Global Knives: General to Professional Knives

Global Knives: Company Background/History

Global Knives share Japanese heritage in making of its world famous kitchen accessories. Japanese use to make high end swords to provide strong support to the Samurai warriors and years after the end of that civilization, today Japanese have continued the same heritage by making high end Global knives. The range of knives manufactured by Global is great combination of strength and flexibility.

  • Komin Yamada had first designed Global range of kitchen knives in 1983.

  • These products were manufactured and marketed as a product of Yoshikin (Yoshida Metal Industry Co. Ltd).

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  • The company that was established in December 1954 and based in Niigata, Japan.

The Company is able to deliver premium quality range of knives because of its age old heritage to indulge in research and gain in-depth knowledge and expertise of the subject thereby deriving solutions to produce ingenious products using the latest technology.

Global knives review reveals the unprecedented success of the company; credit goes to high quality standards being observed at every stage of production resulting in standardized quality products and that too using sustainable business methodology. The company offers its potential clients with discounted rates during its annual Global knives sale on the official portal of the company.

Range of Global Knives

G Series

The G series is a collection of large knives meant for general purpose cutting that attracts more of exploratory chefs.

  • The range includes slicer, vegetable chopper, Chinese chopper, Oriental Santoku, Fluted chef’s knife, ham slicer, roast slicer, meat cleaver, filleting knife, carving knife, butcher’s knife and many more specific versions.

  • Among the G Series, the most popular knives include: cook knife, bread knife and boning knife that are highly endorsed by popular chefs of the world.

GS Series

GS series from the house of Global knives are considered to be the classic collection. The range comprise of small to medium sized knives meant for general purpose cutting.

  • The GS series include some of the specialty knives like, the GS-9 tomato knife and GS-11 flexible convenience knife.

  • The major players of GS series of Global Knives include: kitchen knife, oriental deba, cook knife, slicer, paring knife – both straight and spear, scalloped utility knife, cheese knife, sandwich knife and anniversary knife.

  • The GS series also offers its opulent clientele with cooking accessories like spatula and tweezers.

GSF Series

Handles provide grip to any knife especially small sized knives. Handling small sized items with huge knives is practically difficult, but with GSF series it becomes easy to manage, small food items because these knives though small sized have immense grip.

  • The GSF series from Global knives is a great collection of small sized knives with concrete handles.

  • The GSF series mainly include curved peeler, peeling knife, steak knife, utility knife and shellfish knife.

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GF Series

GF series by Global knives is meant for heavy use especially for chefs and thereby it is popular as Global chef knives.

  • They are large sized, drop forged, multipurpose general preparation professional chef knives made using premium quality rust free stainless steel.

  • They are highly durable and the main members of this series include carving fork, chef knife, vegetable cleaver, boning knife, and butcher’s knife.

What are Knife Sets?

Knife sets are usually combination of small to medium and large sized multi utility knives available in the form of set ideal for gifting to people who enjoy cooking. They are rightly suitable for kitchens with scarce extra space. The prices of the knife sets depend upon the number of knives included and its design. The close contender of this range from Global knives in the market is Wusthof knife set – Wushthof, a kitchenware company founded in 1814 headquartered today in Solingen, Germany.