Origin of Chess and International Chess Tournaments

Chess is a game of thoughts, glory and thrill. It is really hard to find out anyone in the civilized world who doesn’t know about Chess. However, this game was an entertainment for the kings and the members of the royal courts in its early days. But, it has become people’s game by time, to be more precise, an international event. The global guardian organization of chess, FIDE (abbreviation of French Fédération Internationale des Échecs means International Chess Federation) organize and/or supervise about sixty international chess tournaments at global and continental level every year. To learn more about international chess tournaments, let us look back in the history of chess and international chess tournaments.

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History of Chess and Its Variations
Ancient India is the birthplace of chess. The written references found till date shows that chess originated sometime around 600 AD, though there are some unverified claims about chess’s existence in as early as 100 AD. There are quite a few variations of Chess. Shogi, one of those variations is popular in Japan. Another variation, Xiangqi, is played in China. Also, many local variations of chess rules are still persisting in isolated rural areas of the Indian sub-continent. The variation that is well known in Europe and America (the global variation nowadays) reach their firstly through Persia. It arrived in the main commercial centers of Italy and Spain by 1000 AD. Almost at the same time Vikings carried Chess to Scandinavia and Iceland. By the next century it travelled through central Europe, and became well known and established throughout the Europe by 1400 AD.

Designs Of Chess Pieces

The rules of Chess those we are familiar with nowadays were established in 1475. The modern Chess pieces that are globally used now were designed by Jaques Staunton, an English Chess Master in mid 1800s. However, there are many other designs of chess pieces those are not used in international chess tournaments but are attractive and used at personal level. Harry Potter chess set is such a chess set that features the characters of the popular Harry Potter movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone”. Harry Potter chess set is really attractive, especially to the Harry Potter fans. It can be really a nice set for learning the game with fun.

First International Chess Tournament
The London Tourney was the first international chess tournament, held in London in 1851. Adolf Anderssen from Germany won the tournament and became the unofficial best Chess player in the world. Among the American-born Chess greats, first comes the name of Poul Morphy who travelled in Europe in the 1850s and beat all the challengers including Adolf Anderssen. However, Wilhelm Steinitz, an Austrian (later American) Chess player become the first official world champion after winning the first official international chess tournament played in 1866 in London. Time limit was imposed for the first time in this tournament and Sandclocks were used for the purpose. Wilhelm Steinitz held the title until he was defeated by Emanuel Lasker from Germany in 1894 and has reigned over the world of Chess for next 27 years. From the late 1920s most of the champions came from former USSR. Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov are most famous among them. The present champion, Viswanathan Anand is from India, the birthplace of Chess.

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The guardian organization of world Chess FIDE was formed in 1924 and since then supervising domestic and international chess events in the associate countries as well as organizing a number of international chess tournaments. The highest ranked chess tournament in world, World Chess Championship, came under FIDE supervision in 1948.

The Basics on Chess: Moves, Roles, and Rules

If you are keen on learning chess, it is never too late to learn how to play chess. Full of tactics and strategies, the world’s most popular game helps you to develop logical thinking. A game for people of all ages; it not only promotes creativity and imagination, but also encourages you to be inventive.

Basics of Chess

Chess is very interesting and a lot of fun. Learning how to play chess is simple and easy. It is a game played between two players. Each player has one king and queen, two rooks, bishops, and knights and eight pawns, summing up to a total of 16 pieces.

chess basic tactic

The main aim of the player in the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king.

i. Opening a Game

At the start of the game, the square board of 64 boxes with alternate colors is laid out in a way that each player has white squares at the right hand side of the bottom. Then the 16 pieces are arranged on the board.

  • The second row comprises of the pawns while the first row is occupied by the higher ranks.
  • The rooks are placed at the corners.
  • Next comes the knights and then the bishops.
  • The queen is then placed next to the bishop.
  • The most peculiar thing about queen in the game of chess is that she is placed on her own color i.e. The white queen is placed on white square and the black queen on black.
  • The last one square left is finally occupied by the supreme – king.

ii. Moves

While learning how to play chess, it is very important to know about the moves of each piece. The movement of all the six different pieces are different from each other.

