Features of Different Types of Blanket

Shoppers can purchase various types of blanket sold in stores. Some blankets have decorative purposes, particularly those with bright colors. These may be used to accentuate or add elegance to a couch. The thick and cozy fabric in blankets is also excellent in providing warmth to people. Blankets come in different sizes and color, and some may even have fringed ends. Some people buy a heated throw that can generate more heat than regular blankets. Regardless of the type, blankets have lightweight features and durable materials.

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Types of Blanket For Your bed and their Characteristics


A quilt is defined as a handmade type of blanket which uses different types of fabric all sewn together. Most people use cotton, however, you can use any types of fabric to make a good quilt – even denim! If you want a thin quilt, you can simply sew the different pieces of fabric directly together. However, if you are looking for a thicker quilt which will provide more warmth, you may want to sew a piece of batting in the middle to provide a good, warm filling.


This is a type of blanket that is usually specifically for on a bed. It takes the place of a comforter in the majority of cases because it is usually around the same level of thickness, however, it doesn’t have to be. These types of blankets usually zip or button apart so that you can pull the batting out of it to be washed separately. This is similar to how you would with a pillowcase.


A comforter is usually the standard type of blanket for on a bed. It is usually the top layer that is placed on the bed because it is warm and comes in a variety of different designs, patterns, styles, and sizes. They are usually filled in with some kind of synthetic materials, down, or feathers to provide warmth.

Types of Blanket For Your home and Their Characteristics

Fleece Blankets

A fleece blanket uses synthetic materials and polyester, which have high quality and durability. Blankets with fleece material are comfortable, soft, and warm. Shoppers can find fleece throws with interesting patterns, colors, and prints. In addition, fleece blankets appeal to many budget-conscious shoppers. Typically, these blankets have an inexpensive price, yet with excellent quality. Small-sized fleece blankets are ideal for a baby’s use, and large throws are useful during the cold season.

Wool Blankets

Wool is one of the popular types of blanket because of its superb durability and warmth. Wool blankets are made at mills, although there are also hand-woven ones. Custom-made throws are available in several patterns such as pebble, woven ribbon, curved twill, plaited twill, and twill block. Many people prefer wool throws with plaid design because of the fabulous color combination and design. Another great feature of wool blankets is the fire retardant quality, which causes a fire to self-extinguish. As compared to fleece, wool throws are rather expensive.

Down Blankets

Down blankets have cotton fabric and fillers made from bird or goose down feathers. Those who have tried several types of blanket prefer to use down throws because of ultimate warmth and comfort. These throws also have elegant designs and lightweight features. The most stylish color for a down blanket is white because it can match any home décor. Other shoppers also opt for designs such as V-stitching, quilt squares, and box stitching.


An Afghan blanket is a type of throw blanket. They are usually knitted or crocheted blankets that are made up of a type of yarn. Many people make these themselves for their families and friends as gifts. They can usually be found on the back of chairs or couches. These types of blanket are usually not very warm as they tend to be filled with lots of holes.

Security Blankets

If you have any small children, you probably already own at least one security blanket. Young children especially love these types of blanket. Security blankets can be a full-sized blanket, however, they are often smaller pieces of cloth that a child loves to keep with them. These blankets tend to make a child feel comfortable and safe. These can be found anywhere in the house and can be made from a variety of different materials, but, they are usually very soft.

Heated Throws

A heated throw or electric blanket generates warm by using current from electricity. This type of blanket provides superb warmth, which is ideal for chilly months. Electric blankets are useful for heating the bed and making it cozy for a good night’s sleep. The excellent amount of heat generated by an electric blanket eliminates the need for other throws. There is no need to have layers of comforters and throws on the bed, as long as the blanket is cozy and warm.

Faux Fur

Faux fur blankets resemble the texture and appearance of real fur. This type of blanket is double-sided or reversible, and other types have suede or silky lining. The most popular designs of faux fur blanket are the arctic fox, mink, chinchilla, and cheetah. There are also bright-colored blankets that come in pink, lime green, and yellow.

