Basic Photography Tips

For beginners who are wishful of learning photography, so that they, too, can take some stunning shots, here is a list of basic photography tips, which would prove to be quite helpful to them. Read through these basic photography tips to help you to become more knowledgeable and confident when you are taking your shots.

Things To Remember When Taking Pictures

  • Before taking the shot, your feet should be planted firmly on the ground and positioned well. A photography stance, which is both comfortable as well as natural, needs to be established by you. You are required to firmly tuck your elbows against your sides, and place the camera firmly against your face.

  • Before you take a photo, you should take a deep breath and then hold it as you press the shutter. The shutter should not be moved as this will lead to the image getting blurred. A tripod may be used in case your hand starts shaking while shooting.

best Basic photography tips

  • One of the other important basic photography tips is that you need to get pretty close to the subject in such a way that the subject takes up about 85% of the frame space. A maximum of 15% frame space should be left for the background. This is obviously dependent on the degree to which you can adjust and rotate your camera’s lens.

  • Some basic photography tips with reference to controlling the light intensity as well as the kind of light that is available when your shot is being taken, also need to be learnt by you. Lighting holds great importance in photography as it can greatly affect your photograph’s outcome. A flash, which could lead to the creation of a bright and unnatural appearance, should be avoided by shifting the position of your subject near a window. This allows sufficient external light to enter and improves the quality of the image taken by you.

  • Your shot should also be taken at an appropriate angle so as to prevent glare from the sun or artificial light.

Gift Items To Give Photographers

If you want choose a suitable gift for a friend who is into photography, a plenty of options are available to you in such a case. Gifts for photographers, whether they are a professional or amateur, can be selected from a range of exciting options some of which are given below:

  • You can choose from a variety of accessories as gifts for a photographer. Aside from the usual standard equipment like lens or battery of a digital camera, you can gift something that is a bit different. You can try a small HDMI cable, which helps in hooking up the camera to HD television.

great cool gifts for photographers

  • Nowadays, it is also quite essential for photographers to have some graphic design knowledge. A Wacom tablet proves to be another amazing gift. Photo editing can be made by the photographer easily with the help of the small pen and tablet.

  • A mobile printer proves to be extremely convenient for photographers nowadays. Smaller pictures can be easily printed with the help of mobile printers. They are also portable and can be carried anywhere. Mobile printers can be paired with some inkjet paper of high quality as ideal gifts for a photographer.

  • Lastly, if your budget is a bit tight, a nice picture frame is what you can gift to your friend who happens to be a photographer. You can search for beautiful designs and finishes.

Top 10 Photography Accessories

There are many gifts for photographers that one can pick to surprise his or her friend. These gifts can be bought from any photography store both onsite or online. Some of the top 10 photography accessories that one should select as gifts are listed below.

Ten Must Have Photography Accessories

  • #1 – Neck Strap

Most of the cameras are bought with a strap that is not padded and the material used on it may scratch the camera, or may cause you discomfort. It is therefore important to replace it with a comfortable padded strap. You should get one that is padded to prevent the weight of the camera from causing blisters on your skin. Ensure that it is a non-slip material so that the camera may be held securely in place.

bestb gifts for photographers

  • #2 – Camera Bag

A camera bag is used to protect the camera from scratches; from catching dust or dirt; and simply to protect it against the harsh environment, when storing or transporting the camera. It allows you to carry any other accessory that you need as you work with the camera. When looking for gifts to give photographers, you may pick one of the designer bags available.

  • #3 – Dust Blower

This is among the most useful top 10 photography accessories that people tend to forget about. This simple tool helps you to capture clear pictures by blowing off the dust on the lenses. Alternatively, even when the camera is not in use, this tool still allows you to regularly clean the same.

  • #4 – Polarizer Filter

This is one of the top 10 photography accessories used to reduce the reflection on smooth and shiny surfaces. It makes the colors of object to look more deep or pronounced. Those made with coating are known to prevent scratches and even dirt and dust particles from attaching on the camera.