1) The supreme “King: Upside, downside, diagonally and even on the sides , the king can move in any direction but not more than one square. Although the king is considered as the most important piece it is yet the weakest piece in the game.

2) The powerful “Queen: Backward, forward, diagonally and even on the sideways, the queen has the ability to move as far as possible in any straight direction.

3) The guards “Rooks: Placed at the corners of the board, the rooks can move as far as it can in any straight direction – be it forward, backward and even on the sides.

4) The protectors “Bishops: They can move diagonally only on the color in which they are placed. Bishop can move as far as they want but they are restricted to their colors. There will be one bishop on white square and one on black for each player.

5) The versatile “Knights: Moving at 90 degree angle in a shape of the alphabet “L“, they have the ability to jump over other pieces.

6) The soldiers “Pawns: They move forward but can only capture diagonally. During the game they can only move one step forward however during their first move they can move two steps forward.

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Advantages and Benefits of Playing Chess

While learning how to play chess, you ignite some benefits, such as:

  • Inspires self motivation
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps you to stay focused

If you are looking forward to make your kids learn how to play chess, Harry Potter chess set will surely accentuate the learning process. It will not only motivate them but will fill them with immense fun while they try to become powerful and expert in the game.

Learn New Winning Chess Strategy

If you are looking for chess strategy that will help you to win this mind game, you are at the right place. It’s common for those who play or love to watch chess to look for new winning strategies. Whether you are a beginner or someone who know the basics of the game, you should always remember that the best strategies for chess are generally the ones which control the board, from the opening to end of the game.

3 Parts of Chess

  • Opening
  • Middle
  • End Game

comprehensive chess strategy

A chess game is divided in three parts: the opening, middle and end game. There are several basic aims of the opening development, controlling the center, pawn structure and king safety.

General Chess Strategies

  • The first chess strategy for beginners, which is also the most important, is to take your time and plan your move. You should never make hasty moves.
  • You should try to plan in advance for at least 3 moves when playing chess. It’s always good to think of all the moves that an opponent could make.
  • A good chess strategy is to develop your knights before the bishops. It’s always best to keep your bishop over a knight even though they offer equal points.
  • One of the most important chess strategy opening moves is to avoid moving one piece twice. You want to open the field to accommodate your second line pieces, which are the most powerful pieces.
  • In the opening stages, you should remain on your section of the board. By doing this, you will get to open many pieces to take advantage of the inroads that any other piece would make in the middle game. This is also another important chess opening strategy to remember.
  • A good chess player will always try to control all the central squares to not only move pieces anywhere on the board, but also to block the opponent’s path. You must always ensure that your king is safe when making your moves, because one careless move could make your king weak.
  • Another chess strategy that you should learn is that you need to plan ways to make the game simpler and take the lead near to the end. You can start to plan early because after moving the first 10 or more pieces this will end the opening of the game and the middle will start. At this point you have to evaluate your position.

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Note that these are just some of the general strategies that you should know about when playing chess. However, these strategies can be helpful if you are a beginner or you are teaching your kids to play the game. Speaking of kids, if you are looking for a way to motivate your little ones to play the game you can get a Harry Potter chess set. In fact, whether you are a parent, a chess lover or a collector, you can find different types of Harry Potter chess sets to satisfy your requirements.

Benefits of Playing Chess Games

Nowadays, there are different types of chess games on the Internet. If you are a chess lover, you can get to enjoy easy or complicated games without having to download a software program. Now, you can improve your skills and train your brain with beautifully designed games in 2D or 3D formats. In this article, you will get to find out the benefits of playing chess.

Who can play chess games?

Researchers recommend that older persons should play chess in order to keep their brain cells active. But, you should know that anyone could play this game and enjoy benefits that will help to enrich and add new dimensions to their life. In fact, playing chess can also help persons to avoid mental diseases. There are also chess games for kids.

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You can find many websites with games, which are designed to teach kids the basic principles of chess. These games will not only teach them the rules of the game, but also allow help them to find solutions for difficult situations and/or problems which occur whilst playing.

