Cleaning Filtrete Water Station

For as far back as anyone can call to mind, water bottles are common in a majority of American homes. Actually, a survey done in 2009 found that every year, Americans buy approximately 29.8 billion water bottles made of plastic and 8 of every 10 of the bottles end up in the garbage.

portable filtrete home water filtration systems

Purchasing these plastic water bottles can become quite expensive eventually and they add to the constantly increasing crisis of solid waste worldwide. However, they offer convenience to persons who desire to have clean and fresh water at home, as most times, the water that comes from the tap tastes and smells like chlorine. Thankfully, with the recent Filtrete water station, purchasing plastic water bottles to ensure that you always have convenient and safe water is no longer your only option. Here are some tips on cleaning Filtrete water station to ensure that you enjoy clean water for a longer time.

Features Of Filtrete’s Water Station

Filtrete’s water station is a type of water filter, which sifts water from the tap directly into four plastic bottles that are reusable and which are included in the water station system. The filter reduces sediments as well as the taste, and odor of chlorine. The filter life of 100 gallons makes it 2.5 times the life of the filter of regular water pitchers. Their main features involve the fact that they are also dishwasher-friendly, safe to use, and BPA-free.

filtrete water station cleaning guide

How To Clean Your Water Station

You may be wondering how to clean the water station. Cleaning Filtrete water station is effortless, if you follow the guide below.

  • First, when cleaning Filtrete water station, you should know that the filter of the Filtrete home water filtration systems must be replaced every 100 gallons or every three months. Included in the water systems is a feature that indicates to the user when it is time to replace the filter in the water station.
  • Unlike several water filters, the water station filter is eco-friendly.  It is created with the #2 plastic that a milk jug has and can be re-used. You simply get rid of the filter media in the garbage and recycle the parts that are plastic, including the rest of the #2 plastics.
  • Installing and removing Filtrete water station is also quite simple. The water station manufactured by 3M offers the practicality of bottled water but minus the waste or cost. Unlike regular filters that are quite slow and that require separate glasses or bottles, the water station filters water straight from the tap at home into four water bottles that can be reused. In just seconds, the water station facilitates the reduction of sediment, chlorine odor and taste usually found in tap water.

Following the above guide on cleaning Filtrete water station, and understanding what the Filtrete’s water station is all about and how it works, will help you to ensure that your water station will last a long time under your care and use.

Filtrete Water Station Products And Parts

In a bid to convince persons who use bottled water to store the water from their tap instead, 3M requested that IDEO aid them in designing a water filtration system that is consumer- and environmentally-friendly. Unlike the other filters from the company that are generally placed under the sink, the ones 3M was interested in creating are more insightful and counter-top worthy to take advantage of the new technology for water filtering and to get the attention of persons who have a very busy lifestyle. They came up with Filtrete water station products and parts.

innovative filtrete water starter kit

Rationale Behind Filtrete Water Station Products And Parts

3M realized that to persuade avid users of bottled water to implement environmentally-friendly drinking habits, they have to unfailingly and strongly deliver on their promise of convenience, portability and better tasting water. Equipped with these great ideas, engineers and designers from both 3M and IDEO joined forces on a list of things the product must have: interaction ergonomics that are user-friendly; no-leak sealing mechanisms and valve closures; eco-based design options; and a contemporary feel and look that is iconic. So, then, a new creation from 3M is the Filtrete water station that provides ‘green’ bottled water while drastically cutting down the cost as well as wastes that are generally produced by water bottles.

Features And Uses For Filtrete Water Station

Filtrete water station products and parts features allow the same to filter water straight from the tap into four bottles that are reusable and BPA-free. They are safe for use in dishwashers. They have a cap that is leak-proof and can hold a 500 ml quantity of water. All four of the bottles may be filled at once and in just seconds. Extra bottles can be bought separately.

