HID vs LED Lights For Vehicles

Once you start referring to car bulbs inside a store the actual salesman will start suggesting the benefits of brought lights, xenon headlights were the most preferred option before but now comes the comparison between xenon which is also known today as HID lights and LED lights. They are now the two most popular choices today since they are found to be more efficient compared to older options. Here, we will compare xenon or HID vs LED lights in general in terms of using them whether it’s for your car.

Here we will cut with the techno-babble and obtain down towards the basics in regards to the two vehicle bulb heavyweights, concealed and brought bulbs. These two kinds of bulbs have grown to be the most popular property because of their sophisticated technology as well as excellent performance compared to other old halogen lights (that are more like the older-style bulbs that you accustomed to have in your own home). But in the event that both are so great then which if you undertake? Let’s take a look at them each in much more detail.

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Comparing HID vs LED Lights

HID lights, also called xenon headlights or even by their complete name, High-Intensity Discharge lights. The charge describes the arc associated with electricity that’s created through firing electrical power between 2 tungsten electrodes inside a bulb full of xenon gasoline. This essentially produces much more light in comparison with simply warming up a tungsten element to produce light. In fact you may expect around 3000 lumens covering a place of close to 90 sq . meters, instead of just 1400 lumens as well as 30 sq . meters through older halogen lights. This means better visibility for the driver which is obviously advantageous at night.

They work on a reduced power compared to halogen lights which require a lot to warm up their tungsten component. This is excellent as it actually conserve energy and for that reason the vehicles will be more efficient in using its fuel to other things it needs such as powering the engine. HID lights also be very durable, up in order to 2000 several hours because they do not burn aside their component like halogen bulbs which could have a minimal life-span associated with around simply 450 several hours. So concealed HID lights aren’t only vibrant, but additionally green!

There are several drawbacks although because concealed lights tend to be rather expensive compared to other kinds of light and simply because they aren’t ‘bulb shaped’ it is difficult or even impossible to suit them in to older vehicles. If you’ve have you been confronted through an HID-equipped car through the night you may even be in a position to testify that they’re so bright that you could be briefly blinded. Not ideal for night period drivers which involves a lot of traffic and passing vehicles.

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LED vehicle bulbs would be the new kid on the market, but they have become instead popular. LEDs tend to be electrical conductors that after switched upon emit gentle. They really are a simple electric circuit that’s either away or upon and need no ‘heating upward.’ They possess few components and are also really great for cars as they may be made really small and can handle any kind of bumps as well as vibration that might happen on sub-standard road areas.

They additionally consume much less power compared to halogen lights and last considerably longer, some reviews suggesting they could final for thirty-five hundred hours or even more! One additional cool benefit of LED lights is their own ability to provide you with many various colors, such as white, UV, red-colored, infrared, azure, purple, eco-friendly, yellow as well as orange! Ideal if you are tricking away your ride inside a certain color palette.

LED lights are fairly cheap. They might however not really be backwards suitable for older vehicles, so this can be a disadvantage if you are looking in order to upgrade. Additionally they aren’t really as bright as HID lights, so the they are safer wherein it provides the right need in a more efficient way.

Comparing HID Lights Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing the best headlights, several factors determine if one settles for the best. Such factors include the power consumption level, visibility and price among many others. Given the wide array of these lights, it becomes somewhat daunting to settle for the best. However, the HID lights have managed to be some of the best for a long time. The high intensity discharge lights are commonly referred to as the HID lights in the world of automobiles. Their widespread use in the automobile’s industry is highly attributed to their relative cheap prices. Other than that, these lights tend to be safer as they produce a white- blue light that is more or less like the natural daylight. A look at a comparison between the HID lights pros and cons will go a long way in pointing out some outstanding differences between these lights.

