A Comprehensive Guide on Installing Bulbs

Light bulbs tend to burn from time to time hence the need to replace it. With the thousands of bulbs available in the current market, installing some can prove to be challenging, especially if it’s for the first time. During such an installation,a guide to installing bulbs is one that will make the process on installing less tedious. If you can figure out the best place to get such as guide, you have the ultimate answers on the World Wide Web.

What is an MR 16 Bulb?

In the current market, some of the best light bulbs are the MR 16 small reflector halogen bulbs. The MR16 bulb can be used for both retail and residential lighting.

  • Their small size is what makes them popular as they tend to have better beam control, with the beam spreads ranging from seven to sixty degrees.
  • They are available in a wide array of voltages and wattages. Thus, they are some of the most ideal bulbs for people seeking for bulbs to suit various applications.
  • Their small size makes them perfect for use in places that are tight.

NOTE: As a general rule in any installation, the bulbs with a cover glass should only be used when the fixture is exposed in weather or food service applications.

quickest guide in installing bulbs

Tips on How to Install Bulbs

1) One should make sure that he/she know about their fixtures

  • This is for the reasons that, the light fixtures are available in assorted shapes as well as sizes; hence, it important to settle on bulbs that will perfectly fit in the fixtures. This is extremely important if one tends to have some special or smaller fittings. Knowing the wattage also helps one avoid the chances that the bulb will overheat hence leading to a fire outbreak.

2) Know the Basics

  • Secondly, one needs to see to it that, the instructions on the voltage and wattage of such bulbs are followed, to avoid starting up electrical fires.
  • Lastly, you need to know that installing a bulb with the wrong wattage can lead to problems such as fire. One hence needs to look at the caution sticker around the light socket that gives warning on installing the incorrect wattage light bulb.

3) Get the Right Wattage

comprehensive guide in installing bulbs

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install Bulbs

After choosing the right bulbs, it is now time to install the bulb. Here is a perfect guide to installing bulbs

1) Turn off the lights

  • You first need to turn off the lights before installation.
  • This prevents you from shock and other problems such as burned out lights.
  • When the light has been turned off, the second step is cleaning the light fixture to get rid of any obstructions.
  • This is always the best time to get rid of things such as debris that tend to build around the light fixtures.
  • Cleaning should be done with a dry cloth to avoid accidents.
  • When cleaning, one should make sure that no threads are left in the fixtures whatsoever.
  • To make sure that it goes in straight, make sure that the threading of the bulb base perfectly corresponds with the threading of the fitting in the light fixture.
  • If the threading is not properly lined up, never ever try forcing the bulb to turn any further as it may break.
  • It’s always advisable to unscrew it and start the process all over again.
  • You can also check for any obstructions that may be making it hard to fit the bulb.

2) Clean the fixture for any obstructions

3) Securely screw the bulb in place

Just as long as these steps are at your fingertips, you can pride yourself in having the best guide to installing bulbs.