Essential Tips On How To Dye Hair Properly

Those who want to change their look might want to learn how to dye hair the proper way. It is easy to create a chic and sophisticated appearance by using the right hair dye. Shoppers can find many brands of hair dye such as Herbal Essences hair color. This brand comes with natural ingredients that will not harm the scalp and hair. Other brands are also notable for the rich and lasting color. Many people can purchase the shade that will flatter their overall appeal, so they can appear vibrant and classy. They should also follow the right directions when applying hair dye by following these steps.

Vibrant Herbal Essences Hair Color

Easy Steps On How To Dye Hair

  • Choose the right color that will match the skin tone and eye color. Some websites can serve as a guide when it comes to choosing the most suitable hair color for various skin types. It is ideal to take this initial step on how to dye hair, so there will be no mistake in using the wrong color for the hair.
  • Decide on the type of color, which could be semi-permanent or permanent. For those who plan to have the hair color that will last for months, they can opt for the permanent type. On the other hand, a semi-permanent hair color is suitable for experimental purposes.
  • Those who need to know how to dye hair properly should read the package instructions well. In some cases, a strand test will be a great idea to check how the hair will react to the color or dye.
  • Wear gloves to protect the hands from the chemicals in hair dyes. Then, apply moisturizer on the neckline, outside the ears and around the back of the neck. This will prevent the dye from staining the skin during the application process.
  • Mix the formula-based on the package instructions. Apply the hair dye at the roots, and make sure that the roots are covered fully with the dye. Then, move section by section through all portions of the hair. It is also important to cover the temples, hairline, and near the ears.
  • Tie the colored hair and pile it up on top of the head. After the indicated number of minutes has been reached, wash off the hair dye with shampoo. Then, apply conditioner to soften the hair before rinsing thoroughly.

Do’s and Don’ts In Dyeing Hair

Hair Color

  • Do not apply hair dye when your hair has been newly washed because the color will not take effect properly.
  • Perform a strand test to check how your hair and skin will react to the chemicals. This way, you can prevent experiencing unpleasant skin reaction to the hair dye.
  • For optimum coverage for gray hair, choose a hair dye that is compatible with this type of hair.
  • Read the instructions carefully before mixing or applying the hair dye.

Even when at home, people can recreate their look by using a hair dye or color. They should try to follow the instructions on how to dye hair, so they could expect the best results.

Health Alert: Dangers of Using Hair Color

To keep pace with the latest trends, many people color their hair. Others use hair dyes and hair colors to hide their gray hairs. But they are hardly aware of the dangers of using hair color and often go by the names and advertisements.

Must Know Dangers of Using Hair Color

Every time an individual uses hair color to darken the whites and grays or refresh the purple streaks and reds, she/he takes great risks unknowingly. The harmful effects and the dangers of using hair color are too scary. Only practical experience can stop the random habit of coloring the hair.

Main Effects of Hair Colors

  • Allergy: Skin rashes and irritation is one of the most common problems faced by users of hair colors. Sometimes the rashes turn out to be so severe that the entire face and neck swell up and it looks as if the person is deformed. It is highly humiliating. Irritation too, if persistent, turns into wounds due to scratching. Sometimes the skin takes on a burnt appearance with blisters all over the face. The skin on the face and neck is highly sensitive and the hair colors that come in contact with the skin affect it. The dangers of using hair color could also bring one to the hospital. Steroid injections are given to treat such problems and it takes quite a few days to get back to normal.
  • Staining: This is another problem that irritates everyone. If the hair color touches any other thing except the hair, it spoils the object. It is very difficult to clean hair color satins.
  • Hair Damage: Although hair may look very stylish and gorgeous, continuous use spoils the quality of the hair and it gradually loses the shine and bounce. Hair becomes brittle, unmanageable and dull. There is increase of split-ends too that make the hair look untidy as well.
  • Eye Damage: If by any chance, hair color comes in contact with the eyes, it will be the most dangerous experience of life. It not only causes irritation and burning, but may lead to blindness.
  • Cancer: Cancer is a painful disease and is known all around the world. Researchers have opined that the continuous use of dark hair color for a period of twenty years or so is conducive to cancer. So it is very important to consider the dangers of using hair color and then use it.

The ingredients to be avoided in hair colors and dyes are namely Resorcinol, Ammonia, Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), Napthalenediol, Methoxymethyl-p-Aminophenol, Diamino-1-1H-Pyrazole Sulphate and many others. However, well known companies maintain the regulations and take care about the quality of the products they offer, as they are conscious about their reputation. Herbal Essences hair color shampoos and conditioners are famous for their quality products and are used by many people who are satisfied with them. Color me vibrant, That Shine and Shade-on-shade Highlights from Herbal Essence hair color are widely used.

Get Fab with Herbal Essences Hair Color

Most health conscious individuals and those who are aware of the dangers of using hair color are opting for herbal products with natural ingredients and herbal extracts that keep the hair healthy and beautiful. So now it is up to you to be wise when choosing your hair products. Having your hair colored is fun and makes you more confident but always ensure your health is not at risk before dyeing your hair.

