Quick Fix to Common Faucet Prblems

When it comes to the faucets in your house, you might have encountered the common faucet problems with one of your faucets. There are common faucet problems that you should be aware of as well as solutions in case you might encounter them one day.

Common Faucet Problems

  • Out of Tune – A quick fix to this problem is to replace the washers or simply change the entire faucet. Take note that rubber washers deteriorates with age and solidifies, thus it makes a screeching sound once water passes through.

  • Sound Plumbing such as clanking, clicking or mechanical sounds – You might think that the sound comes from the pipes, but it actually comes from the faucet. You need to remove the faucet and reassemble, check for any cracks on the parts and make sure the assembly is tightened well.

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  • Squeaky Handle – This happens once the threads become worn out. The best manner to fix this is to take out the faucet lever and cover the threads of the lever stem with grease and reassemble.

  • Faucet Spits Water – The normal flor of water from the faucet should be streaming. When your faucet spits water, this is due to a clogged faucet aerator. Simply take out the aerator and wash out any deposits of lime or mineral the moment the screen is patent, then attach it again.

  • Water Dripping – You simply fasten a lengthy thread around the end of the faucet so that the water drips onto the thread and runs along silently. You will no longer be annoyed by the sound anymore.

These common faucet problems will no longer trouble you anymore. With the solutions provided, you can fix them on your own. If you are wondering on the importance of using a faucet aerator, then you should take note of the following benefits that you will gain.

Benefits of a Faucet Aerator

  • Installing them facilitates water conservation.

  • It helps with energy savings since it lowers the cost of heating water when washing dishes and other needs that require hot water.

  • It helps filter out small debris in the water supply.

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  • It also increases the water pressure.

  • The splashing is reduced by slowing down the water flow from the faucet.

  • The installation of this faucet part saves money on the water bills.

It is important to acquaint yourself with the common faucet problems so that you can fix them on your own if you happen to encounter one right in your home.

DIY Guide when Installing of Faucet Parts

For a lot of people, installing of faucet parts is quite simple. You no longer need to hire a professional do this task for you. With a little initiative, installation is easy with no extra costs. Just remember that installing your faucet involves basic skill and knowledge when it comes to understanding the given instructions. On the other hand, the main concern is the pre-installation matters when it comes to installing of faucet parts such as the faucet aerator. You have to consider the design of your faucet based on where you will place it, either in the bathroom or the kitchen sink. Other considerations would be the space and the handle preferences. Faucet installation is one of the easiest projects that you can do on your own. Just make sure that you have addressed all the pre-installation concerns.

Types of Faucets

It is also important to be familiar with the types of faucets normally utilized at households before you will proceed with installing of faucet parts. They are available as washer less faucets, which do not utilize neoprene or rubber washers while the compression type faucets are commonly used.

  • Ball Faucets – These are frequently installed in kitchen sinks and typically consist of a single lever that moves above a lid with a shape like a round shaped ball just over the foundation of the spout. One disadvantage of this type is that it tends to leak more.

tips for installing of faucet parts

  • Disc Faucets – This type includes two ceramic discs being housed within a wide cartridge that slides over each other in order to control the water flow as well as mixing the temperature. This type of faucet is more reliable and do not leak often.

  • Cartridge Faucets – These types function with a changeable stem cartridge that moves upward and downward to control water flow. It is moved towards the left and right to regulate the temperature.

  • Compression Faucets – These are the oldest types of faucets. It requires you to constrict down or squeeze the washer to shut the water flow.

Steps in Installing of Faucet Parts

We will now proceed to the steps with the installing of faucet parts at home. It is indeed a simple process that you can easily work on your own.

  • First, shut off the water by closing the valves under the sink. Make sure that it is off by checking the faucet if no water flows out.

  • Loosen the water supply lines at the valve. Using a basin wrench is ideal.

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  • Remove the old faucet.

  • Remove the supply lines from the old faucet and attach them to the new faucet.

  • Reattach the supply lines to the water supply valves.

  • Turn the faucet on and check for any leaks.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of faucets, you can choose the one that you want to install. With the simple steps on installing of faucet parts, you can easily install your own faucet easily without extra costs.

Faucet Parts: All There is to Know

There are many different types of faucets available in the market today. Each type serves a specific purpose and comes handy for specific reasons. There are sink faucets, kitchen faucets and shower faucets to name a few and each faucet has different faucet parts. It is important to know about these parts because the information comes handy when you are trying to repair a leaky faucet or a noisy faucet. Instead of calling the plumbing unit for every small faucet problems, having knowledge about faucet parts will help you a great deal with saving money and time. You can repair your faucets yourself with this information when need be. Here is some important information about different faucet parts and where to find them.

Different Faucet Parts

  • Tail Piece

  • Mounting Nut

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  • Supply Tube

  • Shut Off Valve

  • Control Valve or Compression Valve

  • Aerator Valve or Faucet Valve

The most important among these parts is of course the compression valve because it controls the water flow and even decides between the cold and hot water supply. They could be of different types varying with the company and the type of faucet you use.

Famous Brands of Faucet Parts

  • Kohler Faucet Parts: This is a very famous brand and is preferred by many people. You can easily find these parts over the Internet or in your nearest department stores. The added advantage is that they are cheaper and you won’t have to spend unnecessarily by relying on the plumber for parts. They are highly durable and will last long provided you purchase an authentic piece. It’d be ideal to directly to the company’s website or the company’s store in order to be on the safe side.