Available Game Formats via the Internet

  • Interactive games
  • Puzzles
  • Quizzes

If your little one is fascinated with Harry Potter story, you might want to get a Harry Potter chess set. Since Harry Potter Wizard Chess had been introduced in the book and Harry won a life-size chess game, many websites have been offering these chess sets to satisfy the demands of thousands of fans. This means that it will be easy for you to find a set for your kids to play with or add to their Harry Potter collection.

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Benefits of Playing Chess Games:

  • Playing chess will help you remain mentally alert. This is because your mind will be working constantly to search, elaborate, question and evaluate options in order to solve an actual problem. There is always the problem in chess to find the best position to move and this position will change all the time.
  • Even when you are playing free chess games online, an environment will be created where you can learn. Like any other chess player, you will want to learn different principles and variations to get better. You will get to carry over this attitude to real life.
  • When you are playing chess games online, your thinking pattern will change. Chess will help you to think in ways that will allow you to achieve success in various other areas of life. The pressure of the game will also help improve your concentration and focus.
  • Your abilities to calculate and visualize will improve significantly. While playing, you will be forced to visualize many variations and look ahead to avoid making inferior moves or running into traps.

Now is the right time to take advantage of the online chess games if you want to have fun and keep your mind active and fresh. Furthermore, you can play in tournaments or join a club to meet interesting people. Have fun!

Harry Potter Chess Set: Variations, Types and Features

Harry Potter is a world renowned series that is highly loved by all; there is endless merchandise to purchase if you are a true Potter fan, or perhaps as a gift for a loved one. Ones of the most popular items by far is the Harry Potter chess set. Due to the unique and beautifully crafted pieces, the Harry Potter chess set captures your attention from the start.

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The Different Types of Harry Potter Chess Sets

The Harry Potter chess set comes in a variety of styles, and they make a perfect gift for avid chess-playing Harry Potter fans, or as an incentive for fans to learn the art of chess.

The different styles of Harry Potter chess set include:

  • Harry Potter Chess Set
  • Harry Potter Wizards Chess Set
  • Quidditch Chess Set Silver & Gold Plated
  • Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

stunning harry potter chess set

Harry Potter Chess Set

This classic Harry Potter chess set is one of the cheapest Harry Potter sets available.

Its main features include:

  • Detailed miniatures that replica the characters, which Harry and Ron fought in the movie
  • Characters from the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • 32, detailed, hollow inside, cast-resin, chess pieces
  • Heavy duty, white and blue square, glossy, cardboard fold-out chess board

Harry Potter Wizards Chess Set

The Harry Potter Wizards chess set is in a similar price range as the classic Harry Potter chess set.

Its main features include:

  • A replica chess set based in the Wizard Chess used in the finale of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie
  • Cast-resin chess pieces that are accurate to the movie
  • Thick, single piece, blue and white squared, glossy board
  • Manufactured by NECA

real man sized harry potter chess set

Quidditch Chess Set Silver & Gold Plated

The unique and aesthetically striking Quidditch Chess Set Sliver & Gold Plated is a beautifully crafted, collectible set.

Its main features include:

  • Players can opt to use their favorite Hogwarts House as their team to play with.
  • They can also choose to have the different houses be rivals against each other.
  • All pieces are stored safely inside the chess board for preservation and protection
  • Chess pieces are enameled and die cast
  • Chess board is crafted from hardwood with 25K gold plated attachments

Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

The Harry Potter Final Challenge chess set has been produced exclusively for The Noble Collection; a premier company which has established itself as one of the many producers of collectible swords, daggers, and knives. By bringing detailed design and sculpture to each chess piece, and heightened concept, the company has captivated the loyalty of collectors and has brought forth a new generation of chess enthusiasts.

spectacular harry potter sorcerers stone final challenge chess

Its main features include:

  • Chess pieces that have amazing special effects
  • Magic wands that move the magnetic chess pieces
  • Unique and spectacular light up board
  • Storage case to protect all pieces

Multiple extras such as, floating magic pen, time-turner, and other accessories to enhance gameplay