Buying Athletic Gear

Through the years, the science of developing athletic gear has improved because of the demand from athletes. Apart from protecting them, athletes want their gears to be something that could help improve their game and not discomfort them.

Cool Essential Athletic Gear

If you are planning to buy your own athletic gear, here are some important things you should know and consider before making a purchase:

  1. What sport are you into? The first question you need to ask when shopping the gear is what you will need them for. You should choose the basic athletic gear that matches the sport you are going to play. There are many athletic gears that you will need such as clothes, shoes or even a simple wrist guards. Bulky clothes with an extra fabric on it make it hard to move around and hard to get cool a little bit. As for your shoes, there are special-made shoes that are for sports so the one wearing them will be comfortable and efficient in their performance.

Adjustable and Comfy Wrist Guards

It is especially important to note that each sport has varied needs and thus different gears as well. For example, a hockey goalkeeper’s shin guards are understandably thicker and harder than those of a soccer player’s. Both are shin guards but the demands for protection are different, thus the difference in material and protection level.

  1. What materials should I choose? Playing your sport involves getting sweaty and it can be very distracting and uncomfortable when you are wearing clothes that won’t absorb the sweat. Cotton made athletic gear is best for breathing and cooling but not for too long. Though it absorbs sweat but it does not keep away from your skin. The best are gears made with Lycra, nylon or spandex, or a combination of these synthetic materials.
  2. How to choose the fit and size? Wearing what fits for you and the right size is essential.  Be sure you try the clothes clothing and the gear before you pay for them. It is important that your gear fits you perfectly. Otherwise, no matter how comfortable your athletic gear is, it would deem uncomfortable at the very least, useless at worst.
  3. What look suits you perfectly? Apart from feeling comfortable about your essential athletic gear physically; it is also important that you feel comfortable at the LOOK it gives you.

Must Have Basic Athletic Gear

When Kobe Bryant had a concussion and a busted nose, he wore two kinds of face masks that totally changed his look. He had on first a clear one that made him look like a “robot”. Then he changed to a black one that made him look like Zorro. While the black one made him look better and more ferocious, it was hotter and made him sweat more so he switched back to the clear one because it was more comfortable.

Power Athletic Gear

You see, professional athletes know that comfort AND look are two of the most important considerations for their choice of athletic gear. But at the end of the day, it will always be about the one that will help them achieve their best performance.