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Of course, there are many other types of blankets that you may find around the house, however, these are among the common types of blanket that shoppers can find in many stores. It is ideal to check the quality and durability of the blanket to ensure people of a great buy.

Types of Blanket: Conclusion

We hope that this article has shed some light on all of the different types of blanket that you can buy in stores. What are your favorite types of blanket? Have you ever made your own blanket? We would love to hear all about your thoughts and experiences with different types of blankets. Leave us a comment in the comments section below this article.

Benefits of Heated Throw Easy Blanket Patterns

As the climate changes from hot to cold, there are numerous easy blanket patterns of Heated Throw blankets have become a popular method for people to keep warm. This article will describe the different types of Easy Blanket Patterns and the function they best serve.

Simply Comfy Heated Throw

Types of Blanket Patterns

  • The first of these patterns is known as the Baby’s Quick Ripple afghan. This pattern is quickly prepared through stitching. The Baby’s Quick Ripple afghan is 32 by 36 inches and as the name suggests is used to warm newly born infants.
  • The second pattern is called the Holiday Star afghan. This pattern has a size of 46 by 60 when completed. It is made from one piece with worsted weight yarn. Holiday star features six point stars. These two are bordered on all two sides with a tree design resembling a pyramid. This easy pattern is used in making patterns for Monk’s cloths as well as good table runners during holiday seasons.
  • The Navajo Diagonal Squares are another easy blanket patterns consisting of diagonal striped squares. The black and red color of this pattern resembles a spectacular desert sunset. Navajo Diagonal Square blanket pattern is used with the heated throw and is made from Caron Wintuk yarn of over 2300 meters using a crochet.
  • The Cinnamon Stripe afghan suits individuals who love to relax with brewed cinnamon and reading a novel.  This type of easy blanket patterns is made from worsted yarn called Bernat Berella 4 Solids and ragg. The pattern is comprised of 6 stitches and 4 rows which is equivalent to 2 inches. When preparing the pattern, it is prudent to use a hook with a size of 5.0milimetres. Once completed, this pattern has a size of 46 by 72.
  • The Classic Aran afghan pattern appeals to those who would wish to appear stylish yet traditional. This is because it does not contain any sophisticated designs on the fabric but has a simple but attractive outlook. The loose ends on the fabric are woven to give pattern notes. It occupies a size of 45 by 60 inches. Worsted yarn would make the most suitable material.
  • The Climbing Ivy is used to warm chairs especially when individuals wish to seat in the garden to relax. To prove the blanket pattern’s popularity, the 2009 crochet edition featured this design. Climbing Ivy is made from heavy weighted yarn with a 9milimetre hook. This example of easy blanket patterns is recognizable through green strips with a cream background on the fabric.
  • Country Apples afghan blanket design would appeal to the older population. It is also popular with those residing in a rural setting with farmers in particular. Visible features of apples on the fabric express this well. The Carol Simply Soft Solids is the most suitable yarn for the processing of this pattern. It is available in sizes of 48 by 62 and prepared by a 5mm hook and used with the heated throw.

Very Easy Blanket Pattern

The above are examples of easy blanket patterns which are at your choice should you think of sending a special gift to a dear one or use it as your own.

Different Types of Heated Blankets

A heated blanket or better known as a heated electric throw is a special type of blanket that uses electricity to generate heat to keep you warm. A heated throw would make a perfect gift to a person. Heated throw blanket delivers soothing relief and comfort which promotes relaxation. Another type of heated blanket is the battery operated heated blanket which uses battery power to generate heat. This is convenient especially where there is no electricity or there is a power outage in your area.

Get Acquianted with a Battery Operated Heated Blanket

Advantages of a heated blanket

  • They are cost-efficient. They cost more than the regular blanket but if you take into consideration the concentrated heat that it produces as compared to switching on the heater then you’re better off with this.
  • Portability. You can take the heated blanket anywhere. This is especially useful when camping in the woods. A battery operated heated blanket will be extremely useful there.
  • This blanket is so stylish. Apart from its normal use of delivering warmth, this blanket can also be used to decorate your house. This is because they are stylish and have been well designed with cute colors and patterns that will stand out.

