Smoothie Recipes: Healthy Alternatives for Sugar-Laden Drinks

Smoothies and milkshakes are always preferred over fizzy drinks that are full of sugar and chemicals that provide them aeration. Smoothie recipes are delicious and yummy options to replace lunch or dinner for those who are planning to be on a diet. It can replace any meal, snack or drink. Smoothies are loved by all age groups in all seasons especially in hot summer days.

Recipes for smoothies are mostly looked for over the net because they are quick and easy to make without much ingredients and appliances required for its preparation. Smoothie recipes can deliver the most delicious and healthy eating option in today’s fast moving world.

delicious smoothie recipes

On Making Smoothie Recipes

The best smoothies can be made using smoothie recipes if made using appropriate smoothie blender. In order to choose the best blender for smoothies look for features like powerful motor with 500 watts or more, large jars, broad base for better grip and smart functions for blending.

  • Among the smoothie blenders that are available in the market, smoothie blenders from Braun, Cuisinart, Bosch, Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach and Oster are the most efficient options.

Various Types of Smoothies

Many varieties of smoothies could be made using fruits, raw vegetables, cocoa powder and other ingredients that can taste delicious. Depending upon your taste and requirement, one can choose from many smoothie recipes mentioned below:

Healthy smoothies

The healthiest versions of smoothie recipes could include Green smoothie recipe made using raw fruits and green vegetables and some other healthier options are those that are replaced with stevia (natural sweetener) and soy milk instead of sugar and whole milk.

  • Popular green smoothie recipes are: kale-spinach smoothie, wheatgrass smoothie, spinach mango smoothie, green coconut smoothie, ginger green smoothie and pear kale mint smoothie.

Fruit based smoothies

Fruit Smoothie recipes are a great combination of milk and the goodness of fresh fruits. They are the most common forms of smoothie drunk by all age groups. Almost all any fruit can make a great fruit smoothie.

  • The most popular fruit smoothie recipes are: Banana split smoothie, strawberry smoothie, mango smoothie, kiwi smoothie, peach smoothie and many more.

Coffee or chocolate based smoothies

Huge part of the population of the world today loves anything that contains chocolate, coffee or cocoa taste. The smoothies that are enriched with the flavors of chocolate are loved a lot by all age groups.

  • Some of the most popular chocolate based smoothie recipes include: raspberry chocolate, chocolate banana, mint chocolate, berries chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, starbucks coffee smoothie, basic coffee smoothie and coffee chocolate combination smoothie.

best green smoothie recipes

Protein packed smoothies

Protein packed smoothies are made using protein enriched ingredients like tofu, raw eggs, peaches and blackberries. These smoothie recipes contain whey protein powder that stands ideal for all those who are looking for weight loss and intend to do daily workout.

  • Some of the popular protein packed smoothies include: banana bread smoothie, berries and cream smoothie, peanut butter banana recipe, and many other smoothie recipes.

Yoghurt based smoothie recipe

Smoothie recipes with yogurt can be made using low or high fat yoghurt. They can be flavored using a variety of ingredients.

  • Some of the most popular yoghurt based smoothie recipes include: banana raspberry yoghurt recipe, lemon basil smoothie, wheat germ smoothie, and vanilla yoghurt recipe.