Buying Dog Collars: Which one is best for your Dog?

Buying dog collars is a matter needing to consider to almost every dog owner. Though most people use collars to control their dogs, the effect of a dog collar is far more than this. Dog collars can be made of different materials, in various styles, for different purposes. You should choose collar for your dog according to various factors.

Benefits of Buying Dog Collars

  • First, a dog collar makes it easier to control your dog, which is especially important when you take your dog in a busy street. Since necks are the most sensitive parts of dogs, with slight force, you can take good control of your dog. Therefore a dog collar is also a big help in training your dog.
  • Collar can be used to identify a dog too, which is very important when your dog is enjoying itself in a dog park.
  • Collars impregnated with chemicals can help control fleas for your dog.
  • If your dog injures itself accidentally, you may worry about the recovery of its wounds. To prevent it from licking and scratching its wounds, you can resort to an Elizabethan collar.
  • Of course, just like beautiful clothes can add charms to a person, a fashionable collar can make your dog stand out from its companions.

Guidelines to Buying Dog Collars

Best Guidelines to Buying Dog Collars

When you are considering buying dog collars, you need to take many things into account. Only in this way, you can pick a both comfortable and fashionable collar for your dog.

  • Types of Clasps: There are two kinds of clasps in dog collars, namely plastic ones and punched belt or cloth ones. For small sized dogs, collars with plastic clasps make it very convenient to use. While for big sized dogs, you’d better refrain from buying dog collars of this type. You know, big dogs have great strengths, especially when they are chasing cats or other dogs. When you are trying to control your dog with a dog collar, all forces focus on the clasp. Plastic clasps are easy to broken, which makes it hard for you to control your dog.
  • Materials of Dog Collars: A dog collar can be made of leather, nylon, chains, and clothes. Leather ones are suitable for large breeds, while nylon collars are much light, colorful and can be made fashionable. The main feature of chain collar is its sturdiness, which makes it easy to control big sized dogs. Furthermore, the thin chains can be hid in the hair, which makes it almost invisible.
  • Styles of Dog Collars. Besides collars worn on dogs’ necks, there are some styles of collars that wrap around the body of a dog. Though it is more expensive, it is a really good choice for dogs with respiratory problems.

Spiked Dog Collars

Quality Spiked Dog Collars

Many people choose spiked dog collars for their dogs. It is definitely a good choice if you want your dog look more cool and impressive. In addition, big dogs with spiked collars will surely scare any intruders from your house. Furthermore, this kind of collars is much thicker than other kinds of dog collars, which makes it tougher and sturdier. One thing you should pay attention to is not to choose too long spikes, because long spikes can make your dog hard to rest comfortably.

Main reason of buying dog collars is restraining your dog and ensuring safety of your dog and other people. Selecting a suitable collar requires lots of knowledge. It is also an expression of your love to your dog.