The Reliable and High Quality General Grabber Tires

The General Grabber is a special type of tires that have a special feature of giving high gas mileage due to the low rolling friction, which is provided by the use of such tires. These are specifically made for SUV or light trucks. This has become a popular type for motored vehicles that are almost always used on rough roads.

The General Grabber AT2

One specific General Grabber tire is the General Grabber AT2 tire. This type is designed so that it can be used in different types of terrains in different weather condition, having on road as well as off road competency. This General Grabber tire does last for long duration of time and is highly reliable. This tire is designed for the light trucks that run in all the different types of terrain for various purposes.

durable general grabber

Technological Aspects of the Tire

  • The general grabber tires have steel belts of high strength, reinforcements of the micro fiber casing and the counter of the tire is broad that ensures excellent performance of the tires.

  • Three different types of sipping along with the stabling bars and the response grooves increase the durability and the reliability of the tires.

  • It has a system for absorbing the sounds produced and a tread cushioning that ensures that the tires can provide comfort while travelling.

  • The General Grabber tire compounds is used to effectively increase the gas mileage and also minimize the emission of the harmful carbon dioxide gas.

Another really reliable type of the General Grabber tire is the General Altimax Arctic. This is a special type of tire made by using the latest technology and in the latest designs. This type of tires is great during snowy conditions as this is made to adhere to the rough conditions during the winter season.

sturdy general grabber at2

General Grabber AT2 Review

The General Grabber AT2 tires rankings are extremely good. The excellent features of these tires that include the increased gas mileage, on road and off road competency, ability to perform efficiently on all sorts of terrains, comfort, durability and reliability have all been praised in the reviews. The prices of the tires are also moderate. The tires are excellent and they are much cheaper than many other brands of that are less efficient in the performance compared to the general tires. The tires have been tested in challenging situations and extremely bad weather conditions and the tires had lived up to the expectation from the brand name.

So hurry and check out these tires and you will be sure of that the General Tire brand is worthy of your expenses.

General Tires: The Choice for your Tire Needs

The General Tire is a company, which manufactures reliable and durable tires for motored vehicles. This company has been existent since the 1940s. It has been known for its high quality products specifically made for Sedans, SUVs and 4×4 vehicles to name a few.

Previously, there were snow chains that were used with the tires so as to prevent the tires from slipping in the wet and snowy conditions. But these snow chains could not serve the purpose because they caused damage to the tire as well as they were also affecting the roads. Thus, General tires have come up with special types of tires designed to be safer and are more technologically advanced.

Technology Used with the General tires

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  • The surface of the tires is cut at some angle so that the water comes out in a desired direction making the winter driving easy and safe. The style of the cut on this rubber does not allow the water to come down through the cuts thus ensuring better grip to the roads.

  • These tires have a rubber on their surface to ensure safe driving. There is no risk in applying the brakes or taking turns with the help of this rubber. Hence, they are very safe.

  • The General tires also have a dual-thread compound that ensures the excellent performance. These tires can last for a long time, as they are not damaged easily.

General Altimax Arctic

The General Altimax Arctic is a tire especially produced for the purpose of driving in the cold and the snowy conditions. This type of tires is very much safe and there is no risk even if one drives in the snow or in the cold weather conditions. General tires are built with the latest technologies and in different latest designs.

The General Grabber HTS Tires

cool general grabber tires

This type is also a specially designed tire that can ensure the high gas mileage and is also safe for the environment. The General grabber tires are specially designed so as to reduce the resistance of the rolling of the tire. These tires are also safe despite of the low rolling resistance the brakes can be applied to stop immediately.

The General tires Review

The reviews of the General tires from the countries of Canada and Europe are very good. The tires are excellent from the safety point of view. The superb grip, the control, the ability of driving in straight line, high performance, water repellent characteristic and durability are the strongest features of the General tires. The low rolling resistance of the grabber tires also ensures high gas mileage. Overall, these tires have garnered majority positive reviews.