Further, the Filtrete water station kit is designed to decrease or eliminate sediments, odour and chlorine while enhancing the overall clarity and taste of tap water. Filters can last for approximately three months or as much as 100 gallons. It has a built-in filter change indicator to inform you when you need to replace the filter. Plus, the housing of the filter is #2 recyclable plastic.

The list of Filtrete water filtration products and parts includes the Water Pitcher filter designed for home refrigerators. Its filtration structure is built for under the counters or sink. The Water Pitcher likewise boasts of quick-flow filtration equipment, which filters water in only seconds.

4-bottle filtrete water starter kit

Highly portable, convenient and fast, in addition to delivering on the guarantee of ‘bottled water right from the tap in only seconds’, comes with a ‘green’ promise too. This aids in the elimination of cost and wastage of about 3,000 bottles used yearly in households, which are not reusable.

To date, more and more people happily using Filtrete water station products and parts, and are contributing to the good health of their family and the protection and conservation of the environment at the same time.

Water Filter Reviews

Unknown to other consumers, water filter reviews are very useful to consumers. It is every consumer’s responsibility and right to make a good decision and informed choice about any product in the market, and this does not change if we talk about water filter. In fact, maybe it’s more important because water is something that we take orally and it goes inside our body. If we put our trust so much on products we did not do research about and it fails, imagine the harm it can do to our overall health knowing that we take an average of eight glasses of water. How much more harm can it do to our children?

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Importance Of Water Filter Reviews

Consumers experience the products first hand so they are the best source of home water filter reviews. Why would you need water filter reviews? Just like any products that are available to the market, there are always products that are better than the others in terms of materials, prices, functionality, among others.  But, not all of us know this. Now all consumers are aware there are better materials, there are better prices, or better functionalities.  In the case of water filters, there are also those not are not as efficient in removing the harmful toxins that are found in water and others, which just filter too much including those minerals that our body would probably benefit from. A complete and efficient list or review will provide exactly the information that we need.

Looking At Water Filter Reviews

Here are some things to look for in water filter reviews consumer reports:

  • Make sure the water filter reviews show a comparative data on how the products remove out chlorine, chemicals, lead and other harmful elements that are found in the water.
  • Check if the results of the survey based on the fact sheet show the performance of each product very clearly in a way that it’s easy to understand and to see how each product compared with each other in what area.
  • Look for standard certification or approval. Each of these products must be approved by a certain body that certifies a water filter’s performance.
  • Choose water filter reviews that have been written by real consumers and not by those who are paid to do it. People who have had first-hand experience with these products would be able to give you the warnings that you need.
  • Reviews must include technical specifications of the product and must deliver their portable water filter reviews based on the following structure:
  1. Brief but concise introduction of the water filter
  2. Its primary features like those that differ a Filtrete water station from other products
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of this water filter that is being reviewed
  4. Conclusions and recommendations based on how we reviewed the product.

portable water filter safety reviews

  • Choose water filter reviews that have been written by independent or private experts rather than those written by government affiliated ones. Most certainly, they will not give the exact details about what harmful elements there are in the municipal water.
  • Watch out for general comments like “improves the odour as well as the taste of water” in water filter reviews because they do not actually mention the chloramines that are removed in the filtration system.

Note that some companies actually accept consumer reviews on their site online that would allow you to rate and comment their products online. These companies appreciate the reviews for better customer service.

Importance of Water Filtration Systems

There is a great need for water filtration systems in every home nowadays, knowing that the world today has been filled with toxic substances that can be found anywhere and that may have possibilities of contaminating the water that are use for drinking. These may have been caused by pollution from both vehicles and manufacturing companies.  Even the water from the tap that used to be clean and drinkable, now, nobody would dare to drink it.  Most people have already been buying bottled water for drinking in order to be sure that what they are drinking is really clean and could never harm their health.  However, continuous buying of bottled water could just be too expensive especially if you are considerably many in your home, thus, it would be ideal to buy the water filtration systems for home.

portable water filtration systems for home

Buying Water Filtration Systems

If you plan to buy water filtration systems for your family, make sure that you will really get some quality filtration system.  In order to do this, you must first make your research on what brand and model that you should buy and the features that they must have.  Reading some home water filtration systems reviews could help you make up your mind on what kind you are going to buy.  There would be some comments both positive and negative ones that you can get from the reviews made by the clients who were able to buy their own water filtration.  You will also be able to know what brands and models are most likely being bought by this people and you will be guided well on what you should be buying.  Just make sure that you are getting all the details that you want to know regarding the whole system.

