Comparing HID Lights Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing the best headlights, several factors determine if one settles for the best. Such factors include the power consumption level, visibility and price among many others. Given the wide array of these lights, it becomes somewhat daunting to settle for the best. However, the HID lights have managed to be some of the best for a long time. The high intensity discharge lights are commonly referred to as the HID lights in the world of automobiles. Their widespread use in the automobile’s industry is highly attributed to their relative cheap prices. Other than that, these lights tend to be safer as they produce a white- blue light that is more or less like the natural daylight. A look at a comparison between the HID lights pros and cons will go a long way in pointing out some outstanding differences between these lights.

cons and pros of hid light

Advantages Of HID Lights

  • The HID lights are with no doubt an addition that easily helps one make a fashion statement as they are stylish. What’s more, they are quite economical as they last for a longer period unlike other counterparts such as the halogen headlights. They are hence an investment that is worth every given penny you spend on them. If you are still struggling with what to settle on in the comparisons for HID lights pros and cons, you now know that the HID lights will prove to be more helpful in the long run.
  • In the comparisons between the HID lights pros and cons, the HID lights have proven to be less prone to wear and tear hence will always give you the true value that your money is worth. The HID bulbs are highly reputed for a longer shelf life than their counterparts.
  • To make it even better, these lights tend to use less battery power when compared to the halogen headlights. This is based on the fact that, they require 25w/12v power supply as opposed to other traditional lights that will demand for 55w/ 12v.
  • Unlike the traditional lights, the HID lights do not use filaments to produce light. For anyone looking for headlights that will require minimal maintenance, then choosing the HID lights over the traditional lights will make more sense given that they do not use the said filaments.
  • Notably, the HID lights offer one more safety as opposed to the other lights. This is justified by that fact that, with their higher luminous power, these lights helps motorists to see further distances while they are driving as well as allow other motorists to see you at further ranges, hence help to avoid accidents to quite a large extent. With an improved night time visibility and other numerous advantages of over their competitors, one would comfortably say that the in a comparison between the HID lights vs. other types of lights, the headlights are a more preferred and ideal option.

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However, in the comparison between the HID lights pros and cons, it is quite evident that these lights have their fair share of drawbacks too. Some of the most evident include:

  • The HID lights are a little expensive when compared to the other types of light.
  • Unlike other lights, these ones are very bright which can be irritating to the passing motorists.