Frye Boots: The Quality Designer Boots

Boots come in different shapes and sizes and people loves to wear them in every occasion throughout the year. People wear boots from formal parties to casual occasions such as simple casual walks. One of the manufacturing companies of these boots is Frye boots. These boots are available in many online shopping websites where you can get these Frye boots on sale. Several stores give offers like Frye boots clearance where they sell the old stocks of these boots in a much lower price.

All About Frye Boots

Brand Background


  • The Frye company was found in 1863 and now is one of the oldest working shoe company.
  • They generally have a base design such as the classic western boots and then they invent new designs from it.
  • They take extra care in making boots of good quality to attract customers to buy their boots. Thus, the reason why Frye boots have become sought after.
  • They have made a name in the industry by providing boots of great quality with comfort and style and have became a trusted brand.
  • There are all kinds of styles from simple and classy to casual and rugged ones. The Engineer Boots are the Frye boots most selling boots. They are rugged and simple yet durable. The Frye Harness boots are also a fashionable trend.


Get Frye Boots On Sale

Different Styles of Frye boots

  • The Knee High Boots: The knee high boots give a sexy look to more daring women. These boots can exude an illusion of making the wearer look taller. These boots are great when paired with a mini-skirt or a formal dress.
  • The Ankle Boots: The ankle-length boots may come in flat or with heels. This type of boots have the shortest length amongst other types. They also look good with pants especially because they can make your legs look thinner. They come in different styles and designs just like any other boots.
  • The Mid-Calf Boots: The mid-calf boots category is also a good style. They are very flexible and thus they go well with any type of clothing like jeans and pants to skirts. They look their best when they are tucked inside your pants. They also look nice when paired with mid-length skirts.

Another good quality of boots is the Kenneth Cole boots. This brand of boots was started in New York and has since become a popular designer brand. Whichever between Kenneth Cole and Frye boots you want, you can be assured of that your money is worthy and well spent.

Great Tips in Buying Women’s Boots

There is no magic formula to shop for women’s boots. But, however, there are some tips in buying women’s boots that would be helpful when you’re going to buy women’s boot.

Every woman probably wants a pair of stylish-fashionable boots. You can see women wearing boots at busy streets, in school and or at work. However, Frye harness boots are among the most popular in the US.

Different Frye Harness Boots

Brand Background

  • The manufacturer of these boots, the FRYE Company, is one of the oldest shoemakers in the US.
  • The main secret behind the popularity of Frye harness boots is durability.
  • They are stylish and trendy as well.

Timeless Frye Harness Boots

Some of the most popular Frye harness boots for women are The Frye Shirley Harness Boots, The Jane Strappy Harness Boots, The Phillip Harness Tall, Jet boots, the Engineer 8R, Campus 12L, Harness 12R and Veronica slouch harness boots to name a few.

Helpful Tips in Buying Boots

  • As for any shoes, the most important thing you should remember while buying women’s boots is the fit. You should get the measurement of your foot, calf width and the length of your leg. Comfort is of utmost important. So, make sure about this before anything else. In general, most shoes expand with use. But, do not buy a pair that is too tight for your feet thinking that it will expand and become comfortable. If you do so, you will regret.
  • The next thing to consider is the material. You must check out whether the material is durable, well cut and put together perfectly. Also, you have to make sure that the material will resist bad weather. However, you don’t have to worry about the material, its craft and durability, if you go for Frye harness boots.
  • Choosing the color is another important aspect. Technology has made it possible to use almost any colors you want in boots. You can choose one among the most popular colors such as brown, tan, black and white. Also, you can go for pink, red, blue or purple. It really depends on you. Try to visualize in your mind how the color will go with your outfits.
  • Style is important too. As a matter of fact, style is the most important aspect to a lot of people. However, the style you’re going to get should complement your outfit. While you’re going to the shoe stores, it’s better to wear an outfit you will use the boots with.

You can save a great deal of time by shopping online. Also, you can check on your desired boots online and then can go to the market and buy. There are a lot of online shops you can browse to satisfy your query. Use these tips in buying women’s boots and your shopping for women’s boots experience will no longer be difficult.

Outstanding Features of Frye Women’s Boots

Several shoppers are discovering the great quality in Frye women’s boots. The Frye Company was established in 1863, and it is one of the most renowned brands of footwear in the U.S. In fact, the company has produced excellent boots and footwear worn by cowboys, pioneers, and American soldiers. For many years, Frye has excelled in the art of manufacturing durable, stylish, and reliable boots for men and women

Oxford Frye Women's Boots

The reputable footwear brand has created various styles of boots for women. For instance, the Frye harness boots appeals to women because of the sophisticated and chic look. The boots come in a multitude of colors and leather material. Other types of boots include riding, tailored, and campus boots. Read along and find out interesting details about the top features and styles of Frye women’s boots.

Types of Women Boots

Those who look for best quality boots can find numerous options when they check out these styles that are ideal for women.

  • Harness Boots

Frye harness boots use Gaucho leather, and these shoes have the O-ring design that is common in most models of this footwear. The heels have different height, although the typical height is two inches. Depending on the model of harness boots, the color and overall design may vary.

Vintage Frye Harness Boots

  • Campus Boots

The Campus is another style of Frye women’s boots. This style is made from genuine leather, shearling, or cracked leather. Shoppers can choose from numerous colors of campus boots such as white, brown, and black. The most popular models of campus boots include Sabrina, Jane, and lace-up. These boots may come in mid-rise, high cut, or low-cut length.

  • Western

Western boots by Frye are popular among many people because of the ultimate comfort and reliability of the footwear. These boots come with intricate Western-inspired stitching that are found in the shaft and toe areas. Moreover, Western Frye women’s boots have a notched collar that is emphasized by pulls.