Features Of Water Filters

The features of the water filtration systems should be well analyzed and studied for before you make your decision to buy the system.  The best water filtration systems should have the following features before you consider it best among others and such are:

  • User Friendly – Make sure that the system contains some easy to use gadgets such as on how you will be able to operate it, wherein you can easily comprehend what the manual has been illustrating with the name of its parts and operating buttons, because in this way, you will be able to save more of your time and effort.
  • Safe and Easy to Use – The materials used should be of high quality and must have some safety measures like have an automatic turn off in case of emergency.
  • Durable – You will be assured of being able to use it in longer terms from the date of purchase.
  • Portable – It is handy and you can easily store or take it with you wherever you go.

easy to use filtrete water filtration system

Best Model For Water Filter

There are many brands and models of water filtration systems in the market today and for sure, you will have some great time choosing on what you should buy for your home.  You should base your decision on the best features that a water filtration should have, and through this, you will be able to know what you should buy.  There is one distinct brand of water filtration in the market today that has some really very likeable features and it is the Filtrete water station, which was manufactured by 3M, a company which was known to be producing quality products.  This brand has a very unique design and has pride itself to be a good time saver, environmentally friendly, can be used safely, and very convenient to use and handle.

Filtrete Water Station: Fast and Convenient Water Filtration System

If you want to gain access to clean and delicious tasting water all the time, Filtrete water station will help you out. Filtrete water station is a brain child of 3M, a company that has been known to produce quality innovations that can help make managing your household quite convenient for you. This type of water station has plenty to offer you in terms of filtering your tap water into drinkable water minus the impurities. What you will end up with after filtering your water through this station is four bottles of delicious water that you are sure to enjoy.

money saving filtrete water station

There are lots of places where you can buy this water station. When you buy one, you will own one docking station and lid that you can place under your tap, four 500 ml water bottles and one Fast Flow Filter from Filtrete. This package is exactly what you need to get rid of any impurities, odor and sediment from your drinking water. Sounds good? Well, this water filtering station has more to offer you in terms of benefits too.

filtrete water station quality reviews

Benefits of Filtrete Water Station

According to Filtrete water station reviews, there are benefits to be gained when you choose to buy this for your home use. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Save Time – When you use this water filtering system, you don’t have to use different bottles or filters to get rid of the impurities since you can simply direct the station under the tap and it will automatically filter the water and let them flow into four drinking bottles.
  • Environment Friendly – If you are worried about contributing to the number of plastic being thrown away, you will find that Filtrete water station can help you save water bottles up to 3,000 pieces every year. The plastic housing of this filtration unit is recyclable plastics numbered 2.

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  • Safe to Use – The bottles included in the package of the Filtrete water station is BPA free and are safe to clean using your dishwasher.
  • Convenient – The filter system of this water station often lasts longer compared to your traditional filters for pitchers. The package also features a unique strap/cap leak proof that is handy for people on the go. Another bonus of Filtrete water station is that it has a three month indicator when to change your filters for better tasting drinking water.

filtrete water station reasonable price

With all these features, you might think that the Filtrete water station price is beyond your means. However, this is not true since the price of this unit is quite easy on your pockets. If you want to get more discount for this water filtration system, why not look for Filtrete water station coupon? For sure, you will get more savings when you make use of coupons when buying a Filtrete water station for your home use.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Filtrete water station and enjoy refreshingly delicious water all the time.