Fishnet Tights: The Classy Way of Wearing Them

Fishnet tights are highly fashionable and trendy especially during summers when you want to wear something casual. You can simply don them and walk out for a party to dance through the night. The best part about these tights is that not only do they make you look beautiful, they enhance your overall clothing. However, it can sometimes be tricky. You have to be careful about what you wear with these tights because any mistake can easily make you look horrendous from beautiful.

Tips when Wearing Fishnet Tights

stylish fishnet tights

  • With fishnet tights, only classic colors will look great. You have to be very careful when you choose the color and the type. There may be numerous different colors in the market but it’d be advisable to only choose the color that complements your skin tone well. Stick to either black fishnet tights or white fishnet tights. There are also grey shades that you could try but don’t try anything beyond that if you don’t want to become the center of attention in a crowd.

  • You have to be very careful about the gaps in fishnet tights. If your legs are curvy, you have to stay away from the tights with the larger gaps. Your legs are flabby, you could do with medium sized gaps. There are decent plus size fishnet tights that you could choose if you are overweight or if there is too much fat on your legs. Whatever the case may be, you should stay away from the large gaps at any rate.

  • These fishnet tights are strictly for casual use. You can’t wear them to a formal party or to your office. It may give your personality an enhancement but not in the very formal way. Some offices have even banned fishnet tights in the premises but whether there is a ban or otherwise, you should make sure you don’t wear them to your job or to a formal party.

fashionable plus size fishnet tights

  • Just because your black tights or your white tights are netted, you should not end up wearing an all-netted attire. Wearing fishnet tights is enough. You should make sure nothing else in your attire is netted. Your upper part must be covered decently and the top should not have any nets or gaps.

  • You should also be very careful about your footwear. Avoid anything that is too flashy and colorful. You should ensure they don’t look cheap. Footwear with glossy material is a good choice. Make sure you don’t leave your toes bare. Don’t wear sandals or any footwear that fails to cover your toes. If you want to wear stilettos, you should wear ankle socks.

Now that you know everything about fishnet tights, it is time you bought yourself a perfect pair!

Fishnet Tights: An Everyday Guide

Fishnet tights place a new twist on the traditional tights. Because you can dress them up or dress them down, you can wear them on almost any occasion. Regardless of the color, fishnet tights allow you to make an easy transition from work to the social scene.

Various Types of Fishnet Tights

Similar to other tights, there are a variety of fishnet tights including plus size fishnet tights.

Light-colored Fishnet Tights

Light-colored, especially white fishnet tights make a bold statement.

  • They can be worn with almost any other color.

stylish fishnet tights

  • They make the perfect addition under a denim skirt or even ripped denim jeans.

  • White fishnets tights, especially wide mesh tights fit perfectly under a pinstripe suit. After work, trade the work suit for a party dress and you’re ready for the night life.

  • Although, you can match a pair of light fishnet tights to almost any outfit, the light-colored fishnet tights works best when paired with white, nude or another light colored shoe. It will lengthen your legs giving them a slender appearance.

Dark-colored Fishnet Tights

Dark colors, especially black fishnet tights are the most common type of tights worn.

  • Regardless of your skin tone, the dark tights will work with any skin complexion.

  • They also go perfect with ripped jeans because the style of the jeans stick out and not the color of the fishnet tights.

  • Because they are light weight you can wear them in the warmer months while staying cool. This is especially helpful on occasions where stockings/tights are required.

  • Girls and teenagers of all ages should have a pair of black fishnet stockings because they allow your daughter to show her independence without dressing inappropriately.

Sweater Tights

Sweater tights are thicker tights that complement every outfit.

  • Available in an array of colors, sweater tights can be worn with dresses, skirts, sweater dresses as well as some jeans.

  • Unlike that of fishnet tights that doesn’t have soles, because of the thickness on the soles it’s not necessary to wear socks with them. You can just slip on your favorite pair of boots, tennis or dress shoes or walk around the house and not worry about your feet getting cold.

  • Unlike the traditional tights or fishnet tights, they can be washed with your regular load without worrying about snagging or running them.

More Info on Fishnet Tights

Materials used: Some of the different styles include wide mesh, diamond net, lace, fence net, footless fishnet tights, and nylon/lryca fishnet tights. It’s a soft material that durable but requires the user to be careful while putting them on.

fashionable plus size fishnet tights

What to wear with it:Available in many colors, the fishnet tights can be worn with heels, flats, wedges, boots and in some cases sandals.

Finding the right fit: Finding the right fit is easy. Using the size chart on the back of the package, find the size that corresponds with your height and weight. When in doubt about your size, buy a larger size if you are between size ranges.

How to Maintain: Because they are easy to snag when improperly handled, it’s important to hand wash fishnet tights and allow them to hang dry. However, they can be washed on the delicate cycle in cold water then hung up to dry.