  • Work Boots

These boots by Frye vary in height, and there are low-cut and high-cut styles. Work boots are perfect for use in rugged locations or in the city streets. Most designs of work boots use Old Town- style leather, and these types of boots have a broad strap that goes across the ankle.

Leather Types and Procedure Used In Frye Boots

One of the most interesting qualities of Frye boots is the type of leather used. These leather types are a few of the common material found in women’s boots.

  • Montana leather

This type of leather is combined with dark colors while placed in a vat. The crunchy appearance of the leather is produced after drying the material in a natural process.

  • Textured

For a textured look in the leather, plates with various textures are stamped on the material. This process results to a unique appeal to the leather.

  • Whitened and Soft Full Grain

The full grain with extraordinary effect is produced by adding white wax to the leather. This tends to give the leather a worn and antiqued effect.

  • Buffalo Leather

The high quality leather comes from Egyptian buffalo. For an excellent effect to the leather, manufacturers wash, dye, and dry the material naturally.

Superb quality, reasonable cost, and various styles are some of the reasons why shoppers purchase Frye women’s boots. They appreciate the optimum durability of each type of boots produced by this reputable and reliable footwear brand.

Suit up with the best western boots

Comfort, durability and style – these have always been the quality trademarks of the Frye Company’s western boots. One of the most notable footwear the company boasts is their harness boots which generally features a strap or a harness wrapped around the ankle part. When it comes to western boots, the Frye harness boots dominates the leaderboard.

Sexy Frye Harness Boots

Just because these footwear scream expensive as first perceived, doesn’t mean you can’t find high quality yet cheap western boots. Cowboys and rodeos will never grow old, and the cowgirl fashion will never go out of style – or less hotter than it is today.

Cheap Western Boots with Elegance

Which is why, Frye’s western boots for women will never go out of style. You can pull off any look with this footwear if you just know the perfect outfits to wear with them.

  • Under your jeans. When you opt wearing your western boots under your jeans, make sure you’re wearing a flared one as it could look bulky if your wear a more tapered one. Also, the length of the jeans matter as well since the goal of this fashion is not to show off your boots but to make your legs appear long and thin.
  • Over your jeans. Skinny or regular straight legs can do the trick with this look. It’s easy to tuck the jeans into any boot and you can always complete the outfit with a leather jacket. Mix and match some structured accessories and your bag to tone down the “countryness” of the whole fashion.
  • With a dress. Pulling this fashion statement is easy – if you know which specific type of dress to wear with your western boots. Simple dresses and airy, flowery dresses are always the safe bets when you opt for this kind of look. Some people are not too keen in this fashion since it’s associated with Britney Spears – she’s known to wearing boots with short dresses all around Los Angeles.

Stylish Western Boots for Women

  • With leggings or tights. A bit on the daring side of fashion, wearing leggings or tights with your western boots can be a little hard to peg, but still possible and can ultimately end up fabulous if you just play your items right. It’s always safe to go with plain colored boots and plain dress, and then just spice it up a bit with vibrant colored leggings or tights.

Very Classic Womens Western Boots

Some women have this habit of blaming their clothes or particular accessories as the reason why they get pulled over by the fashion police. When in fact, the clothes you wear reflect the personal style you have. If you just can’t pull off a pair of womens western boots, don’t go blaming Frye Company for it.

Cowboy Boots: Fashionably Rugged

Cowboy boots have been in fashion since time in memorial. The first pair of boots that were manufactured was the high tops, pointed toes and two-inch heels design. They were mostly used when riding horses but with time, this type of footwear is worn in almost any occasion imagined.

Gorgeous Cowboy Boots for Women

 Cowboy boots have transformed with time such that they are now available in many types, colors and designs. You can wear these boots to work and even when going out with friends. There are different types of these boots such as the cowboy boots for women. With all the emerging brands of boots today, one brand has remained true to its words for quality and durability, which is the Frye Harness boots.

Best Frye Harness Boots

Features of Cowboy Boots

For people who require wearing cowboy boots while riding, they should take up cowhide leather boots, skins of buffaloes, ostrich, lizards and also elephants. These boots have some good breathing, which offers protection from snakes, barbed wires, bramble and other risks that you might come across while riding .If you have boots that have heels, then you will be sure that your feet will be well protected from stirrups. Below are more features that make these boots different:

  • They have been made using various add-ons such as fancy embroidery, gold, gems and also diamonds. These add-ons are mainly found in womens cowboy boots.

 Stunning Womens Cowboy Boots

  • The cowboy boots have heels 1.5 to 3 inches long. It also has round toes or even sharp pointed ones. Their shaft quarters usually ranges from 10 or 20 inches especially to a height that do not have lacings.
  • There are variety of ranges from western boots, Peewee boots and also roper boots. You can use Peewee boots for fashion purpose.
  • The best one for men is belted harness, 8R and 12R harness which are usually rough, rugged and are a perfect choice when wanting to exude a cowboy look.

Examples of Cowboy Boots

  • Shirley harness boots are short in size and they come in black and dark brown leather. It has broad hemmed straps on upper part.
  • Jane Strappy harness boots are usually long. They have grain leather that comes in different colors such as black, tan, dark brown and also charcoal colors. They have a special design, which contains double loop straps.
  • There is also the Phillip harness tall and comes with soft vintage leather material. They are available in black, burnt red, dark brown colors and also classy cognac.

Elegant but Cheap Cowboy Boots

When it comes to purchasing these cowboy boots, it is good to source for best prices online. There are also cheap cowboy boots readily available in your nearest department stores. When you are wearing men boots, ensure that you wear them with fitted shirts, denims and sum it up with leatherjackets. For ladies you should pair them with fitted jeans, sexy and curved jackets and also fitted shirts.