Fashionable Blonde Hair Colors to Choose from

Blonde hair color is highly popular among women. It is fun and there are so many different shades of blonde hair colors that finding the right one for you is quite easy. However, there are numerous things to consider when you pick from different blonde hair colors available; such as your skin tone, the condition of your hair and your face cut. Here are some tips when it comes to selecting blonde hair colors:

Choosing Among the Different Blonde Hair Colors

Based on type of hair and hair style:

  • Brunettes shouldn’t go for a complete blonde hair style. It won’t really look nice especially if you have shoulder-length wavy hair. You can go for caramel highlights instead. Add texture alongside to get an amazing effect when you go out in the sun.
  • Vanilla blonde color is ideal for wavy and soft hairstyles. These hair styles are really famous right now and can be perfect for you.
  • It is a great idea to get a multi-colored layered hair style if you want a unique look. This is especially great if your hair is light brown. Begin with the darker shades of blonde hair colors underneath and then lighten the shades as you go to the top layers. If your hair is of medium length and straight, this hair style will particularly suit you best.

Based on the length and condition of the hair:

Be Beautiful with Herbal Essences Hair Colors

  • If your hair is long, chances are it is dull and damaged. You should thus go for natural hair colors like herbal essences hair color in order to get the right color and also to protect your hair from further damage. The chemicals in the usual hair colors can be very harsh and have the potential of damaging your hair further. Thus, natural is the best way to go if your hair condition is not really fine.

Based on skin tone:

Best Dark Blonde Hair Colors

  • Dark blonde hair colors are highly versatile and beautiful. It is especially recommended if you have a warmer skin tone. There are also dirty blonde hair colors that are ideal for those with warmer complexions. Light blonde hair colors suit those with lighter skin tone. The secret here is to try getting a completely natural look. If you pick the wrong shade, you might just end up spoiling your overall look.

Idea for Dirty Blonde Hair Colors

As mentioned here, there are many different options to select from. You have to be very careful about the skin tone and the condition of your hair. If you are not sure about the right blonde hair colors for you, it’d be best to talk to a professional hair stylist instead of ruining your look for several months. If you are going permanent, it is needless to say that you have to be extremely careful with each step.

The Various Herbal Essences Hair Color Line Products

Hair dying, a common do-it-yourself cosmetic procedure, may seem daunting if you’ve never tried it before. But the most difficult step is actually selecting a quality product to work with. Herbal Essences hair color products are a great option and a go-to product for many consumers, receiving consistently high reviews for their effectiveness, affordability, and non-damaging formula. This formula leaves hair soft and healthy even with repeated application. Between their three main brands, they offer dozens of different shades for both permanent and nonpermanent coloring, plus additional formulas for targeted blending and highlighting. The Herbal Essences hair color product line is produced by the parent company Clairol. Clairol Herbal Essences hair color products come as either foam, liquid or cream with a varying degree of permanency.

Effective Herbal Essences Hair Color

Herbal Essences Product Classification

  • Nice ‘n Easy: This is their signature brand containing eight permanent and non-permanent variations for coloring, highlighting, blending, and touch-ups. It boasts of 100% gray coverage.
  • Natural Instincts: This product provides the same vibrant results as the Nice ‘n Easy line but with a formula that does not use harsh chemicals like ammonia.
  • Perfect Lights: The newest in Herbal Essences hair color, this product is designed to provide quick, easy do-it-yourself highlighting. This product is currently available online as a free sample kit (plus $9.99 for shipping and processing).

Perfect Clairol Herbal Essences Hair Color

Nice ‘n Easy Product Line

  • Nice ‘n Easy: A permanent hair color that is easy to use and provides highlights and tones.
  • Nice ‘n Easy Non-Permanent: This includes gorgeous, believable tones and lets hair shine in a non-permanent formula.
  • Color Blend Foam: A no-drip solution for blending tones and highlights.
  • Perfect 10: A product, which will give you a full, glossy color in as little as ten minutes.
  • Touch-ups: A10-minute permanent touch-ups for roots in between colorings.
  • Gray Solution: A lasting, effective coverage for persistent gray hairs.
  • Highlighting: This product will subtly accentuate the natural-looking highlights.
  • Born Blonde: A single step whole head lightening for a natural-looking blonde.

Natural Instincts Product Line

  • Natural Instincts: A natural, ammonia-free semi-permanent color that blends gray hairs.
  • Vibrant: A long lasting permanent color that completely covers gray.
  • Shine Happy: A bright, conditioning shine for up to four weeks for both colored and non-colored hair.
  • Crème: It provides glowing color while simultaneously softening hair.
  • For Men: It has a subtle gray-coverage effect specifically for men.
  • Brass Free: It mellows out bright, brassy tones to give hair a more natural look.

All About Herbal Essences Hair Color Chart

To determine the best product and shade for you, it’s helpful to consult the herbal essences hair color chart found on the Clairol website. Their site also contains answers to a number of frequently asked questions and other coloring advice those first-time users will find helpful. In addition, the Herbal Essences line of shampoo products also has a number of color-safe formulas that are designed to go hand in hand with their coloring products.

Use Herbal Essences Hair Color Coupons

Herbal Essences hair color products provide excellent results and are overall a fantastic value. And since Herbal Essences hair color coupons are frequently available through the Clairol website, what better reason do you need to take their fabulous products for a spin? Go on and try one and see the amazing effect this brand could offer for your hair.