Guide on Correct Placement of Cutlery on Dining Table

A dinner table should look presentable and display good artistic touch. In a good dinner, one may require three forks, two spoons, one knife and one spreader. Some dinnerware brands usually have the whole set, such as Stoneware dinnerware sets.

It is therefore useful to learn the guide on correct placement of cutlery on the dining table.

Guide on the Placement and Usage of the Forks

  • All the forks should be placed on the left side of a plate. This is because the person dining uses the left hand to hold the fork.

  • They should be arranged between the napkins and the plate.

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  • From the far end, the salad fork should be placed followed by the main fork for the dinner. Finally, next to the plate you should place the dessert fork.

  • People should start using the forks from the furthest placed. That means that you should start with the fork for taking the salad. This should be followed with the one for dinner, then finally the dessert fork.

  • In casual dinners, the dessert fork should not be put on the table until the dessert is served, especially if there is no room for placing more than three forks on the table.

Guide on the Placement and Usage of the Knives and Spoons

There are different types of knives that can be placed on a table. The type of food being served determines the type of knife that is placed on the table.

  • On the right hand side of the plate, one should start with the knife for dinner first, then the tea spoon, then the dinner spoon at the far right.

  • One may add spoons next to the tea spoon if he is going to serve soup in the dinner. You may also serve the soup with the spoon in it.

  • The butter knife may be placed at the top.

  • When placing the knife, ensure that the blade is facing the plate.

  • When one is through with the knife, it is supposed to be left in the plate facing the direction of the remaining food.

Table Napkin Folding Guide

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Sometimes, one may be required to fold the table napkin before placing them on the table due to the size of the table. Some of the points to consider when folding include:

  • Fold the napkin into two at the edges in a triangular shape.

  • Place the table spoon at the middle, the fork a half an inch away, and the knife on the other side of the spoon.

  • You should then fold the one end to the end of the cutlery and the other end to where the fold of the cutlery is then you roll it.

  • Ensure that the napkin is completely folded.