Girls Tights: Finding the Right Fit

Every girl has a unique style and the best way to compliment that style is with a pair of girls tights. Available in an array of colors and designs, there’s a pair of tights that perfect for every occasion. However selecting the perfect pair depends on knowing your child’s style, size and preference.

Size Chart for Girls Tights

For many mothers, it’s a tradition to see their girls in tights. Ranging from newborn to 12 years old, the size chart for girl tights vary according to age, height or weight.

  • In cases where your child falls between two size ranges, always purchase the bigger size.

  • The size chart of girls tights is for the average child of that age or height.

stylish sweater tights

  • Recognizing children grow at different rates, suppliers are offering plus-size and slender tights to fit the girls that are not in the average size range.

  • In cases where the sizes are available in small, medium and large, purchase girls tights, according to your child’s frame.

Top 2 Types of Girls Tights

Footless Tights

Footless tights for girls are tights that stop around the ankle. At one time they were mainly worn my ballerinas or other dancers. Since then, the footless tights are worn as a fashion statement or as an extra layer of clothing.

  • Depending on their thickness, the footless girls tights can be worn anytime of the year. In the summer, they are a great accessory because they allow you to cover up under thin summer dresses without having to be bothered with a slip.

  • Because the tights are footless, your daughter can still wear her sandals or babydoll shoes with the dress without worrying about looking weird. Instead of trying to patch up her ripped jeans, put a pair of footless tights on.

  • Your daughter will be completely covered in girls tights while looking fashionable.

Sweater Tights

cute Girls Tights

Sweater tights are thicker than the ordinary girls tights and have a ribbed appearance. It allows your little girl to wear their favorite dress or skirt without getting cold. They are also a great addition to a sweater dress.

  • Flexible and durable, the sweater tights will not run if your baby daughter is crawling on the floor or running outside with her friends.

  • Sweater tights are an excellent purchase because they are durable enough to be passed down to the next child after your child has outgrown them.

Selecting Quality Girls Tights

Tights for girls are selected according to the occasion. In the autumn months student are just returning back to school and it’s important to look for girls tights that are as tough as the child.

  • Because many suppliers are recognizing more girls are wearing uniforms, they are beginning to sell tights that are the same color as your child’s uniform.

  • The cooler months are the best time to search for tights because of the broad selection. They range from holiday-themed tights to ones with designs such as polka dots that can be worn any time of the year.

  • Since every little girl is beautiful in lace, many tights girls tights for the little ones between infancy and 3 years old have lace on the back.