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Advantages Of HID Lights

  • The HID lights are with no doubt an addition that easily helps one make a fashion statement as they are stylish. What’s more, they are quite economical as they last for a longer period unlike other counterparts such as the halogen headlights. They are hence an investment that is worth every given penny you spend on them. If you are still struggling with what to settle on in the comparisons for HID lights pros and cons, you now know that the HID lights will prove to be more helpful in the long run.
  • In the comparisons between the HID lights pros and cons, the HID lights have proven to be less prone to wear and tear hence will always give you the true value that your money is worth. The HID bulbs are highly reputed for a longer shelf life than their counterparts.
  • To make it even better, these lights tend to use less battery power when compared to the halogen headlights. This is based on the fact that, they require 25w/12v power supply as opposed to other traditional lights that will demand for 55w/ 12v.
  • Unlike the traditional lights, the HID lights do not use filaments to produce light. For anyone looking for headlights that will require minimal maintenance, then choosing the HID lights over the traditional lights will make more sense given that they do not use the said filaments.
  • Notably, the HID lights offer one more safety as opposed to the other lights. This is justified by that fact that, with their higher luminous power, these lights helps motorists to see further distances while they are driving as well as allow other motorists to see you at further ranges, hence help to avoid accidents to quite a large extent. With an improved night time visibility and other numerous advantages of over their competitors, one would comfortably say that the in a comparison between the HID lights vs. other types of lights, the headlights are a more preferred and ideal option.

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However, in the comparison between the HID lights pros and cons, it is quite evident that these lights have their fair share of drawbacks too. Some of the most evident include:

  • The HID lights are a little expensive when compared to the other types of light.
  • Unlike other lights, these ones are very bright which can be irritating to the passing motorists.

Uses of HID Light Kits

Since the early 1990s, high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs have grown in popularity and replaced incandescent and even fluorescent light bulbs for many uses. Because of this, there has been a massive surge in the popularity of HID light kits for a variety of uses. They can even be used for your vehicle or your home.

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HID Light Kits for Your Vehicle

  • The reason for the increased popularity of HID bulbs for vehicles is due to their high intensity and low temperature output compared to incandescent bulbs. Thus, you can find that HID Fog light kits now dominate the fog light market, as only HID bulbs produce enough lumens per watt to cut through thick fog.
  • In fact, these light kits can be found for a variety of vehicles. If you have an off-road vehicle like an ATV, there are custom ATV HID light kits you can buy for your vehicle.

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  • Some cyclists and motorcyclists use this type of lights because they greatly increase their visibility when they’re on the road.
  • For enthusiasts, there are special HID lights with filters so you can have custom lights on your car, but always check local laws and regulations, as there are often restrictions on vehicle light modifications.

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HID Light Kits for Your Home

  • Because of the high intensity and lower operating temperature of HID bulbs, they’ve made their way into the home as well. Many outdoor area light fixtures use HID bulbs now, such as motion sensing security lights or large area floodlights.
  • It’s no surprise that even in public areas such as schools, parking lots, and roads, HID light kits are used for the security reasons.
  • But HID lights aren’t just used outdoors, either. Many have found their way indoors as well. Indoor gardeners are more than familiar with HID grow lights to grow their fruits, vegetables, and herbs. If you want to grow plants indoors, the best lights to use are HID lights. The reason for this is because HID bulbs give off light that is at the right level of intensity and at the right parts of the light spectrum for plant growth.

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2 Basic Varieties of HID Grow Lights

  • Metal Halide (MH): These lights are generally better for foliage plants or during vegetative phase of flowering plants.
  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS): HPS lights are more appropriate for flowering and fruiting.

While you can grow some plants under fluorescent lights, the intensity is much too low for anything other than starting seedlings. This is why you need to carefully choose which HID Grow light kits you need. Having said that, you can now confidently purchase and use HID light kits whether you need them for your car of for your garden and front yard.

Why You Should Get HID Headlights for Your Car

Many people know how it feels to head out on the road and even when they put their headlights on they can barely see ahead of them. This is why many cars are starting to be sold with HID headlights and people are starting to replace their original headlights with these.

What are HID headlights?

  • HID stands for high-intensity discharge.
  • HID bulbs produce light with an electric arc between two electrodes, housed in a tube filled with an inert gas, like xenon, and metal salts. Most modern HID headlights for cars are HID xenon headlights. The resulting light is much, much brighter than most light bulbs out there today.
  • The light produced from HID lights is alike to the light produced by the sun.
  • HID lights yields more light yet using less energy as compared to a fluorescent bulb.

