Football Equipments And Their Functions

Football equipments are vital in preventing major injuries during football games. These equipments are designed to protect different parts of the body; hence, different designs and materials are used in manufacturing them. These are not only used in games but as well as during practice sessions.

standard football equipment set

Types of Football Equipment

There are various types of football equipments with specialized functions. These equipments are:

  • Football girdle: This girdle is worn underneath the player’s football pants. It is mostly made of a stretchable material to allow efficient mobility for the players but still offering maximum protection. It holds various pads for the butt, hips, thighs and knees. Different manufacturers try to make their girdles stand out from those of their competitors. They make their products very comfortable and add some unique features on them.
  • Helmets: These are worn over the player’s heads to avoid getting head and scalp injuries during their practice or during games.
  • Mouth Guards: They are worn together with helmets. Their function is to protect the player from getting injuries in their mouth during a fall or accidents.
  • Body Suit: These suits are similar to a football girdle that has been made to cover the whole body of the wearer. They are designed with shoulder pads, rib pads as well as thigh pads. They are customized in order for the player to be comfortable when playing the game. This gear is very efficient when worn during the cold season since it can keep the player warm during the practice session or game.
  • Gloves, Neck Rolls, Rib Vest and many more.

The quality of these football equipments should be established by evaluating their efficiency and effectiveness in serving their purpose. Since most of the equipments are designed for the protection of the player, the best football equipment should offer maximum protection while not inconveniencing the players at the same time. Some of the items may offer total protection at the expense of the player’s mobility. A quality item should offer optimal mobility of the player.

perfect football equipment

Ideal football equipment should also be light. Heavy equipments would weigh the player down, thus, slowing them. However, having light equipments should not be achieved at the expense of the protection offered. It is achieved with the material used to design it. Moreover, the additional features of the equipment also define their quality. On the other hand, the price of football equipment increases with the rise in their quality. Start buying these football equipments to have injury-free practices and games.