  • #5 – Tripod and Ballhead

When one is in a dim place, or want to take photos with a sharp focus, he will need a tripod. This is a three legged stand that has an adjustable top that holds the camera and tilt it in any desired position so as to take a clearer focus. It is used in making major angles that would not work well on the human hands. It allows a steady, and not a blurred image, too.

  • #6 – Audio Adapter For Video Cameras

Most cameras have internal microphones for recording sounds. This mic may not be as clear as possible since it is affected with a lot of environmental noise. One way to impress a person with these top 10 photography accessories is by buying him a more sensitive adapter for a microphone that will record softer sounds, even his voice.

best Top 10 photography accessories

  • #7 – White Balance Lens Cap

It may be hard to find the best white balance with your camera. The cap helps to get better images when you set the camera in the white balance mode. It is also used as the lens cover sometimes.

  • #8 – Low Light Capable Lens

This helps to produce greater images in low lights and natural light.

  • #9 – External Hard Drives

One of the best gifts to by is an external storage device. This helps one to continue adding more images or video clips even when the internal storage device is filled up.

  • #10 – Spare Battery

There are times when one has a lot of photos or videos to take, but with limited time. A hectic schedule may not allow him to recharge the batteries, as needed. As a result, he could lose momentous and significant shots. Among the top 10 photography accessories that you should buy is a spare battery for him to use during such occasions and when traveling to several places.

Popular Electronic Gifts

Some of the best birthday and Christmas gifts are electronic gifts. Explore the top electronic gifts for your parents, kids, siblings or friends. Cool electronic gifts range from practical to fun.

Top Electronic Gift Items

Gifts for Photographers

  • Attach your iPhone to the iPhone Photo Cube Printer from The Sharper Image and quickly print out photos that are stored on your phone. You don’t need a computer at all to print out these 4×6 prints. Plus, each photo takes less than 60 seconds to print. The best part about this gadget is that it will simultaneously charge your iPhone as it prints your photos.

cool electronic gifts

  • The Digital Photo Album with Touch Screen from the Discovery Channel Store lets you keep 1,000 photos at your fingertip. Set into a protective case, the LCD screen shows your favorite photos on a wallet-sized screen.

  • The best electronic gifts for photographers are those that let them keep their photos from days gone by. If you used to love film photography, invest in the Slide and Negative Converter from The Sharper Image, which will reformat your old photos into digital.

Gifts for Pet Lovers

  • The Cat and Dog Pet’s Eye View Camera from Amazon lets you see what your pet does when you’re not at home. Keep an eye on him when you’re out running errands. This digital camera is compact and lightweight, so your pup won’t be scratching to get it off.

  • Electronic gifts for your beloved pet don’t come any better than the Dog-e-Minder. You’ll always know when your pet’s last meal was, when it’s time for exercise and when to give him his medications.

  • The VIBE E-ssential Reflective 4 LED Safety Light Band Dog Collar will keep Rover safe even when you’re taking him for a late night jog.

best cool electronic gifts

Fun Electronic Gifts

  • Are you looking for electronic gifts for your favorite football fan? The Wireless Football Scorecard from The Sharper Image sits on your desktop and gives you quarterly updates from every NFL team that’s currently playing a game. You can also check game schedules and search stats on this device.

  • Do you have something you want to communicate to the rest of the world? Say it with the Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II from

  • Impress the ladies with Air Picks from that will make you sound like a rock god even if you’ve never played a lick. All you have to do is air strum in rhythm.

Fun and Cool Gadget Gifts

Do you have someone on your Christmas or birthday list who can’t seem to get enough gadget gifts? Find the best gadget gifts for the man, woman, child or even pet in your life. From helpful gadget gifts when you’re on the run, to just plain fun gifts to play around with, cool gadget gifts are never disappointing.

Ideas For Gadgets To Give

Green Gadgets

Some of the most unique gadget gifts are the ones that use solar power. These gadget gifts are perfect for backpackers and travelers.

  • The Solar Gadget Charger from Red Envelope lets you charge any electronic device that has a USB port, like your phone, camera or GPS. The internal battery charges via solar power and in turn charges your electronics.

best gadget gifts

  • Charge large devices like your Apple iPad with Voltaic Systems’ Spark Case. It has eight-watt solar panels charge and can put out up to 12 volts of power.