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HID Headlights vs Halogen Headlights

Halogen headlights are basically no different than your old incandescent bulbs around your house, except halogen headlights use a halogen chemical reaction to keep the tungsten from depositing on the glass and maintain high brightness over the life of the bulb. Comparing HID bulbs to halogen bulbs, HID bulbs have a much higher output, often producing more than twice the lumens per watt than halogens. In addition to this, halogen bulbs have come under scrutiny in recent years because of how hot they often operate. Because halogen headlights are essentially no different than incandescent bulbs, they have a lower lifetime than headlights using HID.

HID Headlights for Enthusiasts

This type of headlights has recently become a new outlet for enthusiasts to modify or customize their vehicles. Nowadays, you can get these headlights with different headlight color filters, and you can find countless HID headlights kits all over the Internet for sale. But as with some other major car modifications, be sure to check your local laws and regulations about this.

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Other Uses For HID Bulbs

Because of the very high output and relative safety of HID bulbs, they’ve made their way into other uses as well. In large areas where high light intensity is required, HID bulb fixtures are commonly used. Many large factories, schools, parking lots, and stadiums use HID lighting. They can also be used at home for area lighting in one’s driveway or yard, which is why HID bulbs have found a niche in home security lighting. Indoor gardening almost always requires HID lamps, as they provide the high intensity light at the right light spectra for plant growth. Because of their intensity, you can also find HID lamps used in underwater diving and on some aircraft. So what are you waiting for? Head on to your nearest store and purchase this type of bulbs as they can really serve you well with whatever purpose you need them for.

Essential Tips and Information On HID Bulbs

One of the most popular bulbs these days is the HID bulb. Most people don’t even know how HID bulbs work, do you? The way HID bulbs work is by using metal salt and gas to create a plasma which gives the light its extreme brightness. These are much better than halogen and for most new cars, they come standard with HID bulbs already in the car.

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You can also get HID bulbs for your house, however, you should handle them with care because they are not cheap and they can burn you. If you are looking for cheap HID bulbs, then it is recommended that you look online because most retail stores will charge a lot more than an online retailer would. HID light bulbs are sometimes difficult to replace if you don’t know what you are doing, so follow the tips below to ensure that you do things right.

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Tips On Replacing HID Bulbs

  • Let Cool – Although, the HID replacement bulbs will be cool, the bulb already in use could be rather hot. Being that HID bulbs use plasma to make the light, this could easily burn through your skin or thin clothing. This is why you should let the bulb cool before you even touch it.
  • Wear Gloves – If you are replacing a HID bulb without a glove, then you could be risking your skin and even your hand. A glove won’t save you from getting hurt completely, but it will at least take some of the pain away in the event the bulb breaks of the gas leaks out onto your skin.
  • Recycle HID Bulbs – Did you know that you can recycle a HID bulb which will then go back to the factory and they can reuse it to create a new bulb? A lot of people simply throw light bulbs away but it is better to recycle them wherein you’re saving the environment from hazardous waste as well.

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As you can see, this is not your ordinary light bulb and because of that you should really take all the precautions possible. A lot of people think that a HID bulb won’t be that much different than a regular light bulb but this is where they are wrong. One of the ways that you can tell they are different is by the way people use them.

Ideal Uses For HID Bulbs

  • Gymnasiums – When you are inside, you need to have as much light as possible. Most people would assume that a gymnasium would use regular light bulbs, however, they normally use HID bulbs because of how long they last and how easy on the eyes they are.
  • Stadium – Similar to a gymnasium, stadiums will use HID bulbs to ensure that people can see whether it is cloudy outside or just dark.
  • Parking Lot – If you look around you at night you will see a lot of lights, all of these will most likely have HID bulbs. The reason for this is the fact that HID bulbs are much brighter and last a lot longer.
  • Perimeter Lights or Outdoor Area Lights – If you want the brightest light for your outdoors, HID bulbs are the best choice. If will give you the best vision at night thus giving you better security.

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HID bulbs are almost everywhere now, they are on cars, in houses, in stadiums and even in LCD monitors. However, there are certain restrictions in using HID bulbs in vehicles and that’s mainly because of the intense brightness is produces. So research is still important to ensure you are not doing something prohibited. Hence, HID bulbs are here to stay in giving you one of the best artificial light sources today.