeywell filters. Thus, you do not have to buy replacement filters, lowering your maintenance expenses. All Honeywell air purifiers have been designed to be energy efficient and only require minimum amount of power to function. You can even find Honeywell air purifiers for home that have been given an Energy Star rating.

There are also Honeywell models that were incorporated with electronic air filters for house. This means that the purifier cleans the air through the generation of electrostatic charges. Unwanted particles floating in the air are charged electrostatically, making them cling to collector blades for easy removal. Even the water that you drink can be made purer as there are Honeywell water filters that is using similar technology which are available on the market as well.

Get Honeywell Braukmann Water Filter

No matter what the size of your home is, there is always a Honeywell air purifier model that will be suitable. There are models that require regular changing of filters and there are those that require vacuum cleaning only. For easy monitoring of Honeywell filters, you can choose models that were incorporated with filter indicators instead.