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  • Delta Faucet Replacement Parts: The best place to look for these is again the company’s main website. Shopping over the Internet is feasible and quick. Make sure you check the model when you make your search because the company sells a great range of faucet parts. Finding the exact one that you require thus is essential. You can also find them at home improvement stores and plumbing stores. Even plumbing stores can house these parts and you could simply buy what you require. However, dealing with the company directly is the best option.

  • Grohe Faucet Parts: You can choose these parts if you are looking for luxurious faucet parts that will go with your decor. You can also find these over the Internet or your local home improvement store. These could be slightly pricey though.

Now that you know everything you need, go ahead and buy the parts that you need with convenience!

Tips in Faucet Repair

Faucets dispense water and are thus extremely essential. They are an integral part of the house and you should thus make sure they work properly at all times. There are numerous things that could go wrong calling for faucet repair but no matter how small the problem may seem to you, you should solve it immediately or call for help. There are some techniques you could use for faucet repair all by yourself instead of calling the plumbing technicians for every single thing. Here are some popular faucet problems and ways to solve them yourself in order to save money on faucet repair and also a great deal of frustration.

Leaky Faucet

This is the number one problem when it comes to faucets. Many people just let it go and are later surprised to get an edgy rise in the water bill. A leakage is caused because of a problem in the washer or the seal and to repair it thus you have to replace the washer and seal or maybe repair the seal.

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How to Solve Leaky Faucet

  • First and foremost you must shut the water supply off completely. Then remove the faucet.

  • The screws could be very tight and lubrication may also be required. Once you detach it, the faucet handle should be removed using pliers or a wrench.

  • You should be careful not to hurt the metal while doing this.

  • Check the screw for the washer and see if it is functioning well. If not, replace the damaged screw.

Noisy Faucet

Sometimes, due to some internal problem or damage, faucets can become very noisy. Every time you turn it on or off, the faucet will make a very annoying noise. If this is what you are facing, you should call for faucet repair immediately.

  • The pipes are the root cause here and they should be replaced immediately.

how to delta shower faucet repair

  • The washer may also be a problem because of their incompatible size. You should either replace them or tighten them in order to curb the noise.

  • You may also experience a squealing noise at times in the shower. For such shower faucet repair, you need to check the metal threads. These may be pressing against the faucet threads.

  • You should lubricate the stem threads in order to avoid it. Worst-case scenario is to replace the faucet.

Whether it is Delta shower faucet repair or Price Pfister faucet repair or just anything else, there are things that you could do yourself instead of hiring help all the time. You could install the faucet aerator in order reduce the leakage chances because you will get a controlled flow of water through these. There are many such precautions that you should take in order to control your water bill as well as stay away from the usual annoying problems posed by faucets.

Faucet Aerator: Facts, Benefits, and Uses

A faucet aerator is an accessory device installed to faucet openings or tips serving a multitude of purpose. As its name implies, the aerator induces air into the water system without affecting the flow or pressure of the water coming out. Its main objective is to reduce the volume of water flowing out of the faucet but at the same time maintaining or even improving the pressure or intensity of the flow.

The Benefits of Using A Faucet Aerator

tips on faucet aerator assembly

Not all households take advantage of installing a faucet aerator assembly primarily due to the lack of knowledge and idea on what these pieces are and what is there worth. The following points cite their best uses and the possible benefits that can be reaped by installing and using an aerator.

1) Water Conservation

A faucet aerator will constrict or limit the amount of water passing through the faucet but not the water pressure.

  • This is made possible by the smaller holes in its nozzle and with the aid of the added air thrust.

  • Based on studies and household observations, the amount of water conserved when a faucet aerator is used ranges from 50 to 60 percent.

different faucet aerator sizes

2) Debris Filtering

The faucet aerator usually features a detachable screen which serves this purpose.

  • Although the water flowing into homes have initially been filtered and treated by water plants and districts, small debris can still be picked up during its transport via the pipes and tubes.

  • Examples of said debris that the faucet aerator filters include: sand or silt, rust, and all other minute objects that can infiltrate the system especially when the pipes are damaged or no longer in good condition.

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3) Improving Water Pressure

  • The reason why a lot of households and individuals use too much water is the preference for a higher pressure or intensity of flow.

  • During peak hours of water usage, water pressure is relatively weak and there’s that tendency of the user to maximize the looseness of the valves to allow larger amounts of water to flow. This is certainly true while taking a shower.

Installing a faucet aerator will certainly solve these concerns.

4) Regulating Erratic Water Pressure

  • Relative to the benefit of improving water pressure, installing aerators is also beneficial in regulating and controlling surges or changes to water pressure by the time they are delivered into homes.

  • This makes sure that adequate flow is passed so as not to waste water.

5) Savings on Utility Bills

  • Of course, the foremost objective on the use of a faucet aerator will be the inherent savings and deductions to the monthly utility bills brought about by the conservation of water.

  • Since it controls the amount of water that flows, you can be sure that there will also be significant changes on your water usage and bills.

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Where These Faucet Aerators Are Commonly Used

A faucet aerator can be installed and used for almost all faucet outlets or valves but commonly they are most useful in kitchens and in bathrooms. There shall also be corresponding faucet aerator sizes that are suitable for each type and purpose.

  • Kitchen Faucet Aerator: In the kitchen, aerators are installed in sinks for general kitchen and household needs. Most of the time, households prefer higher pressures when it comes to sink faucets to thoroughly clean the hands, dishes, and all other kitchen aids.

  • Bathroom Aerators: A high-pressured faucet aerator is essential to improve water flowing from the shower valves or faucets. To suit every bathroom style and design, bathrooms aerators are usually finished with chrome or brass plates.