Highly Beneficial Heated Throw Blanket

Popular Brands of Heated Blankets

There are several brands of heated blankets that can give you the above mentioned functions and a lot more. There are several features that differentiate one from the other. Here are some examples:

Efficient Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket

  • Forty Winks Rest is purely made of polyester and has 3 settings which also feature an automatic heating logic that lasts for 3 hours. This makes it one of the most equipped heated blankets.
  • Sunbeam Microplush heated blankets are economical and features dual control. This allows different warmth settings on the two sides of the bed. Some models even have auto-off feature that can be adjusted to 2, 6 or 10 hours.
  • SoftHeat Low Voltage Electric Blanket has a safety feature that the chance of getting an electric shock is improbable. The blankets are also machine-washable and machine-dryable.
  • Biddeford Heated Electric Blanket features a rotary dial controller allowing it to be connected to an appliance timer. This feature allows the blanket to be automatically turned on at a specified time.

Friendly Heated Throw

In choosing a heated blanket, consider not only the price nor the brand; make sure to inspect the quality, durability and the comfort of the blanket as well. It is also important to know how to properly maintain your heated blanket. Reading the manufacturer’s instruction information will go a long way.

The Warm and Cozy Heated Throw Blanket

If you are searching for gift that will surely be appreciated by its recipient, a heated throw would be a great idea. In fact, many people are opting for a heated throw blanket because of its excellent functionality. But then, what exactly is a heated throw?

What’s A Heated Throw?

Comfortable Heated Throw

Actually, this type of blanket is known under a lot of names. Some refer to it as an electric throw while others call it a heated electric throw. Basically, the throw is a kind of blanket that you can utilize to stay warm, essentially acting like a traditional blanket. The difference is that it uses electricity as a power source for heat. There are a number of great reasons why people choose the electric blanket instead of the traditional one. Below are some of the features that are unique to the electric throw.

Features Of A Heated Throw

Leopard Print Heated Throw Blanket

  • It is very economicalthis means that a heated throw blanket is much cheaper and thus, affordable. With just a small amount of cash, you can already have something that will keep you comfortably warm during the cold season. However, you may also use it for other times. The point is that you can be comfortable and warm without spending a fortune. Hence, if you are on a tight budget and you want something to keep you and your family warm, the heated throw is the best solution. The actual price varies but it is possible to find much cheaper products in stores, malls and online outlets.
  • It provides more convenience and comfortanytime you want additional warmth, you can use the electric blanket anywhere around the house. It is even possible to adjust its temperature to provide you with the best amount of comfort. In addition, the heated throw is also very easy to use. You just have to read the simple instructions first and the rest would be a breeze. You may even bring your electric blanket with you when you travel. Just ensure that there is a power source for it where you are going.

Highly Efficient Heated Electric Throw

  • It is very stylishthe heated electric blanket is not just functional, it is also very stylish. In fact, there are people who use the blanket as an additional decoration in their homes. Among the best places where you can drape the throw over is your living room chair or sofa. There are plenty of designs, styles and colors that are available so you will not find it hard to find one that will suit your interior. If you already have an intricate interior design, you can just ad a plain colored or designed electric throw. However, if you like playing with colors and patterns, there are intricate colors and design patterns that are available. One of the popular brands today are Biddleford, SoftHeat and Sunbeam heated throw blankets. This brand is available in a wide variety of colors and designs, and has three different controls.

Most Trusted Sunbeam Heated Throw

The heated throw is a great choice over coats, thick blankets and heaters. It is especially made for people who require comfort and warmth throughout colder climate. With the heated throw being easily carried by anyone, you can stay warm and cozy everywhere you go as long as there’s an electric source. Hence, we careful in using and cleaning a heated throw, treat like just like any other electrical device and handle it with caution.