Outstanding Features of Frye Women’s Boots

Several shoppers are discovering the great quality in Frye women’s boots. The Frye Company was established in 1863, and it is one of the most renowned brands of footwear in the U.S. In fact, the company has produced excellent boots and footwear worn by cowboys, pioneers, and American soldiers. For many years, Frye has excelled in the art of manufacturing durable, stylish, and reliable boots for men and women

Oxford Frye Women's Boots

The reputable footwear brand has created various styles of boots for women. For instance, the Frye harness boots appeals to women because of the sophisticated and chic look. The boots come in a multitude of colors and leather material. Other types of boots include riding, tailored, and campus boots. Read along and find out interesting details about the top features and styles of Frye women’s boots.

Types of Women Boots

Those who look for best quality boots can find numerous options when they check out these styles that are ideal for women.

  • Harness Boots

Frye harness boots use Gaucho leather, and these shoes have the O-ring design that is common in most models of this footwear. The heels have different height, although the typical height is two inches. Depending on the model of harness boots, the color and overall design may vary.

Vintage Frye Harness Boots

  • Campus Boots

The Campus is another style of Frye women’s boots. This style is made from genuine leather, shearling, or cracked leather. Shoppers can choose from numerous colors of campus boots such as white, brown, and black. The most popular models of campus boots include Sabrina, Jane, and lace-up. These boots may come in mid-rise, high cut, or low-cut length.

  • Western

Western boots by Frye are popular among many people because of the ultimate comfort and reliability of the footwear. These boots come with intricate Western-inspired stitching that are found in the shaft and toe areas. Moreover, Western Frye women’s boots have a notched collar that is emphasized by pulls.

  • Work Boots

These boots by Frye vary in height, and there are low-cut and high-cut styles. Work boots are perfect for use in rugged locations or in the city streets. Most designs of work boots use Old Town- style leather, and these types of boots have a broad strap that goes across the ankle.

Leather Types and Procedure Used In Frye Boots

One of the most interesting qualities of Frye boots is the type of leather used. These leather types are a few of the common material found in women’s boots.

  • Montana leather

This type of leather is combined with dark colors while placed in a vat. The crunchy appearance of the leather is produced after drying the material in a natural process.

  • Textured

For a textured look in the leather, plates with various textures are stamped on the material. This process results to a unique appeal to the leather.

  • Whitened and Soft Full Grain

The full grain with extraordinary effect is produced by adding white wax to the leather. This tends to give the leather a worn and antiqued effect.

  • Buffalo Leather

The high quality leather comes from Egyptian buffalo. For an excellent effect to the leather, manufacturers wash, dye, and dry the material naturally.

Superb quality, reasonable cost, and various styles are some of the reasons why shoppers purchase Frye women’s boots. They appreciate the optimum durability of each type of boots produced by this reputable and reliable footwear brand.