Practical Gadget Gifts

  • One of the best gadget gifts for photographers is the Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera. Print out your picture immediately without the hassle of loading film.

  • iPhone cases do a lot more than just hold your phone. There are several different iPhone cases on the market that will also hold your credit cards, license and cash, along with your phone. You can also find iPhone cases that will charge save your phone’s battery life.

  • Power your must-have devices when you’re on the road with the coffee cup-shaped gadget charger from Red Envelope. The charger fits right into your car’s cup holder and let’s you charge three devices at the same time, including your laptop and DVD player.

  • Get a Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale for the dieter in your family. Users can choose the food they’re going to weigh and easily figure out how much one portion is.

best cool gadget gifts

Fun Gadget Gifts

  • The Floating Desktop Globe from Red Envelope is a conversation piece that’s small enough for the desk in your office.

  • Golfers will love gadget gifts that help their game. The golf putter laser helps both amateurs and pros by lining up the perfect shot.

  • American Eagle sells earmuffs with headphones buried inside them. Keep warm while listening to your favorite tunes.

  • Pet owners who hate leaving their pups for a few hours will feel comforted with the Puppy Tweets Dog Collar. Slip the collar onto your pet’s neck to be alerted via Twitter every time he moves or barks.

Gifts for Photographers

Gifts for photographers must be thoughtfully chosen and heartily given. Photographers are key people in the art of photography. Photography is not merely an art; it is a product of a photographer’s passion. Great photos convey emotions and messages that stir our imagination.

best unique gifts for photographers

Photography has been a well-known work of art. Photographers invest their time and exhaust their best efforts and creativity in order to produce photographs that capture great moments, wonderful sceneries, picturesque views, and a lot more beautiful memories.

Cool gifts for photographers may be hard and tough to shop for because they tend to be fussy about their gears and gadgets. When you have a friend who is engaged in photography and you want to surprise him/her with nice yet cheap gifts for photographers, then here are some of the best choices of what gifts to give to a photographer.

best gifts for photographers

Unique and Functional Gifts for Photographers


What else could be nicer for a photographer than to receive a new, cool, and fantastic camera?

  • Cameras are photographers’ best friends.
  • If a high quality camera suits your budget, then it would bring sure happiness to a photographer.
  • Choose cameras, which can strike the perfect balance in taking pictures, durable, and of great quality.

Photo Software

Photo software can also be great gifts for photographers.

  • They can use photo software to import, process, edit, and improve images taken from their camera.
  • There are a lot of photo softwares available in the market, but you should check their features and their photo processing capacities first.

Memory Cards

  • Memory cards are not so expensive but are very helpful to photographers.
  • Photographers would really appreciate receiving memory cards with fast and large memory capacity.
  • Preferably, 16 gb memory cards are best for a photographer’s camera.

50 mm Camera Lens

best cheap gifts for photographers

  • These photo lenses are inexpensive yet very useful gear that can serve as great gifts for photographers.
  • Most photo kits pre-pack lenses, which are not so sharp or perform well in low light. That is why, photographers would love to use a fixed 50 mm lens to capture flattering photographs.

Camera Straps

  • You can buy photo accessories like camera straps.
  • Straps can be worn in multiple ways. It can either be worn over the shoulder or draped across the body.
  • This may be a very simple accessory but it has many helpful benefits. This is one of the cheapest gifts for photographers that you can give.

best cool gifts for photographers


  • Tripods allows photographers to take excellent photos even in low light.
  • Tripods allow any photographer to use their cameras without worrying about camera shake during long exposures.
  • Get a tripod with good quality. Do not just buy cheap tripods that could not withstand wind or topple. Do not waste your money in buying cheap but low quality tripods.

Fish Eye / Macro

  • Attaching a fish eye to the camera lens allows a variety of great angled shots. This can capture more than what the eyes can see at one glance.
  • They are characterized by their circular shape and blurring at the edges.
  • Quality fish eyes are expensive, but you can also try to experiment on more affordable ones as gifts for photographers.

Choosing cool and unique gifts for photographers is a tough job, but the list above would truly help. Happy shopping!